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Chaste And Pure 1

Chaste And Pure 1

The metal chastity belt paired with extravagant metal and chain restraint creates an exploration of metal versus flesh, the pain of prolonged metal encasement, and the crushing of the will. At first, Ginger argues with her boyfriend, reassuring him, He’s going to take it off, she says. A minute later she’s standing in front of PD. Pissing is painful, she tells him. And messy. She lifts her skirt to show the metal chastity belt locked tight over her pussy. Before long, she’s decked out in metal, painfully shackled and chained. Holding a vibrator to her clit. PD wickedly allows her to come but forbids her to move. After a short ride on Mr. Pogo, Ginger’s locked into a harsh position. As she comes again, she moans and cries out. It’s impossible to tell if it’s from pleasure or pain.

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This video has been removed.

Woman with Chastity Belt # 6 [RBD-120]

video: 640×480 01:54:30 29.97fps XviD 994Kbps
audio: 48KHz 01:54:31 Stereo 96Kbps mp3
Studio: Attackers
Genre: Asian, BDSM
Starring: Marin Minami, Shion Akane
Desc: As usual the enema, Rie greasy sweat on their face to work. Kei Satoru trading companies had been working for a secret deal to distribute overseas to train employees. During such, Kazumi new recruits are joining. Satoshi Satoshi, Kazumi care was a funny scene

File size: 904.5 MB