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Don’t Break The Chain

Year of manufacture:2011
Genre: Bondage, Fetish
Duration: 00:57:20
In roles:Randi Storm, Kelly O’Dell
Description:There’s a special delivery on Jay’s front porch. The packing slip says “Chain Package” and the instructions tell him to ”use” the contents of the box, then re-pack it and send it along to the next name on the list. Jay opens the box to find beautiful Randi inside, all done up in a leather body harness and harness ballgag! Wasting no time, Randi is bound to the bed with her elbows together and her ankles apart, where she receives a thorough flogging on her vulnerable ass. Next, she’s in a tight hogtie on the bed, her movements are painful and she is obviously uncomfortable — even as she strains to reach orgasm against her crotchrope. Moving to the floor, Randi is in a lotus position, her arm strictly hammered in back. When Jay removes her ballgag her lips quiver eagerly as he fills her mouth with a ball-under-leather gag. She whimpers as he squeezes her tits and clamps her nipples. Now Randi’s in an ultra-tight hogtie with crossed ankles and a black ballgag. Enter Jay who places small black clamps on her nipples, then covers them with squares of white tape. These clamps really pinch, as we can see by her reaction to them! Randi is then bound to a post as Jay runs his hands over her sexy body, causing her to moan, then he hooks a line to her crotchrope and hoists her hips upward. When she catches a glimpse of the nipple clamps in his hand she tries to protest but to no avail. He applies the clamps, evoking more moans and whimpers from the docile blond. In her final bondage, Randi’s standing with her arms bound to a long bar, which is, in turn, attached to a short bar drawn up between her thighs. Each twitch of her arms pulls the short bar up hard against her pussy and Jay applies a flogger to her tits and belly, making it impossible for her to hold still! Finished with his ”delivery”, Randi is packed back into the box and sent on to the next lucky recipient. The next scenes feature sexy, blond Kelly, post-tied, tit-tied and with clothespins on her nipples. Jay draws his fingernails slowly over her rope-strangled breasts and then whips her. Next, Kelly’s standing with her legs spread and a breast-press on her swollen tits — a trainer gag wrapped around her head keeps her quiet. Jay tightens the press and add nipple pinchers, Kelly is not happy. The press remains in place as she is positioned on the small girly-go-round, her wrists yanked over her head. A bit-ballgag fills her mouth as Jay hauls upwards on her wrists, forcing her to balance on knee-point. Heavy C-clamps are hung from her abused nipples before she is left alone to ponder her misfortune.

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