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Cum Eating Cum Drinking Asians ME Swallowing Compilation DGN-01

Every scene on this movie is similar. Each and every single model first suck cocks to collect cum into a glass. Once the glass is half full, each model plays with it using a straw, then slowly drink every drop of cum.

Scene 3 contains my favorite model, a naked cuty as shown in the screen shot, with a great body, really nice tits and nice red lips and matching fingernails. The way she dribbles from her pouty mouth the gooey droplets of semen into the bowl she is holding and giggles while fingering and dropping the cum strings back into the bowl is a real turn on. Of course, as you would expect, she finishes by swallowing the swirling sperm lake.

Studio: Censored
File size: 250.3 MB