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Parashooter / 2003

Year: 2003
Genre: Black Men, Europeans, Gang Bang, Horsehung, Interracial Sex, Latin Men, Muscle Men, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Blonds, Facial Cumshots, Fantasies, Oral Sex, Orgy, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Rugged Men, Story – Plot, Threeways
Length: 02:23:38
Starring: Jed Willcox, David Barthory , Rafael Alencar, Luis Alonso, Jason Kingsley, Daniel Santos, Roberto Giorgio, Victor Cowboy, Edu Boxe, Ricky Martinez, Huessein, Bruno Carrosa, Tadeu Novais, Norbert Somlay, Octavio Fuentes, Pietro Rosselli, Max Veneziano, Paul?o Do Pic?o, Henrik Toth, Sergio Del Castillo
Studio: Kristen Bjorn
Directed by: Kristen Bjorn
Description: In a controversial genre often justifiably called trash and smut, there are those few porn directors who genuinely strive to produce works or erotic art. Kristen Bjorn is the best of them all. As porn consistently elevates itself in the view of the public as an art form, the name of Bjorn seems destined to ranks with the great masters. Fellini, Bertolucci, Hitchcock, Bjorn. Just take one look at “ParaShooter” you will discover a lyrical, epic, erotic masterpiece of the grandest scale and most rhapsodic sexual heat.
You know Bjorn’s style instantly. He established his dream world of perfectly groomed, ethnically diverse, international musclemen in lush exotic locales in his earliest works in the 80’s, such as the Carnival in Rio and Call of the Wild. He originated the concept of the self-exploding cock, multiple cumshots and minimal, surrealistic story lines. His photography was always fluid and artistic and he pioneered the style of posed tableaux with choreographed sex. His action ranged from tender to fierce, but never without a sense of affection between his angelic, even godlike models.
“ParaShooter” shows that Bjorn has grown to levels of production and artistry that one doubted would ever happen in the gay medium. This is a mammoth, 2.5-hour epic with a huge cast of incredibly gorgeous, international studs. His fetishes have evolved. The cocks seldom seem to gush automatically in this film the hand action is now shown more often than not and Bjorn has grown fonder of partial nudity. His boys were often known to keep a hat on, or boot, but now they’ll sometimes fuck with in their pants, or wearing a cowboy hat and vest. He has also evolved his editing technique, switching fluidly between the lengthy scenes to perk up the interest in the long evening of pleasure. And the titling effects rival the best of Hollywood s.
The action takes place in one of Bjorn’s favored locales, a South American jungle, a landscape appropriate to explore mans most primal urges. The tale is of a drug war, both the cultivators and the soldiers endeavoring to thwart them. Viewers who like to see their porn from start to finish will enjoy the subtle plot, but if you’re like me you’ll stretch out your viewing pleasure a half hour at a time, and enjoy it for five days running, and then again and again from the beginning.
It is difficult to pick out the one best scene or actor, but I did especially enjoy hugely endowed Rafael Alencar and his facial blast onto scrumptious Luis Alonso, which Rafael then licks clean, kissing him. But then I also loved the 5-stud orgy among Edu Boxer, Huessein, Bruno Carrosa, Tadeu Novais, and Ricky Martinez that starts off in a hot tub, moves to an outdoor patio and seems to last forever. There’s also the sensational stunt 69, where powerful, brown skinned Tadeu lifts Edu up from a handstand and holds him up while they mutually suck and Bruno licks Edu’s ass, a conceptual masterstroke, brilliantly realized.
I must confess my favorite scene of all features delicious, interestingly inked cover boy Max Veneziano, whose parachute gets caught in a tree, dangling him at just the right height for his cock to be sucked by the fabulously gorgeous Black superstud, Paul?o Do Pic?o. A surrealistic tryst commences, with Max repeating the same few lines over and over, Help me! Get me down! I’m stuck! These two men are as close to perfect as is humanly possible, with beautiful faces, jewel-cut muscles and breathtaking cocks, as taken away with one another as we are watching them. (More of both these guys please, Mr. Bjorn! And please give Paul?o his own movie!!)
Bjorn shies away from fisting and S&M (thankfully!) but offers as much if not more fucking, rimming, sucking and fucking and kissing as you could possibly ask for. The extras, include a 20-minute, three man scene (Norbert Somlay, Octavio Fuentes, Pietro Rosselli), a photo gallery and an illustrated index listing 20 amazing scenes.

File size: 695.0 MB