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American Damsels – Bikini Bound
Amber Michaels, Alexis Taylor, Cleo Nichole, Goldie Blair, Ikaras Jones

Onscreen bondage, onscreen gagging, thong bikinis, toplessness and more! – – – Gorgeous Amber has just inherited a mansion on the beach from her eccentric uncle. She hires private investigators Alexis and Goldie to help her find a fortune rumored to be hidden somewhere in the house. However Amber’s sister Cleo and her boyfriend are living in the mansion and are determined to find the treasure before they’re forced to move out. When Amber arrives at the mansion, Cleo and her boyfriend pounce on the hapless beauty, and she’s tied, gagged and hidden away before the detectives arrive. One after the other, Goldie and Alexis are overpowered, bound, gagged and left to squirm with their h (more)

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