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Tokyo-Hot n0127 – The Race Queen – Rena Moritaka

What on earth occupation is the Race Queen? They bathe in men’s glances in the racing circuit and the photo session, and the photograph is taken by a shameful pose. Even if they are shameful, they endure it because the Race Queen is made a street point of step up, and they want to take an active part as an actress and a talent in the future. However, a man who is taking the photograph gets tired and is not worth only by taking the photograph, thinking wanting see the chance, the take-home of the Race Queen to the house, and the confinement is usual. The slut collection team of the firearm of TOKYO HOT that burns to the mission of deeply clarifying the race named the Race Queen takes advantage of feelings of the Race Queen who wants to become famous, they caught RENA MORITAKA who has good looks and style, insulted her and made her to one of their slut collections of them. RENA who is taken photograph by the photo session is made to take off the costume one after another according to the cameraman’s demand. Fellatio and rub service by slender leg is compelled and RENA shows an unsatisfied expression with a villainy demand different from a usual photo session. However, the mania team sees the expression of the woman and increases the villainy degree further. After compulsion mouthful cum shot was made, it rushes into gangbang play according to the invitation of cameraman’s as “Drawn out your charm more”. The vagina jar is obstinately attacked with various kinds of toys and joy juice begins to ooze out in the vicinity of the entrance of the vagina jar. The clitoris is stimulated at the same time with the electric massage machine and the amount of joy juice increases further. The sticking joy juice that becomes cloudy adheres to the uterus and it is so erotic. When RENA is made female ejaculation compulsorily by the continuing play of finger fuck, power doesn’t enter and she is in the state of the whole body laxity. Two meat pillars attack RENA who put on black race queen costume in the next scene. After simultaneous fellatio service, RENA is inserted at the standing back posture. Her beautiful leg is highly lifted up and the mucus that becomes cloudy adheres to the cock put in and out in the state of an open leg. In addition, appearance that the other leg highly up to over head likes the player of the taking rhythmic gymnastics on the head and made insertion is a one of viewpoint. It moves to the bed and the raw fucking is continuing while changing posture as back, side and so on. The labia of the congestion feeling is expanded right and left greatly, even if the meat pillar is inserted deeply into inside of vagina, the pupil is hollow though she tries not to forget work as the race queen and to correspond by the pose that she is looked beautiful. The blood of the whole body had to concentrate on the vagina and to have been discharged as joy juice. The first cum shot is splashed besides the pussy and the meat pillar rushes into again. The second cum shot is vaginal cum shot and large amount of raw semen was injected in the vagina. RENA lies on the bed as like as sealed while fully open her leg for the powerful vaginal cum shot and its appearance is exactly slut body collection. The second one inserts in the pussy that keeping greatly opened. And it is vaginal cum shot after violent piston. The mixture milky juice of semen and her secretion liquid of vagina jar is a little high liquidity, and it gushed from the inside of the pussy at once when the cock was pulled out, and fell down. Then third cock inserted from the back. The first cum shot was made beside vagina and cock was returned to the vagina jar at once and semen of the remainder was injected into the interior of the vagina. In addition, after vaginal cum shot of forth cock, it is the powerful and disgrace finger fuck play as shape of pussy is transformed. Last is group cum shower play while attacking the pussy by the electric massage machine. The last scene is RENA who was poured cum shower of 13 brute to the face and tits made a standing pose as race queen. TOKYO HOT adds a superlative race queen to the collection and satisfies it. To tell the truth, though I go to trip to see the body collection of the boast where race queen are mainly gathered, surely drinking beer might be delicious with body collection as dish. Spreading as a new poetic event of Japan among dilettantes and being acknowledged socially are not far either.

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