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ACM – Kent Pounds Cameron

Cameron gets fucked nicely by Kent, who says that Cameron turns him on so much…it is such a heated and romantic scene from Corbin Fisher…Happy Wanking

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CorbinFisher – Cain & Marc (Tossing Marc’s Salad)

We continue this week’s “cooking at Corbin Fisher with today’s “vegetarian*” entree – salad! From meat beating to spitroasting, we’ve had some great meals this week – and some even sexier chefs! And today you can expect the heat in the kitchen to get turned up even more with Cain and Marc!

When Pete asked Marc if he liked getting his salad tossed, he responds enthusiastically. As Cain said, “It’s an eager ‘yes.’” Come on – who wouldn’t want Cain tossing their salad?

The guys kiss. Cain licks Marc’s nipple. Marc goes down on Cain’s thick cock. Cain pushes Marc’s head down on his cock and pinches his nipple. “Like that cock in your mouth?” Cain asks. Marc mumbles that he loves it before he goes back down on Cain.

Cain takes his turn. He sucks Marc’s dick, spitting on it and slapping it against his tongue. Cain strokes his own stiff dick, as he enjoys Marc’s cock. Marc blows Cain again, tickling his balls as he sucks Cain’s uncut dick. Cain admires Marc’s ass and grabs it before smacking it. He spanks it again, making Marc moan, his mouth still full of Cain’s cock.

Cain pushes Marc’s legs over his head and spits on his hole. Cain teases that hole with his finger, then lightly flicks his tongue over it. Marc moans like crazy, loving how Cain plays with his ass. Cain slides his finger in and out, then teases Marc with his tongue again.

“Such a nice ass,” Cain says. He spits on it again, and slides two fingers into it. Cain pulls Marc up to dive face down into his ass. Cain’s rock-hard – and now he’s ready to fuck!

Marc holds his own legs apart as Cain slides his cock into him. Cain takes it slow, then thrusts it in faster. They kiss as Cain drills deeper into Marc’s ass.

Cain jackhammers Marc. He oulls out for a moment and asks if Marc likes how he’s stretching out his asshole. Not that he’s really giving him a choice! Cain stuffs his dick right back into Marc. Cain’s amazing abs flex tighly as he nails Marc.

Cain rolls onto his back and tells Marc he wants him to watch himself getting fucked. Marc stares at the mirror, awed by the sight of that big dick driving up into his ass. Cain shoves his cock upwards as Marc strokes his own dick.

Marc says he loves watching Cain fuck him. “Keep fucking me!” Marc begs him. Cain tells him to get on his knees. Cain fucks him doggy-style.

Cain rams his dick into Marc. Within moments, Marc is jizzing all over the bed! Cain pulls out and blasts his load all over Marc’s ass and back.

And that, is the proper way to toss a salad!

*No vegetarians had to eat meat during the filming of this update – despite Connor’s constant insistence!

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CorbinFisher – Reece Rails Rudy

Newcomer Reece has shown us not only his juggling skills, but his hot body and thick cock. Now he’s going to show Rudy how he fucks!

These two guys kiss. Rudy is turned on by Reece’s ripped abs and thick pecs. In fact, Rudy is turned on by almost everything about Reece! He licks his nipples, his thighs, his abs – almost anywhere he can his tongue can reach.

Once Rudy gets to Reece’s cock, he slows down and pays it some serious attention. He kisses and swallows Reece’s nuts, then goes back down on Reece’s dick. Then Rudy says it’s Reece’s turn.

Rudy feeds Reece his cock. Reece deepthroats Rudy’s hard dick while Rudy strokes Reece’s cock. Reece sucks on Rudy’s balls. Reece slowly licks his way up the shaft, making Rudy moan.

Reece is really into Rudy’s cock! He takes his time sucking and stroking it, enjoying every inch. He’s enjoying it so much, he wants to start fucking Rudy. Rudy’s game for that. “Lube that up and let’s go,” he tells Reece.

Reece slides his cock into Rudy’s ass. Rudy’s cock jumps as that big dick goes inside him. “It’s so big,” Rudy gasps. Reece’s abs flex deliciously as he fucks Rudy slowly.

Rudy says Reece’s dick is as big as his arms! He urges Reece to fuck him even deeper. Reece is up for the challenge. He thrusts into Rudy even more.

Reece pushes Rudy’s legs even farther over and drills him deeper. The guys kiss. Rudy tells him to pound that ass. He holds Rudy’s wrists together and rocks him back and forth, fucking him harder.

Rudy flips over. Reece smacks his ass and fucks him from behind. Rudy goes off the edge of the bed as Reece rails him. Rudy gets back on the bed and on his side.

Reece pounds Rudy’s ass. Rudy strokes his cock while he gets fucked. Getting Rudy back into the missionary position, he fucks a big load out of Rudy. “Let me see that cum,” Reece tells him.

Rudy blasts a big load all over his chest and stomach. Reece pulls out shoots his load all over Rudy’s chest and stomach as well!

Rudy’s drenched in cum. The guys take a shower and talk about their hot fuck. Looks like both of them would be up for a rematch!

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CorbinFisher – ACM1026 – Scott Piledrives Marc

Scott and Marc’s playful chemistry definitely comes across while they are playing video games. Scott claimed he knew he’d win. But devilish Marc wasn’t about to give up without a fight.

Scott did win, but when Marc yanks the controller away from him and kisses him, I got the feeling Marc didn’t mind losing. He and Scott head upstairs to play a different game.

One of the hottest things about Marc (aside from his eyes, muscles and big dick) is how passionate he is when he’s making out. This stud loves to fuck, don’t get me wrong – but he loves to kiss. And he’s damn good at it!

One of the hottest things about Scott (aside from his muscular body, that Southern drawl and his thick cock) is that brash, almost-cocky attitude, that his sense of humor makes even more attractive. When it comes to sex, Scott is one of the most focused and enthusiastic guys I’ve found!

Once upstairs, the making out continues. The shirts come off and both guys kiss and bite each other’s nipples. Scott gets Marc’s dick out first. He rubs Marc’s balls as he goes down on his cock. Scott moves into a 69 on top of Marc.

Marc sucks Scott’s dick. Scott pulls Marc’s legs up so he can rim Marc’s fuzzy ass. Marc drives his tongue deep into Scott’s ass at the same time. I always wonder if Scott’s wrestling career ever prepared him for this!

Both guys eat the hell out of each other. Scott pulls Marc’s ass even higher up, then shoves his dick into him in a reverse-piledriver! Marc moans as he Scott drills down into his tight hole.

Scott wants Marc to sit on him. Marc slides down on Scott’s stiff dick. Scott thrusts up into Marc. Marc’s rock-hard dick swings back and forth as he gets pounded.

Marc lies on his side. Scott shoves his cock back inside him. He hammers Marc’s ass, pulling one of Marc’s legs up high to get in as deep as he can.

Scott fucks a huge load out of Marc. Cum sprays everywhere, all up his abs, chest and neck! Scott pulls out, then feeds Marc his load! Marc sucks Scott’s thick dick dry.

Who needs video games when these two are around?

Format: asf
Duration: 17:14
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video V8
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CorbinFisher – ACS0399 – Marc Nails Danielle

Danielle couldn’t wait to get nailed by dark and sexy Marc! And clearly, Marc couldn’t wait to get together with her! He kisses her passionately and runs his hands all over her.

Once her dress is off, Marc kisses her tits. Danielle strokes his stiff cock. Marc lies down and Danielle goes to work sucking his big, thick cock.

Holding the shaft with one hand, Danielle teases the head of Marc’s dick with her mouth, then swallows as much of his cock as she can.

Marc eats Danielle out, sliding his tongue from side to side across her pussy. She moans in delight. Marc strokes his cock as he laps her up with his tongue. He grabs one of her breasts as he drives his tongue deeper into her.

Danielle climbs into a 69 position so she can swallow Marc’s dick again. But it’s not too long before she climbs on top of Marc’s cock and rides him reverse-cowgirl style. She grinds down on his dick, taking every inch of his cock.

Marc’s muscled body undulates as he drills deep up into Danielle She leans back, riding him. Danielle whimpers and moans with pleasure

Danielle lies on her back so Marc can fuck her missionary-style. She tells him how sexy he is, and how good his dick feels. He pulls her legs back towards him, pounding her balls-deep.

Marc stuffs his cock all the way in Danielle. “Harder” she says. He holds her legs apart and hammers that pussy.

Danielle gets on her hands and knees. Marc fucks her doggy-style. He smacks her ass, she tells him to smack her harder, that she likes it rough.

Marc pulls out and blows a huge load all over her back. They lie down and kiss, his dick still rock-hard!

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Duration: 17:52
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