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Ferias Com Muito Sexo

Year: 2009
Country: BRASIL
Genre: All sex, oral, anal
Ethnic composition: Film Production in Brazil
Length: 1:54:20
Language: Portuguese
Studio: Sexxxy Celebridades
Starring: Paula Galvao, Sabrina, Erika Delacechiar e mais
description: Sun, beach, entertainment, girls, and so on, how I want to leave without his wife around ocharovashek. You are on the beautiful island surrounded by beautiful girls

File size: 1.3 GB

Girls Behaving Badly CD2

Cast: Angel Long, Shay Hendrix, Rebecca More, Karlie Simon, Paige Turnah, Seb Cam, Ian Tate, Omar, Danny D.

Story: Girls Behaving Badly – Harmony. Angel longs for dirty dongs. She’s such a filthy lass. Danny pumps her pussy while Omar fucks her ass. Then Ian Tate the filthy mutt rams rock hard cock up Karlie’s butt. The dirty doggie doesn’t care. His baby paste flies through the air. The sordid truth of Shay Hendrix is her addiction to big pricks. Black Elvis with his thick tubesteak is almost more than she can take. Seb Cam in bondage on the floor, the prisoner of a sleazy whore. Rebecca’s that nasty brass, a fuck machine deep up her ass. Paige bends to lick the chauffeur’s boot, a diamond jammed in her poopshoot. She cannot keep her asshole dry as pints of spunk begin to fly. Performing sinful acts so gladly, here are Girls Behaving Badly.

File size: 696.3 MB

Down For The Count [Catalina 1987].wmv

Studio: Catalina
Cast: Kurt Bauer, Chad Johnson, Danny Russo, Dave Phillips, David Dabello, Eric Manchester, Joe Fuller, Kyle McGyver, Matt Forrest, Ricky Rhodes, Sven Erikson
Director: Scott Masters
Screenwriter: Scott Masters
Genre: pre-condom, jocks, bareback, vintage, wrestling
Year: 1987
Runtime: 78 min
Country: USA
Right up there with All Worlds’ Rassle, here another good – not great, but very good – wrestling-themed flick. Whole there is some singlet fun, it’s not a full-on grappling movie, just know that in advance. On the plus side, this one features plenty of pre-condom era buttriding – there’s nothing like watching uncut donkey-donged Chad Johnson whip that crazy-big tool of his around. The rest of the cast is up to snuff (sniff?) as well. The thin plot centers around wrestling team star Eric Manchester and his horny teammates.

You won’t care too much about the story, but the sex is more than eye-opening. And you have to love the new cover art that Channel 1 Releasing created for this puppy. Take it down and slam it home!
-Rick W. Ski



File size: 560.7 MB

National Models Peeing #3.

There was a time when pissing and squirting were taboo and confined to the fetish end of the market. Now the trend is to include it the repertoire of even mainstream films. Freddie Morse and Bob Bennett took the lead in this movement with their previous two films in this genre. National Models Peeing 3: Golden Shower Girls takes things to a new level. Eleven girls at the top of the business, including Natalie Heck, Renee Richards and Lolly Badcock, produce some hot girl-on-girl action in five very damp scenes. Walking through the woods, Frankie and Sahara are both desperate for a pee. Stopping, a large wet patch appears in the front of Frankie’s jeans and trickles down over her shoes. Sahara does the same. Her high heels sink into the wet ground as she pees. Arriving at a fitness centre, the girls peel down their damp clothes and they kiss and caress, making Frankie’s nipples stand erect. The two stroke and suck at each other’s snatches before dressing to head for the patio. It’s too far to go back indoors, so Sahara sits on the table and pees. Frankie crouches in her pearl g-string knickers and empties herself. More finger fucking from the two and one last pee each before they climb into the pool. Waking up, Lorna jumps out of bed and pops into the bathroom. Pulling her red panties to one side, she pees. The sound makes Renee feel as if she wants to go and without removing her panties, she sprays the toilet. Cleaned, the two go back to the bed for some fun and games, biting each other’s boobs and munching on minges. Their tongues lap at each other’s clits as they 69. Picking up a double ended dildo, Lorna eases one end into Renee as she holds the other in her mouth. Pussies covered in lube, the two make their way towards each other along the toy. The action makes them want to go again. Lorna stands with one leg over the bath, Renee balances on the sink. Going down on all fours, Renee takes the dong in her pussy. The duo lie side by side wanking themselves to orgasm. All the hard work has made them hungry. They head for the kitchen to make toast and end up pissing all over the floor. Sitting in her fuchsia top and denim shorts, Lolly umpires a tennis match between Natalie Heck and Roxanne Coxx. Dying for a piss, Lolly opens her legs and wets her shorts.
Cast: Lolly Badcock, Charlie Holays, Majella Shepard, Lorna Lace, Renee Richards, Natalie Heck, Sarah Lou, Sahara Knite,
Genres: Lesbians, Pissing
Duration: 01:59:38
Audio codec: MP3
Video: DivX 5 464×352 25fps 1499Kbps [Video 0]
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48kHz stereo 128Kbps [Audio 1]

File size: 1.3 GB

Girls Behaving Badly

Genre: Gonzo.

Description: Girls Behaving Badly – Harmony. Angel longs for dirty dongs. Shes such a filthy lass. Danny pumps her pussy while Omar fucks her ass. Then Ian Tate the filthy mutt rams rock hard cock up Karlies butt. The dirty doggie doesnt care. His baby paste flies through the air. The sordid truth of Shay Hendrix is ​​her addiction to big pricks. Black Elvis with his thick tubesteak is almost more than she can take. Seb Cam in bondage on the floor, the prisoner of a sleazy whore. Rebeccas that nasty brass, a fuck machine deep up her ass. Paige bends to lick the chauffeurs boot, a diamond jammed in her poopshoot. She cannot keep her asshole dry as pints of spunk begin to fly. Performing sinful acts so gladly, here are Girls Behaving Badly.

File size: 1.3 GB

Seamen First Class (1995)

Categories: Classic, Oral/Anal Sex, Uniforms: Armed Forces, Bathhouse/Sauna/Shower, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Cumshot, Deep Throating, Deep/Manly Kissing, Uncut Cocks, Men of Canada, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Tattoo, Threesomes/Threeways, Theme: Cruising/One-Night-Stands/Tricking, Theme: Dock Worker/Sailor, Theme: Garage Mechanic/Plumber/Repair Men
Starring: Kevin Dean, Pagan Prince, Claude Jourdan, Brad Hunt, Sean Diamond, Danny Sommers, Kurt Houston, Charlie Boy, Matthew Easton
Studio: Studio 2000

Spurting semen! An aptly-named, shlong-heavy hit. This naughty triptych follows a trio of Canadian sailors as they each make the most of their 24-hour shore leave in California.
Sailor #1 (Pagan Prince) has always wanted to see the desert, so he rents a jeep to take a drive. He doesn’t get too far before he gets it on with a sexy octane slinger (Danny Sommers) in the back room of his rural gas station.
Not too long after their sweaty round of multi-orgasmic sucking and fucking, Pagan picks up a wandering hitch-hiker (Sean Diamond) for a nighttime slurp-’n’-plow in the desert, propped up against the rented jeep and, with acrobatic dexterity, over the roll bar.
Sailor #2 (Kevin Dean) opts for a day of culture by visiting museums and taking in a Broadway musical. He doesn’t speak a word of English, but he soon manages to communicate his cocklust to a cute and scruffy local cruiser (Charlie Boy) who spies Kevin outside a gallery. Charlie leads Kevin into the brush for some outdoor trickery, overacting just a tad as he feigns excited shock at the astonishing sight of Kevin’s monstrous cock as it’s unleashed.
Charlie manages to cram about half of Kevin’s lengthy turtle-necked shaft into his gullet before allowing Kevin the opportunity to sample some veiny uncut ween himself. After both boys spew hot wads of goo, long-dong’d Kevin plows the living daylights out of Charlie while atop a boulder.
Later, after an evening of Miss Saigon, Kevin finds himself in the middle of a throbbing three-way poke-and-plow in a nearby apartment, culminating in a pearly facial for the pendulum-cock’d Frenchie.
Meanwhile, Sailor #3 (Claude Jourdan) hits it off with a scruffy, buff dreamboat bartender (Brad Hunt) and they have hot man sex in the back room. Hairy-chested Brad wields a plump, veiny tool and shoves it deep into Claude’s throat, then crams it up his anxiously twitching mangina. Six times, actually. Or so claims Claude the next morning when he reunites with his fellow seamen. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:40:32
Resolution: 512×336
Size: 0.760 GB

File size: 723.2 MB

Marathon Dong

Gia Dimarco has been training her butt off. She is going to attempt to run a marathon, and she knows that she has to be in top shape. Luckily for her Danny Mountain is one motivated coach. He will do whatever it takes to get her ready, and if that means having to eat her ass, than so be it.

File size: 321.4 MB

The Crave Volume 1

Year: 2006
Country: Hungary
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Muscle, Europeans, Rimming, Three Ways, Uncut Cock
Length: 2:22:38
Directed by: Tom Bradford
Studio: Tom Bradford Presents
Starring: Norbert Somlay, Adam Gervay, Daniel Nicolaus, Eric Flower, Ivan Cseska, Jason Carrigan, Jeremy Shelton, Roberto Giorgio, Sam Ballack, Tamas Eszterhazy

Description: The first in a sizzling carnal trilogy! There’s no story, no set up. Just ten incredible men meeting in stylized and slightly surreal locations to suck and fuck with abandon. The Crave Volume 1 is sex on an epic scale as only diector Tom Bradford (Caged Men) can present it.
Somewhere in Hungary, on an army base ringed with rusty chain link fence and coiled razor wire, Eric Flower pulls blond Daniel Nicolaus close as they lock lips, uniforms half off and muscles twitching. It doesn’t take long for Roberto Giorgio to insert himself between the two, go to his knees and worship their large uncut cocks. After an acrobatic display of oral skill with Roberto hanging from fences, asses are spread for some deep rimming and then Roberto is bent over and pounded by Eric while Daniel blows him. Next Roberto splays himself upon a discarded uniform on the grimy metal deck so Daniel can plow him. Roberto fucks Eric and then Daniel – who keeps his camouflage boots on throughout. Eric has his turn at Daniel’s tight ass and then they both shoot all over Roberto’s perfect torso as he lies on a barrel shooting his own load.
Norbert Somlay is a square-jawed, massive tower of hairy muscle. He wanders through a graffiti covered hall that ends in a dank basement. He leans against a wooden rail, lights up a smoke and unleashes from his jeans the most impossibly fat uncut cock in porn. Enter Tamas Eszterhazy, a toned and tattooed guy with dark eyes and a face too pretty for the leather harness he wears. He licks tentatively at Norbert’s pole before shoving an impressive portion down his throat. After a bit, Norbert tosses his cigar aside, but not before using the smoke from his cigar to tease Tamas, then he grabs Tamas’ head with both hands and fucks his throat.
Sam Ballack, bald and built, arrives and gives Tamas another cock to satisfy before getting on his knees and taking both Norbert and Tamas’ surprisingly long piece into his own hungry mouth. They take turns rimming each other before Tamas hops up onto a table and lets Sam fuck his ass. Tamas, leather harness still on, bends over and finally gets Norbert’s dong up his ass. Sam fucks Norbert next and then Tamas does Sam on the stairs as Norbert slaps Sam’s face with his cock. Tamas shoots all over Sam’s back and then Norbert all over Sam’s chest before he turns around and cums on Tamas.
Jason Carrigan descends into the depths of an abandoned winery and finds Ivan Cseska perched atop a wine vat. Both in jeans and leather, their embrace is more of a collision as they pound and lick each others’ thick pecs. When Ivan’s already erect cock is unleashed from his jeans, Jason seems mesmerized by it as he goes to his knees to suck and lick Ivan’s shaft and balls. Adam Gervay is watching, suspended above in a battered cage. He unleashes his long cock and Ivan gladly sucks it. They change positions and all three are rimmed while lying on boards across wine vats. Jason cums and leaves. Ivan fucks a howling Adam in several positions. Boots still on, Adam bends Ivan over and pushes his long cock in deep, pulling it out and slamming it back in as Ivan moans. Adam lies back and jerks off as Ivan shoots thick streams of cum all over him.
Jeremy Shelton meets Eric Flower in a sort of post-apocalyptic disco. They devour each others’ hard cocks before Eric braces himself against a rail and Jeremy fucks him from behind. Tamas Eszterhazy and Sam Ballack join them, Tamas pairing off with Jeremy and Sam with Eric for some serious deep throating. They trade off and begin to fuck with Eric topping Sam and Jeremy topping Tamas as the camera swoops around them. The scene finishes with Sam lying back while the other three gather round and cover him in hot cum.

File size: 1.1 GB