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L.A. Zombie_ Hardcore Director’s Cut

Cast: François Sagat, Rocco Giovanni, Wolf Hudson, Eddie Diaz, Andrew James

LA.Zombie is a hardcore zombie splatter/gore porn movie. It exists in softcore and hardcore versions. The hardcore version is called ’LA. Zombie Hardcore‘. As the credits roll, an alien zombie
creature (international porn star and model Francois Sagat) emerges from the Paci?c Ocean. After getting picked up in the mountains by a surfer in a truck, a severe accident occurs that results in the surfer lying dead in the middle of theroad. The alien zombie fucks the dead man back to life. When the creature leaves the scene and entersthe city, it becomes increasingly unclear whetherhe really is an alien zombie or a schizophrenic homeless person who is suffering from delusions. Like a kind of dark saviour, the alien zombieproceeds to ?nd various dead men in the Greater Los Angeles area – a white collar criminal, a gangbanger, a homeless junkie, a group of drugaddicted porn stars – and fuck them back to life. Finally, no longer able to take the harsh realities of L.A., the creature ultimately ?nds comfort in a cemetery, where he begins to dig up a fresh grave.
The End

Format: avi
Duration: 01:43:19

File size: 1.4 GB

SX Video – Fuck Me Sir

Real guys go at it again. This time, there are three hung tops and their three submissive bottoms. In true Gaslamp form, this is all raw bareback fucking with no condoms!

SCENE ONE: Cameron Cruise and Anthony DeAngelo decided to do their first bareback scene for Gaslamp Video. You have seen them in mainstream porn, but this is the first time they have fucked raw for the camera. They fuck hard and talk nasty. These guys are real life lovers, so their sex is constantly hot and nasty. They loved doing their bareback video and it shows. Cameron can’t get enough of Anthony’s cock. He gets fucked over and over, and he even loves to suck Anthony’s cock after it has been in his ass. Anthony shoots his load up Cameron’s ass and then Cameron cleans him off with his mouth. Of course that isn’t enough, Cameron has to give his load down Anthony’s throat.

SCENE TWO: In this intense master/salve scene, the top ties up his boy and makes him lick him all over, suck his huge cock and balls, and makes him beg to get fucked. And they fuck hard. There is lots of hardcore, bareback fucking in this video. The bottom cums when the huge cock keeps pumping his ass. But that doesn’t stop the top from fucking; he keeps going until he shoots his load up the bottom’s ass. He then tells his boy to shoot it back out … and he does …a huge load dripping out of his ass. A very hot scene!

SCENE THREE: A bareback scene with guys who like to fuck without condoms. Not actors, but just a pair of guys who love to fuck. Their passion is intense. They fuck like rabbits, hard and fast, and not a condom in site. They shoot like crazy, slurping up each other’s cum.

Genres: hunks, oral, anal sex, fisting, cumshots
File: avi

File size: 856.3 MB

Gut Reaction

Description: SCENE 1 Furry-assed Mark Evrett is bent over like a butt hungry centaur. Harness daddy Jeff Baron smacks his ass and rims his pink hole then begins fingering him. Evrett’s no stranger to ass play and he passes Baron a fat, foot-long black dildo who slides it in and out of Evrett’s ass with surprising ease.

SCENE 2 Mark Kent has Frank Sylvano’s pretty-boy ass at his full-disposal. The super-sexy Kent begins by probing Sylvano’s ass, but quickly moves on to larger tools, starting with a thick, veiny dildo that Kent works in and out of his sling-hung friend. Devon Rexman watches the action from the sidelines, jousting his hole with a sword-like dildo that goes deep into his gut.
Jeff Baron walks in one them and Kent passes him the baton — and Sylvano’s asshole. Baron stretches and prods the moaning stud while rocking him back and forth in the sling. Showing that behind every good top daddy is a well-worked asshole, Baron takes his turn on the sling. Face down and flexing his glutes, Baron works his way through the massive bulbs of a spectacularly large plastic phallus. Sylvano takes a turn working Baron with his fist, and with Baron’s hungry ass it isn’t a problem.
Sylvano’s back in the sling as Baron works him over with a massive black dildo while Devon Rexman gives a tongue lashing to Harris’ ass. Rexman works his own cock and shoves his open ass into Rexman’s willing face, then shoots his hot load on Rexman’s tan chest.
SCENE 3 Mark Evrett gets an energetic finger fuck from Rob Harris who’s seated in a sling. Harris pulls back Evrett’s cock and tries to force it up Evrett’s own ass. Harris let’s Evrett’s ass breathe for a moment, then returns with a wide black dildo to stretch it with. Evrett’s ass eats the toy whole; so Harris decides to really reach him with his hands — both of them. After prying his sphincter apart, Harris goes in deep and buries his fist in Evrett’s warm cavern. After having his prostate massaged by Harris, Evrett shoots his load with a series of loud moans.
SCENE 4 When Mark Masterson ties his legs up and lies next to a bowl full of pool balls, even the camera steams up. Masterson’s impressive ass swallows ball after ball, then shoots them out of his blooming anus in a heated game of table tennis. Masterson finishes with a little self-spelunking of his own, working his own hand up his pliant loose lips.

Format: avi
Duration: 01:23:32

File size: 275.1 MB

Cody Kyler, Cayden Cooper & Deangelo Jackson. MixItUpBoy (2011)

Cody Kyler and Cayden Cooper hanging out and both are tired from running around, so they just wanna chill and kick it. Cayden asks Cody to call up his homie DeAngelo so they can kick it together at the hotel and DeAngelo is down for whatever. Cayden is super excited and can’t wait to get some of that delicious black dick. The three get it on right away with Cody being all bottom gettin his ass fucked by DeAngelo and his face by Cayden, but he wants some of that black dick too. No problem for DeAngelo who can fuck all night long. This is an all out fuckfest with everybody fuckin everyone else!
Format: mp4
Resolution: 854×480
Runtime: 24 min.
Filesize: 437 Mb

File size: 436.6 MB

Family Blue – Das kleine Luder

Year: 2000
Country: Germany
Genre: Fisting, Hardcore, Anal, Oral, Double Penetration
Length: 91 min
Translation: Unavailable
Russian subtitles: none
Director: Gabriel Pontello
Studio: DBM
Starring: Goldie Finger (Java Blue), Maud Kennedy (Marina Menotti), Petra Markova (Juliette Masari), Princess Peggy, Priscillia Lenn (Michele Star), David Perry, Richard Lengin, Maurice Caballero, Jason Walker, Ben Hase

Film is made of several scenes:
I do not understand in the house like a brothel is not, happening unimaginable sexual orgies, there is almost everything: anal, double penetration, group sex, well, in short.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: MPEG
Video codec: MPEG1
Audio codec: MPEG Audio
Video: MPEG1 Video 352×288 (4:3) 25.00fps 1150Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio 44100Hz stereo 224Kbps

File size: 906.8 MB