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Year: 2009
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Muscle, Group, Big Dick, Rimming, Cumshot, Facials
Length: 1:34:43
Directed by: Robert C. Drake
Studio: Hot House Video
Starring: Vince Ferelli, Blu Kennedy, Ethan Wolfe, Derrek Diamond, Johnny Gunn, Kyle King, Slade, Tony Estrada, Tony Mecelli
Description: Strip naked and cruise the sweaty muscle men of the Locker Room, the steamiest spot on the planet. All of your Locker Room fantasies come to life when these chiseled jocks cruise and hook up.
Strikingly handsome hoss Vince Ferelli stands at the sink shaving when chiseled Tony Mecelli walks in to take a piss. Ferelli catches a glimpse of Mecelli’s hose in the mirror and can’t help but stare as the monster grows and grows. Ferelli pulls out his own thick fat cock and the two jocks swap blow jobs. Dripping pre-cum, Mecelli bends Ferelli over the sink and plows his ass. Still hard and craving more, Mecelli orders Ferelli spread-eagle on the floor and fucks him deeper. Finally the two sweaty mounds of man flesh stand up and jack off, shooting huge loads all over the locker room floor.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: XVID 640×464 29.97fps 1628Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

Spy Quest 2

Year: 2006
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Bodybuilders, Hairy, Rimming, Uncut Cocks, Young Men
Length: 138 min.
Directed by: Brian Mills
Studio: Titan Media
Starring: Spencer Quest, Cole Ryan, Jake Deckard, Brad Star, Ken Mack, Zackary Pierce, Jack Simmons, Cobalt and Troy Gamaun

Description: Scene One
Mobile Surveillance Van. Ken Mack tops Brad Star.
The intrigue and treachery is launched right away. Commander Quest wants Agent Mack to track the notorious Black Fist, and advises Mack not to trust Agent Star. With good reason-Star’s late for work because he’s planting some sort of device beneath the van. Inside, Star finds Mack breaching regulations by watching some all-male action on his surveillance monitor. And when Mack unzips, hauling out a whopper bone, well, how’s Star gonna ignore that? The buddies are jackin ‘their tools together, and Mack’s face draws slowly nearer to Star until his mouth sinks down onto the young stud’s creamy shaft. As the guys trade blows, there’s some mighty satisfying cocksucking going down in this van. Star’s irresistible suction has Mack blowing a big load all over Star’s sleek and shiny chest. He sure had the jizz saved up-and a piece of meat that’s still hard. Star’s squat-fuck on that steely rod is a thrill ride for them both, and Mack’s hand pumping Star’s cock forces the impaled buddy to shower them both with hot cum.
Scene Two
Aqua Base 1 – Command Level. Jack Simmons tops Troy Gamaun.
Agent Gamaun gets the order from the ominous Black Fist. Terminate Mr. Quest tonight! First, Gamaun has to finish off Jack Simmons. The punky looking Gamaun licks Simmon’s huge balls and swallows his pendulous cock, mouthing the monster meat deep. Lying down so Gamaun can sit on his face, Simmons laps greedily at the smooth hole. Over-stimulated, Gamaun cums sharply on Simmon’s belly, and Simmon’s engorged cock streams its cum. Gamaun sits on Simmon’s massive meat, the black log splitting his honey hole wide. Simmons churns like the devil and both men are forced to give up a gut-wrenching second load.
Scene Three
TIO Manufacturing Facility. Zackary Pierce, Cobalt and Cole Ryan flip.
Black Fist sends his team to infiltrate Quest’s headquarters. There’s a breathless pause after the Ninja-garbed fighters overtake the guard on his watchtower. Pierce is just too good looking, and when Ryan pulls out a succulent, stand-up shaft, with a clear drop of pre-cum oozing from its crown, the hapless security guard sucks it good. Cobalt unveils his heart-stopping, huge hammer-a holy-poker with a vast helmet head towering atop a long, steely pole. Unbelievable. But Pierce’s cock stands up to the competition, and the three men fall into a hungry suck chain. Brace yourself for The Year’s Most Amazing Cum Shot as a Niagara of white froth pours endlessly from Ryan’s cock, cascading down onto Pierce’s cock below and triggering its violent cum-blaze.
As eager for his first bottom experience to be on film as his loss of virginity was in Closed Set: Titan Stage One, Ryan squats his pristine pucker onto Pierce’s butt buster, and his cock flaps as he broncos like hellfire atop the fierce fuck-rod . He sinks his hairy little hole slowly onto Cobalt’s impossible ass-stretcher, and then slides back down onto Pierce. And then it’s a final ride on Cobalt, pumping Pierce’s cock to climax as Cobalt shoots off an alarming load and Cole blasts yet another man-drencher from his inexhaustible nuts.
Scene Four
TIO Headquarters. Jake Deckard and Spencer Quest flip.
Driving into Deckard’s outpost, Quest growls urgently, “We gotta make this quick-I’ve got less than an hour!” Then these two supremely macho, sweat-drenched studs give out three-quarters of an hour of hot, historic give and take. Quest and Deckard slide their lips over taut bone, and tongue-worship a pair of absolutely holy holes. Deckard’s electrified as Quest’s tongue and then his fingers plug deep into his ass, and his cum spurts over the windshield. Then Quest bends Deckard over the car’s grille, spits on that already-loosened hole, and slams his cock in with merciless frenzy, jerkin ‘it out and pounding that golden spike back in. But Deckard flips him and gives the former top’s glory hole some impenetrably hard pile-driving. Quest mounts Deckard’s gun-hard cum shooter, grinds down to the balls, and bucks so hard his cock bashes against his belly. “I’m building!” He gasps, and suddenly, both men’s spunk shoots for the stars in a gigantic double explosion.
For extra hard-on kicks, don’t miss Titan’s usual generous Special Features, including Interviews, Behind the Scenes, Star Fluffing, Photoshoots, and Cumshot Review. As directed by GayVN Awards 2006 Hall of Fame inductee Brian Mills, the drool-inducing ass eating, fierce man-fucks, and truly startling cum-geyser climaxes make Spy Quest 2 unquestionably spectacular.

File size: 1.9 GB

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Folson Flesh

Year: 2009
Country: USA
Genre: Fisting, Muscle, Hunks, Anal, BDSM, Toys, Oral, Rimming, Water Sports, Wrestling
Length: 1:47:42
Directed by: Brian Mills
Studio: Titan Media
Cast: Tony Buff, Eduardo, Dean Flynn, Will Parker, Rick Van Sant, Geoffrey Paine, Korben, Colin Steele

Description: Folsom Filth is a Titan masterpiece showcasing eight men who exude pure masculine sexuality in beautifully filmed extreme sex. This movie has more watersports than any Club Med and a surplus of muscular guys with huge dicks. A great set, dramatic lighting, top-notch camera work and perfect casting make this an instant />Tony Buff and his mushroom-headed monster cock dominate Will Parker right from the start of a scene that makes interesting use of a large screen TV to provide multiple angles and close ups. Parker devours Buff’s meat and has spit and pre-cum overflowing his mouth. Once Buff starts tonguing Parker’s hole, his sphincter starts twitching in anxious anticipation – a spectacle he obviously enjoys watching in the big screen. After copious cum is deposited on Buff’s leather-clad chest, Will gets strapped into a swing for a serious ass-paddling followed by an ass fucking that involves Olympics-quality gymnastic by Will trying to take as much of Buff as he can. This scene involves two incredible watersports sequences and two generous rounds of cum shots.
Titan icon Dean Flynn pins Geoffrey Paine in a wrestling match that turns into some 69 action. Flynn is a remarkable specimen of masculinity, but Paine’s thick prick, beautiful balls and sexy tattooed back make a good match for him. Both guys have sweet asses that look exquisite when framed by the leather straps of their unique wrestling outfits. Flynn puts all of his athletic muscles into fucking Paine at various speeds in countless positions. The watersports ending is truly nasty.
Korben is clearly a grade-A cocksucker and Eduardo gives his a grade-A cock to suck. Eduardo’s rock-solid fur-covered torso and tribal tattoos make him a great top. Korben grinding his hungry ass into Eduardo’s crotch show him to be a consummate bottom. The perfect matching of these two guys makes for a really hot scene.
Finally, Rick Van Sant and Colin Steele finish off the movie with the most extreme scene. Van Sant jacking his trademark curved cock while sitting on his motorcycle tempts Steele into some serious deep throat action. Both guys play with Van Sant’s substantial foreskin and eventually shoot huge loads on Steele’s chest, only to wash it off with rivers of piss. Once the action moves to the sling things really heat up. Van Sant’s thorough rimming prepares Steele’s hole for a pummeling by his curved cock, but that is only the warm-up for a battering with a giant baton, which nearly causes Steele’s eyes to pop out of his head. This all seems extreme, but the fisting sequence raises the extreme-o-meter to a whole new level. Each time you think this is about to end, a new twist brings more filth.
At the end of nearly two and a half hours of non-stop action, you’ll need a rest. But once you’ve recovered, be sure to check out the extras, including a bonus scene with Eduardo shoving Titan Tools up Korben’s hairy hole. The visuals of Eduardo’s perfect bubble butt while he drills into Korben make the extras worthwhile. Titan has done it again!
File size: 1.6 GB

Manplay Xtreme 2

Year: 2004
Country: USA
Genre: Hunks, Anal, Oral, SM, Pissing, Fisting, Hairy
Length: 96 min
Translation: Not required
Directed by: unknown
Studio: Titan Media
Starring: Andy Dill, Anthony Moreno, Bo Knight, Chris Neal, Danny Vox, Marc Sterling, Nate Pierce, Steven Richards

Description: Feeling like you’ve seen it all before? Think most porn is in a rut, has become a run-of-the-mill, grope-suck-rim-fuck-n-cum stage play? Then brace yourself for ManPlay Xtreme 02, featuring over 90 minutes of sex so extreme, your faith will be restored in spontaneous sleaze. Like each ManPlay before it, the action in MPX2 is unstaged and unrehearsed. We supplied a few props but we didn’t need to tell the guys how to use any of them. Cleanly chiseled brute Bo, furry Andy, frat boy Marc, devilishly dirty Danny, hefty, Hispanic Anthony, tall, rangy and forceful Steven, dark bearded daddy Nate, and chief party pig Chris. All give you a drool-like-a-fool feast of great lookin ‘, spit-slick, unendingly rigid cocks shiny with pre-cum. These eight horny studs launch into a sweaty, greasy, fuckfest that, on video, captures real sex with an edge so over the top and ferocious, it’ll completely blow you away. Go ahead, guys: try this at home!!
File size: 1.3 GB