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Filthy Punkz – Bareback Skin Flick

Country: Czech Republic
Studio : Filthy Punkz
Cast: Mr. Rush, Dave Disel, Thomas Dyk, Clay Osborn, Johnny Salem, Joe Schmidt, Simon Body, Steven Taylor, James Byron
Director: Vlado Iresch
Composer/Score: Felix Tau

Bareback fucking on the casting couch, these horny twinks can’t get enough of showing off their buff, toned young bodies, huge, hard cocks and smooth tasty butts to each other. Getting everyone horny as fuck, the cock sucking and butt pounding barebacking begins and is all in great close-up view. Feeling like you’re really there, hearing them moan with each deep thrust into them, and bringing them closer and closer to a powerful orgasm, coating everything in fresh spunk!

Thomas and James get hot and horny with each other after discovering a porn ad on the internet. Trying each other out, they soon see that they are perfect models together, James’ smooth buff body looking so hot next to Thomas’s rock hard cock and chiseled abs. Awesome 69 positions and ass licking, James fully preps Thomas’s butt as he works on his cock. Letting Thomas slide down on James’ great thick dick and seeing Thomas grind against his balls, you’ll be getting ready to shoot, but wait until they swap over and Thomas pounds into James at a rate of knots! Both smooth young twinks spunk absolutely everywhere. Thomas over his rock hard abs and James dumping his load over Thomas’ waiting mouth.
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Nervous about his first shoot, cute boyish Johnny gets given a helping hand by Mr. Rush. Showing off his buff muscular body he soon settles any fears the smooth twink has and gets him grinning from ear to ear and he teases his cock with his tongue. Jumping onto each others dicks, Mr. Rush lubes up Johnny’s butt with his spit, probing his hole with his tongue and then letting his dick take over! Fucking him so well, his bare cock sliding in and out, Rush makes the boy empty his balls and then gives him a face full of hot cum, eagerly eaten by Johnny.

Smooth Simon gets far too randy in the loo and has to jerk his great cock, working his shaft up and down, he thrusts forward against the bathroom tiles, fucking his hand until he feels he’s going to cum, aiming into the urinal, he coats it in a layer of fresh sperm!

Hot casting session with studly blonde Dave! Trying out all his new recruits, Joe chooses a real stunner for his next casting. Toned young Dave, with his smooth body and blonde hair gets a real treat as the dark haired photographer produces his long thick dick to Dave who quickly goes down, sucking his head and as much of the shaft as he can fit into his sweet mouth. Pushing his finger past his ring, Joe teases Dave, getting him to beg for more, a real dick fucking him bareback! Watching Dave’s cock bounce as he rides Joe will definitely make your cock quiver in sheer excitement, ready for you to join the cumfest!

Discovered in the toilets, Clay and Steve are soon set upon by a hot Joe, bringing his camera in for some after-hours filming! Watching Steve take a piss, Clay is attracted by his big dick and is on his knees in no time, getting super hard and Steve ready for more. Never one to miss out on a fuck, Joe joins in, getting his cock shared between the guys and then plunging it straight in, Clay taking both cocks one after the other, his ass crying out for cock! Wanting to constantly fuck, Joe fucks Steve while he’s fucking Clay, forming a horny daisy-chain of hot young twinks moaning in pleasure as their cocks and butts are used to full capacity!

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Duration: 01:30:14.400
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101 Amateur European Men Part4

Production year: 1999
Country: Slovakia
Genre: Euro Boys, Solos, Vfsturbacion, Big Cocks
Length: 1:54:32
Director: George Duroy
Studio: Bel Ami
Cast: Richard, Pavel, Tong, Jiri, Robert and sea

Bel Ami’s casting agency, Elitmen, continuously conducts intensive model searches in four countries: Russia, Hungary, and the Czech and Solvak Republics. They are inundated with potential models; so many fascinating young men want to work with Bel Ami. And so inspired by the success of their first casting tapes, 101 Men: Parts 1 & 2, Bel Ami proudly presents “the sequels.”
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Personal Trainers 2

Production year: 2001
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Rimming, Masturbation
Length: 2:11:26
Director: Marty Stevens
Studio: Bel Ami
Starring: Sebastian Bonnet, Dano Sulik (Trainers)
Matt Phillipe, Danny Saradon, Tim Hamilton, Ryan Pawlowski (Trainees)

A model’s first session is usually clumsy and uncomfortable, so Bel Ami waits with the camera until his fourth or fifth. If any model here looks slightly more “experienced”, it means that he already handled the sexual aspects and is now ready to learn how to perform for the camera.
‘Personal trainers’ Dano Sulik and Sebastian Bonnet have their hands full coaching eager applicants in the mechanics of giving and receiving pleasure in front of a video camera. And with such spectacularly hot pupils, the teachers can’t wait to come to />Matt Phillipe is a university student from Slovakia, whose casting audition as “Peter” can be seen in 101 Men – Part Nine. This is his second training session, but the first one to be filmed. Only 19 years old, Matt is another of those who recently discovered his enjoyment in being a bottom. (He told Bel Ami: “I think I have an erogenous zone in my ass!”)
Before Tim Hamilton and Danny Saradon (both 1919) became well known from their appearances in Bel Ami’s Flings, they also had to be trained. Long-time friends from the same region in the Czech Republic, they came together for their first casting auditions and later asked if they could have one training session together. By the time of this video is they will have finished a new episode together for a forthcoming film. Neither one is a typical top, but both are sexually flexible.
Ryan Pawlowski was called “Radek” when he made his Bel Ami debut in 101 Men – Part Six. In addition to the talents displayed in this training session, Ryan also proved to be a first-class top. He now works as a truck driver in Moravia.
These training sessions are presented in ‘real time'; the camera angles are only slightly altered to heighten visual interest. Spontaneous and unrehearsed, the non-stop documentary-style action in the Personal Trainers series is incendiary.

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Johan’s Journal Part 3 Sex Lab

Year: 2009
Country: South Africa, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic
Genre: Oral Sex, Cumshot, Sucking, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Twinks, Spunks, Anal Sex
Length: 2:20:15
Director: Johan Paulik
Studio: Bel Ami
Cast: Jean-Daniel Chagall, Ruslan Brodovich, Johnny Surabaya, Jason Knightley, Oleg Tarkowski, Jacques Briere, Kimani Arenas, Jesse Santana, Juri Tokarev, Luke Hamill, Joel D’Amici, Leon Boisen, Todd Rosset, Dano Suliko

Johan Paulik brings you more X-rated adventures in Johan’s Journal Part 3: Sex Lab as he travels to exotic locations in search of the hottest young studs around. In Brazil, Johan meets Kimani, Oleg and Ruslan. When he stumbles across horny roommates Oleg and Ruslan having a stroke-off, Johan doesn’t want to disturb them – so films them through the keyhole. When Kimani finds out, he soon wants a piece of the incredibly horny action and provides his own solo show for Johan’s roving lens. Oleg and Jacques appear in scene two having sensational sex in an armchair on a beautiful terrace. The action is raw and passionate and, by the end, both studs fall back sexually satisfied. A chance meeting between Luke Hamill and Jesse Santana at a Bel Ami casting session in Manchester soon turns into a very erotic spectacle! Then, love is in the air for teasing twinks Joel and Johnny. In the final scene, a sensual full body massage gets Todd Rosset and Leon Boisen worked up before a deep and hard dicking leaves both studs in a sexual frenzy. Come and watch the boys getting it on in South Africa, the UK and Europe and meet some of the hottest new BelAmi stars!

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Eagle Video – Bareback Big Uncut Dicks

Year: 2007
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Bareback, Cumshot, Sucking, Group Sex, Twinks, Spunks Big Balls, Big Cocks
Length: 2:01:57
Translation: None
Russian subtitles: none
Director: Pat Stone
Studio: Eagle Video U.S. Male
Cast: Billy Dexter, David Owen, Dominic Trojan, Luke Anders, Milan Breeze, Nicolai Rivera, Sancho Sun, Steve Sunny, Tommy Hansen
Age of actors: 18 – 32

Description: Barebacking has never been bigger and more natural! These hot, uncut ass violators just got out of the military and don’t need to find any bitches, they just need to go look over at their army buddies. Two hours of man-on-man action that will have you wondering how come you didn’t join the armed forces.

Description: The main criterion in casting actors for this film, apparently, was the size of members: all active guys are obscenely large:))
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Lovely Crazy Sara – PublicInvasion

I must tell you, I find the craziest prettiest girls in the Czech Republic. I was walking today and I was lost like always because you know I’m a little stupid sometimes, so I meet this girl, and I’m asking her for directions to the bus stop, so she offers to take me. Then when we get there, shes the one who asks me if I want to sit and talk for a little. So of course I say yes, and start to ask her all about her sexual life and what she likes to do. It turned out to be that this girl is a freak, she loves to have sex in public places. She took me to a corridor right by the bus stop, and there she started to suck on my dick, it was great. She had a real nice pussy too, so I stuck my finger in her ass and started to fuck her from behind, just like she likes it. It was real crazy because people kept walking by so we had to act like we were doing nothing, and then when they left, we just kept going.

Genre: Public sex, All Sex, Extreme
Duration: 00:41:07
Starring: not professional casting

Quality: SiteRip
Format: WMV
Video: 640*480, 29.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 1061 kbps
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