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Cowboy Wrestling 4

Year: 2004
Country: United States
Genre: Wrestling, Muscle Men, Anal, Oral, Rimming, Ranchers
Duration: 1:19:28
Starring: Cameron Sage, Austin Black, Collin Jennings, Damien, Eric York, Paul Carrigan

Description: What The Fuck Took You So Long? Austin Black shows up late to help clean the barn. Fellow hand Damien gets pissed and the two go at it, taking a roll in the hay to new heights. In Finland, Cowboys Ride Reindeer! Finn import Eric York lashes out at Paul Carrigan, after Carrigan suggests Fins are too fancy to be real men. You Better Stay And Help Me Clean Up! Cameron Sage and Collin Jennings have work to do. Unfortunately Cameron also has someplace else to be. Collin demands his buddy stay to help finish the job. In the ensuing scuffle, Cameron does get the job done.

Quality: DVDRip
Video format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio: MP3
Video: 352×264 (1.33:1), 29.970 fps, DivX Codec 5.1.1 ~ 779 kbps avg, 0.28 bit / pixel
Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 192.00 kbps avg

File size: 559.0 MB

Insex – Sanction

Video + full photoset

Release: 2003

What begins as your everyday abduction ends with the big stunner, a martyrdom replete with a crucifixion.

She begins unhappy. Unwilling? On the floor of a straw-filled barn. She wears jogging clothes as though he caught her unaware. She struggles, her ankles and wrists locked into stocks made of metal rungs bolted through an old four-by-four. A feed sack has been shoved over her head. She moans and cries.

A pitchfork is the tool for her instruction. It pokes. It prods. It probes.

He fingers her through her shorts.

“You fuck boys with that, don’t you?” he says.

When the feed sack is pulled off her head, her mouth is stuffed and taped. He tightens leather around her neck. He presses against her windpipe, urging her to be quiet. And he cuts off her clothes.

He wrings her tits as though milking, “Just like a cow.” He beats her pussy with a dildo. He rubs her cunt roughly. He shoves the dildo in and threatens her to hold it that way while he’s gone or he’ll beat her, he’ll suffocate her. She lies naked, up-ended in the stocks with a black dildo poking out of her.

He talks to her about her holes. How many does she have? Three? Five?

And he trains her. He teaches her to open her asshole for him, each time wider, until he can get the dildo in that hole too.

She is then stretched out wide, spread-eagle on the barn floor, her limbs forming the angles of a cross. The tines of the pitchfork caress her again. But this time, the handle is pushed into her cunt. He locks a box around her head. Rectangular box, her body naked, and the long handle of the pitchfork protruding from between her legs. She becomes nothing but Image, a foreshadowing of what is to come.

He ties her arms in a Japanese cradle. Ropes bind her breasts, chest, waist, crotch. Her clit is pinched between the two tight ropes. She is hung in an inverted suspension. He scourges her. He sits in front of her face and fucks her mouth with a dildo, domesticating her, making her usable to him.

Eventually she is his mare. He fits her with a bit and a long tail drooping from her ass. He drives her, holding the reins. A stream rushes beside the barn. Before her, the long green fields lead upward, into the mountains.

He compels her there, upward, pulling her with a rope that leads from the bumper of his truck to her crotch. She is naked, a heavy cross bound to her arms. She drags it behind her. And she is barefoot, her steps mincing as she makes her way along the gravel road. She climbs higher. Sunlight grows finer. Meadow weeds gleam.

The end of her long road, shot from behind, is the upright cross and her hanging upon it. The wide valley stretches before her. She bakes in the sun. Time passes. She struggles to find a purchase for her feet, but there is none. She writhes. She tires.

The sun dips down, showing her agony in gold, the light of evening. Not much longer, and her body is still. She hangs motionless, the final image, icon made flesh.

Full video + photoset

Format: avi

Resolution: 640 x 480

Duration: 01:01:59



File size: 554.1 MB

Studio 2000 – Jakes Hard Ride

Country: Czech Republic
Studio : Studio 2000 International
Cast: Jake Havoc, Andy Frakes, Casper Watts, Lucky Taylor, Carey Lexes, Fernando Kruz, Drago Lembeck, Giorgio Black, Roger Gharney, Ruslan Brodovich, Bruce Bennett, Dion Davydov, Jerome Reynolds, Gary McAdams, Lewis Grant, Tommy Rodriguez, Max Fonda, Lacius Gross, Robert Driveman, Jay Renfro
Director: Danny Ray

Acclaimed Euro-helmer Danny Ray takes mega-hung Jake Havoc on an erotic bicycling tour of the Czech countryside in Jake’s Hard Ride. Grab your helmet and kneepads for three pulsing hours of sex, sex and more sex with 19 gorgeous, athletic, horned-up Czech studs and one American.

Jake is pedaling through the countryside – wearing only blue, skintight bicycling togs that leave nothing to the imagination – when he stops for a quick break. He eyes three local studs as they ride by, and when one of them drops his water bottle, Jake is quickly in hot pursuit. He follows them to a local farmhouse and finds their equipment and clothes scattered and two of the three (burly Robert Driveman and blue-eyed, ripped Fernando Kruz) already fooling around. When Jake sneaks up for a closer look, dreamy Casper Watts surprises him from behind and drags the all-too-willing American visitor into their sex-play.

As Fernando sucks off Robert, Casper sets to work driving his tongue between Jake’s tight buns. When Jake’s chute is prepped Casper stuffs his cock inside and plows away. All thoughts of Jake’s tour of the Czech countryside go right out the window! Soon Robert wants a try at the American and jams his stiff boner into Jake, fucking him until they all cum in spurts. But they’re not done yet! The quartet move inside a barn for a round of rimming, make-out sessions and more blowjobs, then Jake and Casper climb into the laps of Robert and Fernando, respectively, to aggressively ride their top men reverse-cowboy. Their sweaty fuck session closes with a second round of money shots.

Nearby, Max Fonda and Jerome Reynolds give into their lust as they passionately kiss deep within the wooded forest. A noise nearby sends them back onto their bikes and a search for privacy, which they find in an abandoned farmhouse. As the sun sets, the two young bucks kiss with gleeful energy as their sizable boners grow and grow and grow! They kiss and suck with frenzied zeal and both blast loads of cum. The next day they take advantage of their morning wood for a quick rim session and a spirited flip-fuck up against a pole and on a broad wooden bench. Once again, their passion is apparent (side note: Jerome and Max were so turned on by each other they hooked up in real life afterwards) and their sex produces two more cumshots.
DVD covers

Elsewhere, cuties Carey Lexes and Lewis Grant have decided to work off some excess energy by taking a break for a friendly wank session. Hunky Ruslan Brodovich watches nearby, intrigued, and soon he can’t help but join them. He drops to his knees to suck both probing erections, working as much as he can down his throat. All three then jack each other to orgasm. Ruslan is still horny, though! He rims and then aggressively humps first Carey, then Lewis, and the three jocks pop more spooge.

Lean, adorable Tommy Rodriguez is bicycling with a group of pals when he decides to perpetrate a bit of mischief. He quickly speeds away to a nearby barn and downs a liquid that could be Spanish fly and that his friends mistake for drugs. Hunky (and hung) Giorgio Black, athletic Tommy Frakes and matinee Roger Gharney punish him by stripping and then “forcing” the eager Tommy to his knees to their bulging cocks. He happily suckles all three until they coat his face and shoulders with cum. Tommy then cradles his head in Tommy’s lap as Giorgio rims and fucks him, while Roger rims and humps Giorgio. Tommy’s moans and groans fill the barn as he switches positions and the group erupts with more cum.

Jake Havoc is back for the fifth vignette. His earlier sexcapades have left him hungry for a second helping of Czech beef. Soon he encounters gorgeously hunky Drago Lembeck taking a piss in the woods and teasing fellow bicyclist Lucius Gross with his muscled body and sizable dick. Jake lets the air out of their tires to entice them to follow him and the guys take the bait. They follow him inside a farmhouse and up to the second floor, where he is already naked and working his imposingly thick python into readiness. Jake wastes no time getting to work, sucking them hungrily until they both cum. Then Drago takes over, turning both Jake and Lucius around to rim their holes and fuck them, back and forth, one after another. The men switch positions for a fuck train, with Drago inside Lucius, who is stuffed into Jake. They hump until all three produce more of the white stuff.

The final scene takes place inside a locker room where eight men (five previous cast members joined by Bruce Bennett, Dion Davydov and Gary McAdams) are stripping down for their workouts. Cutie Lucky Taylor sits on the bench in a towel, a wry grin on his face, drinking in the beefcake around him. As the guys get naked, Lucky initiates a suck session with one of them. Naturally this catches everyone’s attention! Within minutes they’re all ragingly erect and lined up to give lucky Lucky a chance to polish their boners. When he’s worked them right up to the edge, Lucky repositions himself so he’s in the middle of the group and soon they begin to erupt, drenching Lucky with their cum, eight loads in a row, until he produces his own well-earned climax.

Length: 1.56 GiB Duration: 2h 16mn 16s 802ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 500 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 540 (1.333) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

File size: 1.5 GB

Jet Set Men – Muscle Mountain

Cast: Derec Stone, Marcus Steele, Patrick Bateman, Chris Thomas, David Dakota, Derrek Diamond, Jason Pitt, Jeremy Bilding, Lucky Daniels.

“If you’re a handsome stud who owns a ranch high atop a mountain, it only stands to reason that you would surround yourself with equally hot ranch hands to have at your beck and call when you crave some sexual adventures. Cowboys never get so good in John Teagan’s tale of a 21st century ranch, where nine muscled ranchers set aside chores in the Western sun for hot play in the barnyard hay. Watch as rivalries fade, love blossoms in unexpected places, and everyone gets their man.

Early morning at the house, Marcus Steele is fixing bacon and eggs on an outdoor grill. But before he gets to eat, scruffy-faced stud Derrek Diamond comes by to get his cock sucked – their version of early morning exercises. Marcus complains that he didn’t get any sleep due to Derrek pounding his butt all night, but he goes down on him anyway. Patrick Bateman is dozing on a lounge a few steps down in another part of the large open patio. He sees what the two are up to and likes what he sees. He pushes his shorts down to play with his own stiffening dick and jacks off as he watches. Marcus continues sucking on Derrek while stroking his own meat as well. Marcus notices Patrick watching them and goes over to give him a little head as well.

Derrek, not one to be deserted, is right behind him, and jacks off while watching Marcus go down on Patrick. Derrek’s hard-on has done nothing but grow huge, so Marcus goes back to him again, now leaving Patrick to watch and jack off some more. Marcus pulls down his shorts, so that Derrek can service him as well. After a while, Derrek switches to sucking on Patrick, then back to Marcus, once again to Patrick and then back again to Marcus. Marcus indulges in a bit of payback for Derrek’s activity the night before by getting him to kneel on an ottoman and letting him pound his ass. Patrick gets up to watch this and jack off.

It’s his turn next to fuck Derrek, while Derrek sucks on Marcus. Derrek then flips over to take Patrick missionary-style up his ass and at the same time suck on Marcus from below – his head thrust back. Derrek grabs Marcus’s hot ass and pulls his dick into his throat, effectively spit-roasting himself. Suddenly Marcus wants to get fucked again, so Patrick switches condoms and goes up his butt to accommodate him. Derrek, taking it all in, jacks off. Marcus shoots, then Derrek shoots on Marcus, leaving Patrick to propel a long shot over Marcus.

It’s now later that morning and three guys are out under a tree. Derec is watering again (in his hands, a spraying garden hose becomes a sexual turn on), Jeremy is in the hammock and Chris is weeding. Lucky is back peeking over the fence, so Derec sends his hands off to catch him, but he gets away. Derec tells his boys they gave it a good try and offers them a beer. Derec is wielding a baseball bat threateningly, but says that, next time, he will give Lucky what he really wants and grabs his crotch. The guys say that they’ll take some of that! They put their beers back on ice and get down to suck on Derec’s tasty big dick. First, Chris takes him and then Jeremy, finally both together work on his beautiful cock and balls. They truly deserve worshiping – the balls, the head, and the shaft are a work of art. Then they share a threeway oral session of kissing and licking. Derec pours a beer over his body, which they immediately lick off and go back to sharing his dick. Chris sucks on Derec’s nipples as Jeremy concentrates on his cock.

Then Jeremy kisses him, takes his own shirt off and gets his dick out. Chris goes to work on him as well. Chris says, “I don’t need a raise, I just need your big dick.” Derec now fucks Chris who is still sucking on Jeremy across the hammock. “You do what you’re told, don’t you,” says Derec. Chris jacks himself off while sucking on Jeremy and being fucked by Derec. A quick transition finds Jeremy now fucking Chris who is now sucking on Derec. There’s an old tire swinging from a tree nearby which Chris lays through to get fucked and sucked some more. Finally, Derec shoots on Chris with Jeremy following suit. Chris finishes it all off by cumming on himself.

It’s early afternoon, and over at the ranch gym David Dakota is lifting weights and working out. Blond, shaggy-haired Jason Pitt, a new ranch hand, comes by to work out. David is immediately attracted the slim new arrival, and is eager to give him some instruction. The attraction is mutual. David gets Jason’s shirt off, and they start to do some deep knee bends. David grabs him from behind and tells him to push his butt back into his crotch. “You gotta take your shorts off, too, if you want to fit in around here.” He does so and David grabs him to kiss him as David massages his hot ass.

Jason sucks David’s nipples and then works his way down to his beautiful big balls and dick, stroking his own all the while. David then goes to work on his new friend, sucking his dick and then eating his ass. David then shoves his dick into Jason’s tight hole, fucking him doggie-style. After a long time in that position, Jason sits on David for a stiff ride. Eventually, they drop to the floor, so that David can fuck him from the rear, with one of Jason’s legs high in the air. To get Jason to shoot his load, David reaches through Jason’s legs to massage his balls as he fucks him into cumming. Then David kneels to jack off and, with a little assist from Jason’s left hand, shoots over his chest.

It’s now late in the day, and Derec Stone is alone, finishing up work at the stables. He’s moving some bales of hay around, when Lucky Daniels reappears. Derec feels his presence and sneaks around behind him to finally have it out with him. “Came to check me out like you came to check my boys out earlier?” Derec asks. They scuffle and Derec threatens to hurt him physically, but Lucky confess he’d enjoy it too much. Derec tries to maintain his stern behavior, but at this, he breaks down and smiles. They both smile and share that kiss that was elusive in the movie’s prologue.

Derec’s shirt is off and lucky sucks his nipples and licks his chest. Lucky gets Derec’s pants down as he sits on a hay bale, and then his shorts, so that he can suck on his big dick. Lucky’s shirt is now off and he sucks more, tweaking Derec’s nipples at the same time. Derec reaches for his butt. “I want to fuck that ass,” he says. One gets the distinct feeling that Derec realizes just what a hot body Lucky had. Lucky is more than ready to take anything Derec has to offer, and soon they are going at it doggie-style.

Lucky moans, “Fuck me harder,” and we get to see Derec pounding his ass from the side and underneath. Lucky turns over to jack off and take Derec fucking missionary-style, his boots held high in the air. Derec finally shoots a big thick, creamy load over him, followed by Lucky jacking off and cumming as well. Afterwards, the two ranchers watch the sun set as Derec playfully whispers, “Guess today’s my “lucky” day. Welcome to the mountain!”

Genres: hunks, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: avi

File size: 1.0 GB

BuckleRoos Part II (2004)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Twinks – Young Meat, Freshmen, Daddies, Intergenerational, Biker Dudes, Muscle Men, Hairy and Smooth Guys Together, Dildos/Toys, Beautiful/Model/Stunning, Big Cock, Cumshot, Deep Throating, Leather, Fetish, Uncut Cocks, Gym/Lockerroom, Outdoor Sex, Straight Men, Tattoo, Threesomes/Threeways, Theme: Athletes/Jocks/Sports/Working Out, Theme: Cowboys/Farm Hands/Ranchers, Theme: Garage Mechanic/Plumber/Repair Men, Theme: Men of the Cloth/Religion, Theme: Romance
Starring: Marcus Iron, Andrew Rubio, Dave Angelo, Dean Phoenix, Hank Locklear, Jason Kennedy, Owen Hawk, Sammy Case, Timmy Thomas, Ty Hudson
Studio: Buckshot Productions, Colt Studio

John Rutherford and Jerry Douglas wrap up one of the best and most ambitious “story” gay porn films ever – hell, it’s one of the best, period – with two more hours of intense sex, compelling characters and a story that will warm your heart as much as it heats your crotch. Part II features an especially mind-blowing scene that will make “top-ten” lists for years, and ends with a love scene so genuine that you hardly realize you’re seeing one of the favorite tops of all time bottom for the first time.
First and foremost, BuckleRoos Part II is not a sequel, it’s the second half of a four-hour long movie. Everything that makes BuckleRoos Part I so phenomenal applies here. So, if you haven’t already, read the review for part one now. Go ahead. We’ll wait.
So, when we last left the congenial Kick (Dean Phoenix, in a victorious comeback), the laconic Jed (Marcus Iron), and the mysterious, magical Man in Black (the fully dressed but totally hot Zak Spears), Kick and Jed were in profound embarrassment after kissing each other while jerking off watching a five-man orgy. Helluva plot line, ain’t it?
The camera opens on the ranch house. Kick and Jed are in their bedrooms jerking off again, but now they’re doing it behind closed doors, trying to keep out the feelings the Man in Black has let in. Down the hall, however, Kick’s nephew Jimmy Joe (Owen Hawk) is keeping the door as wide open as his legs. Eventually, Jed decides to face Kick and says those words we’ve all uttered – “About last night…” Kick insists it was just an accident because “we’re devil-dog handsome, donkey-hung irresistible, right?” He urges them to renew their vow: “Never fuck no one you know. Never.” (How often do you actually get to quote gay porn dialogue?)
Their pick-up truck breaks down, so they take it to a service station run by Lonnie (Hank Locklear; must be Heather’s black-sheep brother), a stunning blond who proves irresistible to Kick. He lies back on the truck’s hood and lets Lonnie chow down on his massive meat. This meat has not been “trimmed,” so the mechanic tools with Kick’s foreskin to the camera’s delight.
A tough biker (Dave Angelo) then pulls in and joins in the action. The three men suck each other off, and then the two men pound the grease monkey’s ass, before Angelo shoots an especially creamy load on Lonnie’s face and seals the deal by spitting in his face. Meanwhile Jed’s taking a nap in the cab, though he does periodically look up to catch his buddy in action.
Now, get ready to be blown away. Jed and Jimmy Joe are back home when two young – very young – Mormon missionaries (Timmy Thomas, Sammy Case) knock on the door to save some souls. Jimmy Joe bets Jed that with by wearing his magic belt buckle, he can seduce those two young innocents. Taking the bet, Jed takes the two cherubs by the hand – literally – and introduces them to the joys of gay sex.
Now be forewarned – these two couldn’t look less like Colt Men. (They don’t look old enough to be called “twinkies” for God’s sake!) But this scene is so brilliantly performed and utterly original that it will make Colt founder Jim French/Rip Colt proud! The whole scene is Iron softly, steadily coaching each boy first how to kiss, then suck cock, then finger ass. Thomas and Case act as if they’ve never seen a naked man before and respond with a mix of eagerness and apprehension. When it’s time to fuck, Iron first demonstrates by penetrating each of them. (For supposedly virginal asses, they take Irons’ huge cock with surprising ease. Sweet Jesus, it’s a miracle!) He then helps them do it themselves, showing the top how to wear a rubber and telling the bottom how to breathe. Every gay man who watches this scene will wish he had had someone like Jed for his first time; there’s a poignancy to it.
But don’t worry – BuckleRoos isn’t suddenly getting soft.
The next scene is raw, rough and raunchy as two meaty, masculine men torture each other’s buttholes. After his cousin’s bachelor party, Kick drives in with the groom (Andrew Rubio) and best man (newcomer Ty Hudson) sprawled in the back, stone-cold drunk. A bucket of water wakes them up, and they check to see that they still have their party favors in place – giant butt plugs stuffed up their asses. Hudson then gives his buddy his wedding present: a box of Colt Gear toys of all shapes and sizes (now that’s product placement!) and they get down to business.
Rubio is younger, leaner and smoother, while Hudson is covered in fur and wears his years real well – he’s vintage Colt. Both men try to “top” each other by anally inhaling bigger and badder dildos. They end up with a double-headed dildo and synchronized cum shots. All while, Kick and Jed jerk off to the show, but this time they give each other a hand.
The next scene is the most conventional of the whole video. Jimmy Joe, who had been thrown out by his parents for fucking too many high school quarterbacks, decides to try out for the team at his new school. In the locker room he meets Linc (Jason Kennedy, with a dark serious face and incredibly hairy legs) and goes for the quarterback sack – the sack in his jock, that is. Hawk sucks him down to the pubes like a pro, then Kennedy buries his face in Hawk’s butt before fucking him from several angles. In a turnover that will get lots of replay, Hawk then fucks Linc from the side. Both shoot loads worthy of their youth and follow up with some deep-throat kissing and declarations of new-found love.
Jimmy Joe brings his new boyfriend home, and their commitment terrifies Kick, so he storms out to the barn. Jed follows after him, and the two men finally face each other. With the Man in Black looking on, they take off their belts – with the magic buckles – and enter into a lip-lock that’s sure to “scare the horses.”
This is what we’ve been waiting for. It’s a remarkably tender love scene that doesn’t forget it’s also hard-core porn. The emotions are real, and the sex is hot. After some smoldering foreplay, the two men give each other hands-free, deep-throat blow-jobs, making intimate eye contact. Kick then lifts Jed’s legs over his shoulders for a slow, deliberate, and genuinely romantic fuck. Dean Phoenix was one of the 1990s’ greatest tops, and this scene shows us why.
But as the love is mutual for Kick and Jed, so too must the sex be mutual – which means Jed then fucks Kick, and that’s a sight to see! This is the first time Dean Phoenix has ever bottomed on screen, and he does it willingly. The camera records the initial penetration in glorious close-up, and Iron leans in to kiss Phoenix with each thrust of a long, luxurious fuck. Finally, they cum simultaneously while locked in a deep kiss. They fall asleep in each other’s arms as the Man in Black fades away, taking his belt buckles with him. These guys now have all the magic they’ll need.
If you were to take out all the sex, BuckleRoos would be a first-rate romance with top-notch acting and superb production values that would win awards at any gay film festival. But what makes BuckleRoos so magical is that it is also a first-rate fuck flick. It succeeds in being both without you even realizing it. BuckleRoos will give you a tender love story. It will also give you a chafed cock. And pardner, there aint’ nuthin’ better than that! Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 02:11:50
Resolution: 576×432
Size: 1.56 GB

File size: 1.4 GB