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BulldogPIT – Anthony and Drew Brodie

Drew Brodie is a black rudeboi who is dirty and loves to fuck skinny little white boys. Even though he’s got a big cock, watching a twink suck his cock makes him feel like he’s even bigger still! And when he bends them over and takes control of their tight pink holes he’s in absolute heaven. Fucking white twinks is what he was meant to do and that’s just what he does to cute little Anthony!
Anthony’s hole got stretched farther than it’s ever been before and Drew’s thick meat filled him up completely; from the inside, out. The way slim smooth Anthony stays rock solid throughout his fucking shows how much this twink loves getting pounded deeper and deeper by Drew. And the amount of spunk he will cause you to empty your balls there and then!

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Active Duty – Below Deck 2

Director Dink Flamingo
Starring Adam, Kasey, Colin, Kaden, Eljiah

Kaden And Colin Get Acquainted …
Things kick off with Kaden and Colin naked on the bed with nice hard-ons. Colin is stroking alongside Kaden and things are already off to a great start. They bullshit back and forth about music, cars, etc. and then start talkin’ about tats and working out as they sneak peeks at each others bodies. Colin finally asks Kaden what he wants to do today and Kaden starts checking out Colin’s cock. He says, “You look pretty hard there. That’s a pretty big dick you got.” as he reaches over and grabs Colin’s cock and starts jerking it. Kaden strokes Colin as his own dick jumps up and down, hitting his stomach. Colin says Kaden’s chest is turning him on as he moves over and starts rubbing and sucking on Kaden’s nipples. Colin licks up and down Kaden’s chest and abs before taking his hard cock in his mouth. Colin starts sucking Kaden as Kaden kicks back and enjoys the ride. Colin gives Kaden’s cock a good long sucking as Kaden checks out Colin’s nice ass. Kaden reaches over and starts rubbing and playing with Colin’s nice bubble butt as Colin continues to feed on that nice, hard cock. Kaden starts pushing Colin’s head down on his cock deeper and deeper. Kaden gets on his knees and starts feeding his cock to Colin as he fucks his hot mouth. Kaden seems to enjoy this position as he throat fucks Colin with a super hard cock. Colin gets on his back below Kaden’s balls and gives them a good washing as he sucks Kaden’s cock.

Colin Gives Kaden’s Ass Some Extra Special Attention …
It’s in this position that Colin finds Kaden’s nice, tight ass and starts licking it really good from below. Kaden loves to get his ass eaten and Colin seems to be doing a damn good job of it. Kaden gyrates that pretty bubble butt all around on Colin’s face as Colin tongues it nice and deep. Kaden is moaning at this point in the game and looks down at Colin and says “I want you to really eat my fucking ass” as he moves to position himself on his hands and knees with his back arched good so Colin can get his tongue deeper in his nice pink hole. Getting his ass eaten seems to be one of Kaden’s favorite things as he really gets into it, moaning and twirling his nice ass around in circles as to be sure his asshole gets some of Colin’s tongue on every inch of it. Colin is doing a fine job of covering all the territory as he laps on Kaden’s hot hole thoroughly. He reaches under Kaden and pulls his hard cock back so he can lick on it, too. Colin wants is to see what a nice hole he’s licking as he spreads Kaden’s ass to reveal his bright pink hole. Kaden’s cock is hard as a brick and Colin keeps sucking on it in between licking that nice, hot ass. Colin keeps those cheeks spread open good so we can get a full view of the pink pucker as he works Kaden over good from behind. Kaden starts fucking Colin’s face from this position and it’s really hot to watch. I’ve never seen that before.

Colin Gets A Finger In Kaden’s Tight, Pink Hole …
Colin seems to sense that Kaden is enjoying the ass action and he really gets into it. I think he’s as fascinated by Kaden’s beautiful ass as we are and he gives us some very good shots of it spread open nice and wide as he sticks his finger in Kaden’s hole. Kaden is moaning and groaning all the while and isn’t complaining one bit. I think Colin has found something that Kaden really likes and he’s taking full advantage of it. Colin finger fucks Kaden as Kaden’s hard cock flaps in the breeze, at full attention. Colin flips Kaden over on his back and keeps working his cock and ass over with his mouth and finger. Colin takes his two thumbs and spreads Kaden’s asshole open and says, “Man that’s pretty” and it is. What a beautiful asshole Kaden is sporting. Colin is getting really horny from all this action and playing with Kaden’s asshole must have his own asshole ready for some action. Colin looks at Kaden with his hard cock bouncing on his stomach and says, “You wanna fuck me, now?” Kaden doesn’t hesitate and smiles as he tells Colin “Hell yeah I wanna fuck you.”

Kaden Anchors Himself Deep In Colin’s Tight Bubble Butt …
Colin throws that nice bubble butt in the air, arches his back and invites Kaden’s stiff cock deep in his hot hole. Kaden works his rock hard cock slowly into Colin’s waiting hole, as Colin grunts and groans. Kaden’s sporting a long, thick cock and Colin is finding out now just how long and stiff it is. Once Kaden’s got his cock all the way in, he starts fucking Colin fast and deep. Kaden is a jackhammer when he fucks a nice tight ass and Colin is quickly finding out that he’s about to get a good hard fucking from this built, ripped stud muffin. These two hotties bodies compliment each other so well. Colin’s nice ass in the air is enough to send anyone over the edge, but throw Kaden behind it, plowing it deep and hard and you’re sure to loose it right here in this scene as Kaden manhandles Colin’s hot ass. Kaden pulls Colin to the edge of the bed so he can get in his ass even deeper and he does. After a little while he throws Colin on his side with one leg in the air and goes after the hot hole from a perfect angle as we watch his hot cock go balls deep in Colin’s hole. Colin strokes his cock while Kaden pounds his ass. The position changes again, this time with Kaden standing flat-footed on the bed above Colin’s ass and pounding down deep and hard into Colin. Kaden isn’t showing Colin any mercy as he fucks the hell out of him. He almost fucks Colin right off the bed as he pounds his ass harder and harder. Kaden flips Colin on his back for the final ride and fucks him hard as Colin strokes his own cock fast and hard. “I’m gonna cum all over you.” Kaden says and pulls his cock out and blows his huge load all over Colin’s stomach. He rubs his cum into Colin’s skin and looks at the camera and says, “That was some good ass!” I get the two of them to get on their hands and knees side by side and give us a great shot of those fine asses together and as they say, that’s the end!

Kasey Returns and He’s Got Company …
Kasey returns after a long absence from Active Duty, but he’s not doing a solo on this return mission. He’s joined by two of our hottest bottoms here at Active Duty, Elijah and Adam. The camera comes on focused on Elijah who’s been talking about how bad he needs this since he hasn’t busted a nut in a couple of days. Elijah is horny as hell today and we’re about to find out just how horny. He talks about the morning wood he had when he woke up, but that something told him I would take care of him today so he saved it and waited. And when he found out that he’d be joined by Kasey, his eyes lit up and his cock got hard. Kasey seems a bit nervous at first, but that’s all soon to change as this trooper gets right in there and gives it his best. Kasey isn’t one to be shown up and he certainly pulls his weight in this scene alongside Elijah and Adam. Elijah’s eyes are locked on Kasey’s cock as soon as he pulls the hard piece out of his swim trunks. You can just tell that Elijah is dying to get ahold of that nice hard meat. All the cocks are hard as soon as they come out and this scene is well on it’s way to being the scorcher it becomes.

Elijah Sets His Sights Dead On Kasey’s Hard Cock …
Elijah can’t seem to take his eyes off of Kasey’s hard cock, he’s gazing at it like he wants it really, really bad. He’s not even really listening to the conversation as he focuses all his attention on Kasey. You can tell he’s excited to have Kasey as a new playmate. Kasey is getting his fair share of sneak peeks at Elijah’s cock, too. You can just tell these two are gonna set the room on fire and with Adam in tow it’s a sure bet that we’re in for a treat today. Elijah’s ready to get this show on the road and he’s the first to latch on to Kasey’s hard cock and start sucking it good. Elijah’s hungry today and he’s really getting into sucking on a nice hard cock. Elijah shares the nice cock with Adam while he rubs Kasey’s nice chest. Adam must be as hungry as Elijah because they’re running neck to neck on sucking the fat meat. Elijah starts licking and sucking on Kasey’s nipples while Adam mans the helm.

Elijah And Kasey Share The Muscled Hunk …
They share the nice cock back and forth and Kasey says they are both really damn good. “It’s a coin toss, both of you are pretty damn good.” In no time flat Kasey has his hand wrapped around Elijah’s hard cock as Adam sucks his cock. Kasey didn’t hesitate to reach out and latch on to Elijah’s meat. Elijah fucks his own face with Kasey’s hard meat as Adam goes for the chest and nipples. Adam plays with Kasey’s balls while Elijah deep throats his hard cock. If Kasey’s not in heaven, you’d never know as he really gets into the attention he’s getting. Kasey is giving out plenty of moans of approval as these two hungry boys ravage this sexy muscled-up stud. Kasey goes back to stroking Elijah’s hard meat again and he’s doing a damn good job of it. You wonder just how long he can hold out before he has it in his hot mouth. He’s looking at Elijah’s hard cock in his hand intently, sneaking looks up to Elijah once in awhile to make sure he’s doing a good job. Adam takes turns on the two hard cocks, deep-throating them in unison as Elijah and Kasey enjoy his hot mouth. Kasey strokes Adam’s cock while Adam services the two cocks. Elijah takes the reins again and starts moaning and groaning while he sucks Kasey’s cock. Adam goes around behind Elijah and starts eating his ass while he reaches under and strokes his raging hard cock. Adam positions himself below Elijah and takes all of Eli’s cock down his throat before going back and eating Eli’s tight, hot hole.

Kasey Can’t Hold Back Anymore And He Sucks Elijah’s Hard Cock …
Kasey has stroked it, gazed at it and now he’s sucking Elijah’s hard cock. This was a big surprise to us all as Kasey jumps right in, head first and gives Elijah as good as he’s been getting from Adam and Elijah. From the moans Elijah is letting out, it’s obvious that he’s liking Kasey’s hot mouth wrapped around his rock hard cock. Kasey is holding his own as Adam sucks him as he sucks Elijah. I get some great shots of Kasey sucking Elijah’s cock from below as we watch him go after Elijah’s cock. Kasey doesn’t just get it wet and that’s all…he gets down and dirty on sucking Elijah as good as he can. He asks Elijah if he’s doing a good job and Eli confirms with a “hell yeah”.

The Boys Eat Kasey’s Ass And Suck Him A Little More …
Elijah tells Kasey he wants to eat his ass out and they position Kasey over Adam in 69 position as Kasey strokes Adam’s hard cock, Elijah eats his hot ass while Adam sucks his cock. This has got to be pure heaven for Kasey as he’s getting serviced by two pro’s who love what they’re doing. Elijah spreads the muscle butt apart and shows off the nice pink hole that Kasey’s sporting.

Kasey Fucks Elijah Good And Hard …
Before you can say “damn that’s a nice ass to be eating” the scene switches up and Kasey has Eli on all fours and is about to mount his ass for a long, hard ride. Elijah is more than ready as it’s been a couple of months since anyone has fucked his hungry hole. Kasey saddles up and takes the ride. Elijah is extra tight and Kasey starts out slow, working his cock in Elijah’s tight ass deeper and deeper. Once it’s in, Elijah says “Oh yeah…fuck me baby”. Kasey takes the lead and fucks Elijah good and hard. Elijah gets into his moaning and yelping phase, he’s hot-to-trot today, troops. You can tell he’s been waiting on this the whole time. Kasey says Elijah’s ass is tight and Elijah asks, “Tighter than your girlfriend’s?” Kasey says yeah as he keeps fucking him hard. I get some good shots from above of Kasey’s hard cock pounding in and out of Elijah’s hot ass. Kasey starts long stroking Elijah’s hot ass. Elijah sucks Adam’s hard cock while Kasey plows his ass, moaning all the while like he’s in heaven. Elijah’s sweatin’, but he ain’t complaining. He’s getting what he’s been waiting on all day. It isn’t long before Elijah’s hot ass has Kasey ready to explode and he pulls out and blows a hot, huge load all over Elijah’s cheeks and hole.

Elijah Fucks Adam Good And Hard, Letting Out All His Pent-Up Aggression …
As soon as Kasey squeezes out the last drop of cum on Elijah’s ass, Elijah goes straight in for the kill on Adam’s hot little ass, letting out all the pent up aggression and working up the huge load he’s been saving for several days. Kasey watches as Elijah tears Adam’s hot little ass apart. Adam strokes his own cock, working up his load as Elijah plows him good and hard. Kasey rubs on Adam’s chest and Adam tells Elijah to fuck him until he cums. Elijah long strokes Adam’s ass deep right where Adam likes it. Adam shoots a huge load all over himself, squirting it on his arm, the bed and everywhere else. All the while Elijah is banging his brains out hard as he edges closer and closer until bam! Elijah blows his huge fucking wad all over Adam’s stomach, mixing it in with Adam’s cum. Elijah wasn’t lying when he said he’d been saving it. This is one of the biggest fucking loads I’ve ever seen him shoot. There’s cum all over the place. I’m sure the same will be true for you, too.

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