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Prep School Punishments # 2 (FemDom Edition) – Shadow Lane

What could be more humiliating for a Braemar senior than to be brought before the head mistress and her youngest female teaching assistant for a dressing down and subsequent spanking? Toby Baxter is about to find out a prep school discipline scenario, that begins with a lengthy over the knee pants warming and ends with bare bottom spanking and multiple temperature-takings in his exposed and punished posterior. Toby (Tom Byron) is a very inattentive student who needs a discipline session at least once a year to keep him honest. This year Miss Laura Lennox (Clare Fonda) and Bridget Blount (Emily Jane) are the faculty members charged with this duty, which they proceed to carry out with extreme enthusiasm. It is obvious that Miss Lennox can’t wait to get her hands on Toby Baxter, who has annoyed and insulted her repeatedly in recent days by attempting to cop feels off her pulchritudinous form in the and corridors of Braemar Academy. (Besides, can anyone fully acquainted with Laura Lennox’ history at Braemar (Prep School Punishments (SLV-103)) forget how Toby Baxter stole her panties and scrawled her name on the wall of the boys room the previous year?) Toby Baxter merits and receives a long, hard, over the knee spanking from both Laura Lennox and Bridget Blount, in the preliminary heat. Sensing that his initial pants warming has not left Toby nearly as embarrassed or well punished as his brand of insolence deserves, the women leave him to reflect on his misdeeds while they change into becoming regulation nurse uniforms, in order to administer the second half of Toby’s discipline. Donning gloves, then lowering his briefs, Nurse Lennox parts the offenders’ pinkened cheeks and inserts an old fashioned rectal thermometer between them, forcing him to hold still for the required amount of time. After a long, hard, bare bottom spanking, his temperature is taken again and the two compared. It’s an exquisitely embarrassing ordeal for the prep school senior, but he has no choice but to submit! Thrill to traditional over the knee spanking, meaningful scolding and disciplinarian nurses doing what they do best in a bad-boy-chastised fantasy come true. Clare Fonda has become one of the scene’s most popular and best loved all around spanking performers for a very good reason: she has beauty and brains plus humor and heart. Emily Jane is an adorable, creamy skinned and highly precocious, 23 year old fledgling disciplinarian of graceful Amazonian proportions, who obviously enjoys having cute boys over her knee. She is also more than equal to the task of spanking them hard and holding them in place as she does so. Stinging spanking, delightful dialog, the kind of protracted pants-warming bad boys adore and the most thorough temperature taking imaginable, makes repeated viewings of Prep School Punishments 2: FemDom Edition a must! What male sub or switchable spanking enthusiast around wouldn’t want to be taken firmly in hand by these two dream doms?

Genre: BDSM, Spanking, Domination, Punishmen
Studio: Shadow Lane
Director: Eve Howard
Duration: 00:55:58
Starring: Tom Byron, Clare Fonda, Emily Jane

Quality: DVDRip
Format: WMV
Video: 480*360, 1250 kbps, 29.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 1328 kbps
Size of archive: 486 Mb

File size: 486.4 MB

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