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Tokyo-Hot n0181 – A Teacher Slut – Yuki Ozawa

This is second series of YUKI OZAWA who has attractive fair skin. In this time, YUKI is a serious new face female teacher whom glasses suit well. As soon as YUKI graduates from the university, she goes for one’s post to the TOKYO HOT school where only a rich son gathers. A school making an effort for security of an administration fund lets teachers do the that does not offend a student and the parents. The reality is not sweet though a serious YUKI wants to teach English to the student plainly. However, the student is fascinated in body of YUKI than English. A of charge is in a very rough state from the starting for the new post first day. The feast of a hard lust is made in the that turned into the lawless area. A tragic result waited the body of YUKI who is fall in prey. The first YUKI is fall in prey to students immediately after introducing oneself in the YUKI is made to open the leg widely on the desk when she is attacked from the behind and played body. The panty and stocking are cut with scissors and the pussy is bully, and in addition, it is compulsion fellatio after pussy was stimulated by the rotor toy. Four students surround the circumference of YUKI and attack her with the erected cock. One person make cum shot on the tongue by the compulsion fellatio. The cock after ejaculates is beautifully licked up and made to wring semen by the tongue of YUKI. Though YUKI tries to start lesson to the student who settle down and became obedient by the ejaculation, she is said to change clothes to sexy lingerie and make lesson. YUKI who is made change of clothes on desk instinctively murmurs to saying that “It is shameful” for an extreme lingerie appearance. In addition, the lotion is hung down for the whole body of YUKI and toy attack is made to crotch that is widely opened. And, YUKI ejaculates to refuse when the big vibs toy is inserted in the vagina. However, the vibs toy completely sinks to the root while making noise. In addition, she is made compulsion acme by the attack of the electric massage machine. YUKI who worries because of the atmosphere of erotic in the school far apart from the held image consults the senior teacher. However, the senior teacher is also erotic teacher more than students. Teacher makes compulsion fellatio to YUKI and inserts his cock at once at the standing back posture. In addition, it is vaginal cum shot after piston is violently made at the missionary posture. The cock is pulling off while ejaculating and the remaining semen scatters to the vicinity of the vagina entrance and the semen is pushed back by the finger compulsorily in the vagina. Students who see the spectacle of the vaginal cum shot and drove recklessly intrude into there and attack YUKI, yes, it is the start of gangbang. Four cocks attack YUKI from all directions. The cock is inserted into her mouth while YUKI is violently poked one after another at the missionary posture and also pushed up from the under at the woman on top posture. Then vagina cum shot is made at the missionary posture after the piston for a long time. Another student rakes up semen that ejaculates outside vagina and adheres to under hair a little with the cock and it inserts as it is. There are total three continues vaginal shots were made in turn. Then, other students gather and cum shower party start aiming to pussy that fully opened at the lift hip posture. The semen of ten totals is poured and it is pushed with the toy in the vagina. She is ordered to excrete the semen that poured in the vagina by force at the end. Semen gushes from the vagina with the lascivious sound and the blood of physiology of a line flows from the pussy afterwards. Students mentioned that she may not be got pregnant because physiology seems to be started. And it is finished by close-up scene of YUKI who is inflaming eyes for severe brutality. It proposes to increase the number of young female teachers at the school in the whole country and have it always ready for insult. If breed her exclusively fucking, she will be complete slut who has the pussy of good condition. An school like TOKYO HOT school that without violence and bullying either is achieved if vaginal cum shot is made several times a day in the

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Tokyo-Hot n0121 – Splashes Of Pussy – Yukari Sawada

The prey this time is YUKARI SAWADA who is intellectual and has beautiful leg though saucy. Though YUKARI seems to be aiming at the woman president, it doesn’t though it might be an employee though it might be a woman president for brute men, yes she is just mass of body. As if value is decided the woman’s how much it being vaginal cum shot, brute made vagina cum shot of angry waves. And, brute is too forward and thick and ripens semen is flow heavily. Neat pussy of YUKARI was filled fully with the semen bubble and to see the powerful vaginal cum shot immediately before suffocation. The president Yukari who put on the navy blue suit sits on the sofa, folds one’s arms, and scolds the employee. Slim leg that expands from miniskirt, the expression that glares from the interior of glasses proliferate man’s anger and sexual desire. The employee rages at Yukari’s utterance, and they changes suddenly to the demon mode. Cock is made exposed and it attacks YUKARI, cannon cocks pry Yukari’s mouth open and fellatio is compelled. And, it is female ejaculation from unscrupulously finger fuck. Brute inserts cock into YUKARI who exhausted from the back with her love juice remains in the vagina. The place are changed to the sofa, a saucy pussy is violently poked and it is disgraceful vaginal cum shot at the end. The semen flows backward from the vagina and YUKARI rots away. Next, masturbation is compelled to YUKARI. Brute intrude into with the electric massage machine to the place in which the pussy is completely opened and made masturbation on the sofa. When the pussy is stimulated by force with the massage machine, YUKARI entreaty to say “please stop it, please”. It is our employee’s veterans to accelerate stimulation without loosening the hand here. It goes forward until YUKARI got acme, after she reaches acme, pussy is thoroughly bullied by the vibs toy, rotor toy and the finger. White joy juice stayed in the interior of pussy when peeping at pussy with cuzco after she got acme again. To the following, it is a start of the raw fucking party on the mat. YUKARI is made fellatio while other cock is inserting to YUKARI at the missionary posture and YUKARI splashed a large amount of joy juice from her pussy at the pleasantness of the great statue. The saucy slut become like this when she is fucked by our team. YUKARI who has been used for the men’s sexual desire fucking at various kind of posture as side, woman on top and so on, and she got much pleasantness for this attack. YUKARI might get other acme when she was poked at the missionary posture, splashed large amount of joy juice again. Large amounts of joy juice us blowing to the second female ejaculation further as high as urination. Time taking a rest is not given to the pussy that is convulsion after female ejaculation and the piston is done violently. A man made a vaginal cum shot while shouting. The 2nd and 3rd cock gets on YUKARI one after another and the continuous fucking feast play is done. The pussy gets so wet by the cannon cock of devil employee’s and they made vaginal cum shot one after another. Saucy YUKARI will live new life as devil employee’s meat slave in the future. The beginning of meat slave life is the group facial cum shower party as a ceremony. YUKARI is end up receiving thick and smell semen from the 13 employee. YUKARI who became meat slave & meat urinal is compelled to open leg and piss shot on the sofa. It differs from externals that seem to be intellectual, it is interesting awfully yellow piss describing a parabola. Any saucy slut who is taken in our hand becomes an obedient female pig at the end. Hope to slip out the base life that variously ordered by colleague’s woman every day and keep several slender sluts as special meat urinal.

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