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Insex – Love From Above

Video + full photoset

Release: 2005

Dangling by her ankles with her face in 625’s cunt, koko face-fucks, sucks, and bites. She even gives 625 a little kiss. Bound, shocked, and whipped, 625 takes the brunt of PD’s fun until her cunt is raw and juicy. She comes hard at the end, sucking in the full, ripe scent of koko’s fuckhole.

koko’s neck is bolted to the wall, her hands chained behind her back. It forces her to watch as PD gives 625 the full workout. 625 sits strapped in the arm-eating contraption, her legs splayed wide, a ballgag deep in her mouth. As he kisses her forehead, PD adds a throat strap, slightly choking 625. The point of his knife kisses the tender sole of her foot, then her inner thigh, and finally, the folds of her pussy. Already, she’s drooled from her cunt. He tightens the strap at her neck and shocks her over and over. Shocks to the pussy, body, face, ears, cunt. And the asshole. That makes the girl really scream.

Now he fondles her pussy. Now he shocks her. He plays a little mindfuck on her, going back and forth, pleasure, pain, pleasure. A pussy whip beats her cunt raw, and her asshole opens right up. Mr. Pogo joins the fray. She fucks herself as she’s whipped. She comes when a vibrator buries its head in the folds of her luscious pussy.

Now koko is hanging by her ankles, her arms bound behind her back. “I want to see your teeth marks on her,” PD warns koko. She nibbles 625’s nipples. She bites. “Give her a kiss,” PD says, and she tries, she swings her body, writhing about like a snake caught in the claw of a hawk. The face-fucking gag is strapped into koko’s mouth. She fucks 625 hard. PD plunges her face in and out of 625’s cunt.

The fucking machine pumps 625. koko hangs in a cage, folded up on her knees. A tube shoved in her fuckhole is fitted onto a gas mask on 625’s face. PD sniffs 625’s body like he’s some kind of beast. He whips her raw pussy like it’s meat. 625 comes, her eyes glazed, her skin bathed in a film of sweat.

Format: avi

Duration: 00:32:48

Resolution: 432 x 240


File size: 291.0 MB