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Black Hole 4 – Grueling

Black Hole 4 Grueling

Year: 2011
Country: Japan
Genre: Asian, Oral / Anal Sex, BDSM, Bondage, Toys, Pissing, Spanking, Blowjob, Cumshot
Length: 2:41:47
Size: 2,112,807,478 bytes
Studio: Acceed CO
Description: Japanese BDSM Pron.
Big hit series “BLACK HOLE” finally about a year of silence!
I love biased representation of teacher and student club activities in the workplace … this handsome young man of three “is Shigoka!”
Part chef in the teaching body in the tameness of the disciples?
Training the body with wet towel attack, Sri Sri sesame sticks pointing to Cum Butsu.
In addition, to prime the body man! So enthusiastic teachers love teaching.
“If you really Naritee into full-fledged chef, and can withstand any ironing!”
In Part rugby, a bald hill at the rugby club members teaching sexual activity? It’s just less, shaved pubic hair in the armpit to!
Piss enema spray out and press on the city over the body of the vine vine Tsu!
“This is what the baptism of a new senior Iribe to employees’
Hen baseball team in the rookie-large, “Most High” is a Shigoka! Squeeze the target of affection misleading senior biased
Spanking Forced Deepthroat been broken in the club room of the uniform.
Cum cleaned after plunged into the shower hose, brush waterboarding attacked the body with the juice dirty shit! Finally, first anal penetration!
“He qualified to wear this uniform’m not wimpy”
Is also seen by youth Shigoka cruelly straight!
Depicting the psychology of the young men tremble to feel uncomfortable sexual teaching, highly finished in a story work.
“Squeeze BLACK HOLE4” Do not miss!

Quality: DVDRip
Resolution: 720×540
Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio: MP3
Video: XviD 1.1.2 Final, 720×540, 2:41:47, 1608 kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3, 44100Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel (s)
File size: 1.9 GB

Torture Fist Fuck

Year: 2008
Country: Japan
Duration: 01:59:16
Genre: JFFM, BDSM, Anal, Outdoors, Pissed on, Gag/Puke, Squirt, Enema, Hairy
Starring: Hitomi Oishi, Miku Kitajima, Ako Shina, Yu Tuyuno, Urara Haru, Riri Fujitani, Mari Hoshizawa
Director: TAIZO
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 720×480, 29,97 fps
Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s

Description: Today, seven girls studio Attackers kicked out into the street to ask them to heat!
Each tie, each will fulfill his fist in the pussy to pig squeal. For those who will not be enough in store: dildo-drill, wax, vibrators, and fastening on the forearm, fist amp-style IronMan’a. Oh, and the girls just tinned the pharynx, in the past to let down its members ublevu deepthroat’a henchmen. The apotheosis of a scene in nature, became sluggish neudavshisya suction at the pool, but the guy kept his head and continued pissing in the mouth, face and hair minetchitsy inexperienced.
The pavilion will be what you see on the cover – fisting + anal (with only five girls).
Finally, an enema! All characters to pump water, and those in the best traditions of synchronous water sports, organized by the fountain in the form of seven-pointed stars … To be continued …

File size: 1.1 GB


It is a sunny, warm day here at The Attic. Chelsea is naked and shackled outside in the blazing sun on a wire frame bed. Her wrists are manacled to the bed above her head, her neck has a metal collar around it that is also shackled to the bed frame. She cannot raise her head. Finally, each ankle is shackled and spread far apart so that her sex is accessible, visible. As time passes she becomes more and more uncomfortable in the sun, her fair skin burns easily. The black ball gag buckled into her face hole keeps her quiet and adds another layer of discomfort to her. The warmer it gets the more she tries to free her wrists. She keeps looking at each one, trying to pull her hand free without a smidgen of success. JR finally shows up and kindly inquires about how hot is out here, how hot she is getting. He doesn’t care, as he places a clear cylinder over her clit he starts telling her she needs a sun tan anyway. After peeling her camel toe and hood back he places the cylinder right over her clit and starts sucking it into the tube with a hand pump. She flinches a little a first but as it becomes drawn deeper and deeper into the cylinder she starts to cry out. We can see her naughty bit in there, too. It seems to draw deeper and deeper into it even after JR has left her. She has a renewed sense of wanting free now and struggles harder to do so. When JR returns he is carrying a fuck stick with The White Boy attached to the end. He mounts it in her cunt and then fastens it to the bed so it remains deep inside her. Once he is satisfied it isn’t going to become dislodged he spends a little time tickling her. Starting at the soles of her feet he finally moves around to her armpits and down her sides. She tries to thrash about but she is so securely fastened to the bed frame she can do little more than cry out and beg –which she does. Tiring of that little game he goes back to her clit prison and starts to tug on it, thump it, twist it. Her sex is drawn deep inside and is becoming purple on the end. He tells her how fucked up it looks, like maybe she won’t be able to use it anymore. He takes a Celebrator and runs it up and down the shaft of the cylinder -vibrating everything inside. She slams her eyes shut and turns her head as though it were pure misery. When he finally removes the cylinder her clit comes out slowly, with a strong, high-pitched sucking noise. It is deformed now, discolored, three times its usual size, swollen and sensitive. JR takes the Celebrator and places it directly onto it. Her whole body tenses, she rolls her head back and forth, she tries to raise her head but cannot. She simply has it lie there and endure it, whimpering and crying the whole time it takes place. Her legs and pelvis begin to shake as though she wants to cum, wants JR abruptly stops. He goes to fetch a pail of cold water, returns and then throws it onto her. She is completely doused, and unexpectedly at that. The face full of water makes it difficult to breath, She turns her ball gagged face to one side, coughs through the gag and a cup of water comes out. She can’t seem to stop coughing now. Disgusted, JR walks over and removes the ball gag from her face hole. She is clearly mouthing like a fish out of water as she sucks in unencumbered oxygen. Leaving her ankles still manacled, he frees her neck and wrists. He then places them into stocks. Her wrists locked into the wood on each side of her neck, which is also locked into the wooden stocks. Once locked into the stocks he frees her ankles from the bed frame and then places a short, heavy chain between her ankle manacles. He then has her get up. It takes her awhile, she stupidly tries to figure out how while wearing the stocks and manacles. After about a minute of trying she finally succeeds. JR has placed a clear cage, lying on its side nearby, and orders her to make her way over to it and get inside. She has to take tiny steps to make her way over to it and then JR tells her to get down on the ground and back herself into it. The stocks she is wearing are wide and barely fit into the cage unless at an angle. Being the dumb cunt she is it takes her awhile to figure this out, to figure out how to even get herself into it. JR just keeps barking orders at her, to hurry the fuck up. Once she is finally inside the cage he comes over and shuts the lid, locks it and then raises it up on end with her inside. She freaks out, one moment horizontal and then suddenly she is vertical before she even found a comfortable position to reside in. JR, unhappy with where the cage resides in the shade, he moves it back out into the direct sunlight in view of the public. Being clear, not only is it a cage, now it is a hotbox. Poor Chelsea, not only is she locked in it now, but it also contains rotting fruit and what was left of the enema Layla in it the month before. Sitting in the sun now, the temperature begins to rise inside exponentially. Too bad for Chelsea, JR headed out for awhile.

Size: 1124721743 bytes (1.05 GiB), duration: 00:50:38, avg.bitrate: 2962 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (eng)
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 720×400, 29.97 fps(r) (eng)

File size: 1.0 GB

Enema Debutantes 1

Description: Reality-TV style first enemas! This is a new series: gonzo-style enemas and kinky play – minus the shaky camerawork! All real action with amateur girls. Liberty is a spicy 18 yo Latina with a deep fear of anal play. She applied for a job to do administrative work for my film studio. But when the scheduled model cancels, I coax Liberty into jumping into her place! Helping me is my girlfriend Christina, a lovely Asian coed. Liberty is shy, but warms up with a sizzling strip tease and a little OTK spank from Christina. However, her natural seductiveness crumbles up into gripping fear when Christina and I slip a suppository up her tight ass, then tie her up in hogtie bondage, and give her her very first enema ever! Liberty’s embarrassment is compounded by being filmed while a clear speculum is rammed up her butt afterwards, forcing her to uncontrollably expel her enema water into a bucket!

Format: wmv
Duration: 01:14:19

File size: 693.6 MB

In Deep – Miles to Go / 1998 [ Falcon ]

Year: 1998
Country: USA
Genre: Orgy , Uncut Cocks, Anal, Oral , Beefcake, Big Dicks, Big Balls, Big Loads, Dildos – Toys, Facial Cum Shots, Romance, Threeways, Twinks
Length: 01:29:32
Starring: Kevin Miles, Gregor Yelson, Buck Meadows, Johnny Rider, Kevin Pearce, Nicholas Clay, Karl Tenner , Tyler Hill, Cameron Fox, Blake Harper, Christopher Scott, Kyle Becker, David Bradley, Tristan Paris
Studio: Falcon
Directed by: John Rutherford
Description: When they put their minds to it, can surpass Falcon for hot studs, hot sex and production values. And when they set out to do so, they can raise a helluva lot more than just your eyebrows.
The title refers to Kevin Miles, (think Jackson Phillips’ mellower, but no less studly half-brother), who discovers he’s ‘in deep’ when he receives a letter from a good buddy, Gregor Yelson. Gregor’s coming over for a visit, (from Hungary, I would guess) if Kevin doesn’t mind. He doesn’t, but it seems he’s been telling Gregor just a few “little white lies” in his letters like about the size of his house, and the fact that he has a boat!
At this point, Buck commands Johnny to “hold it in until I get back,” and decides to take a little break. You can see the straining agony in poor John’s baby blues as he willfully fights the instincts of his sphincter. Meanwhile, Buck takes Kevin’s phone call, and agrees to let him housesit for a vacation that he and Johnny will be taking during the weekend, unaware that the house will soon become Kevin’s for Gregor’s impending “visit.”
Wait a minute! Did Buck forget about Enema Boy? Nope, and when he does allow Johnny some sweet “release,” you’ll feel the “” all the way down the tips of his toes, and yours. (You’ll also be glad that porn stars do douche regularly!) the fun is hardly over yet. I was almost afraid for Johnny’s safety, as he attempts to conquer at Buck’s urging, three amazing monster dildos, the smallest bigger than my fist, (and I have hands), and the largest almost as big as a certain traffic cone that Falcon become notorious for not too long ago.
Fast-forward to the fateful weekend. House-sitting at Buck’s, Kevin welcomes Gregor into his ‘home,’ and discovers that he brought a few friends with him! Well, like I always say, the more the “Mary-er!” As the guys chill out on the patio, Gregor’s two friends, Karl Tenner and Kevin Pierce, regale their ‘host’ with a tale of an American tourist they encountered back home, the stunning Nick Clay. And for those of you who’ve only seen him in and UP , if you’re wondering if this hunk likes to have stud salami served to him as well as serving it, wonder no more. He doesn’t go down very much, but when he does, the mystery is finally solved: yes, Nick like dick.
In any case, the outdoor scene between Nick, Karl and Kevin is shot at an unhurried pace, and contains a playful sexuality that you don’t find in most productions where the choreography has an almost robotic precision.
Meanwhile, Kevin Miles finally catches up to Tristan Paris to ask about using his boat, to maintain his little ruse about his “well-to-do” lifestyle. Only too glad to help, Tristan require a little “quid pro quo” but it’s nothing drastic. He just wants Kevin to bring Gregor to the “party” he’s having at his place this weekend. Kevin accepts the invite, and wastes no time making the most of the loan of the boat, getting his hot Hungarian buddy out on the lake for a little “hoisting the yard-arm” time.
Now to the piece-de-resistance of the flick, and the one problem that Falcon has when dealing with the staging of orgies. And “staging” is the word to be emphasized. No matter how hot the guys were or how horny the vibe was in the room, when was the last time you went to an orgy that was perfectly choreographed? As long as it’s been since I participated in one, I don’t remember it being that way, either.
Not that this particular flesh-fest doesn’t have its hot moments. Tristan gets his party started off right by chowing down enthusiastically on Blake Harper. Various other studs join them in different intervals, until the man-meating kicks into high gear. Though it doesn’t feel as spontaneous as a real live group grope overall, the stand-out moments and performers are when David Bradley launches such an energetic reaming into Blake’s ass at one point, that he can’t even stifle the groans of lust on a mouthful of Cameron Fox’s lengthy member, or when Mr. Fox rabbit-fucks Tristan’s delectable derri?re. The group money shot closes out the orgy, and as much as it brings back memories of such scenes in much older films, (ala OF 1),it can hardly compete with said memories, because of the spontaneity that made those earlier films so memorable that is clearly lacking here.
If John Rutherford could find a way to duplicate the Miles/Yelson chemistry and transfer it to each and every performer, he could turn out a great video every time with no problem. But since that’s damn near impossible, IN weighs in as a good video, instead of a really one.

File size: 700.6 MB