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A Woman’s Chastity Belt [RBD-079]

video: 640×480 02:11:31 29.97fps FMP4 967Kbps
audio: 44KHz 02:11:31 Stereo 120Kbps mp3
Studio: Attackers
Genre: asian, BDSM
Starring: Jun Nada
Desc: Noriko Kotobuki departure is scheduled to be confined in a trap of Ri president. The president cut a prostitute married women employees, while companies that had been developed to provide customers. Noriko was returned to his life is zoned, while being taken to greet the wedding guests.

File size: 1.0 GB

Woman with Chastity Belt # 6 [RBD-120]

video: 640×480 01:54:30 29.97fps XviD 994Kbps
audio: 48KHz 01:54:31 Stereo 96Kbps mp3
Studio: Attackers
Genre: Asian, BDSM
Starring: Marin Minami, Shion Akane
Desc: As usual the enema, Rie greasy sweat on their face to work. Kei Satoru trading companies had been working for a secret deal to distribute overseas to train employees. During such, Kazumi new recruits are joining. Satoshi Satoshi, Kazumi care was a funny scene

File size: 904.5 MB