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CruxDreams – Japanese Tales

Very rare and unique video from site CruxDreams. Beautiful Girls damages caused on the cross. Unique video of bondage. Delve into the world of bondage, which fascinates her beauty and attractiveness …
Studio – CruxDreams

File size: 167.6 MB

Goal In The Hole!

Castro Supreme is back on the prowl! Looking for his next victim. Castro was in the mood for an athlete’s booty hole. Someone that has an amazing physical endurance. Castro’s basically looking for ass that can take his monster meat. Luckily for Castro he found this cute little white boy by the name of James. Playing soccer all by himself. Castro preyed on him as he ran across the field like a gazelle. Kicking the soccer-ball in the goal. That just excited Castro even more.
File size: 346.9 MB

CruxDreams – Glamor Crucifix

Two highly glamorous ladies, busty blonde Julia with long hair and very pretty brunette Alexandra (incidentally, this is her real name) had been elegantly crucified on structurally perfect cross.

File size: 243.0 MB

CruxDreams – Cold crucifixion for two

Crucifixion of two pretty girls in one pretty cross. Models were chosen on the principle of “small breasts makes flogging – breasts there really small, but the ass is quite fit my concept of feminine beauty.

File size: 686.0 MB