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Tarzan X (Rocco Siffredi)

Original title: Tarzan X (Rocco Siffredi)
Released: 1994
Genre: Anal, with the plot, Rocco Siffredi and his giant phallus.
Director: Joe d’Amato
Cast: Rosa Caracciolo (Jane, Zoltan Kabai’s sister) Nikita (as Nikita Gross, Diane, Zoltan Kabai’s fiancee) Tunde [3] (Susanne) Lana Jalta (as XNK1412, Maggie, Nikita’s cousin) Lulu David (the maid) Rocco Siffredi (Tarzan) Zoltan Kabai (Georges) Tao (Mike, servant) Attila Schulter John Rensen (Professor Hugh)

Issued: Butterfly Motion Pictures production
Duration: 1:34:32
Translation: Original

Format: AVI
Quality: DVDRip
Video: 560×304, 985 kb/s
Audio: MP3, 192 kb/s

File size: 683.5 MB