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Tokyo-Hot n0180 – The Demonstrator – Mari Hibino

This is second series of long waited of MARI HIBINO who is popular as atmosphere of elder sister with neat healing. She is appearance by the demonstrator in this time. Though it is work to expand the sampling goods underground at the department store and to sell food, it is not food that treats at the TOKYO HOT department store but it is very lascivious things. MARI who came to the department store for the interview is made immediate change of clothes to the uniform and is brought to the food floor as it is. MARI who is not made hearing anything is made to suck the cock as incomprehensible against her will. Please enjoy the appearance that A trapped prey is cornered and to lose energies. MARI is made change of clothes to the uniform is made to demonstrate of the sham before the real sales on the floor. She is made reading the manuscript that the staff prepared and the demonstration begins. Only the lascivious content is written in the manuscript as “My sensitive point is clitoris”, “I begin masturbation” and so on. Though MARI feels shy to be made saying a lewd word, Masturbation is naturally started according to the scenario of the manuscript. The clitoris and the pussy are mainly caressed and she feels seriously time by time. Then, cock is prepared in next. It develops from the hand job service to the sucking according to the manuscript. Saliva is hung down on the tip of glans and it rubs. It is made to say the dialog “I want to see moment of ejaculation” the same as the instruction and to make it by hand job service. MARI licks semen and shows the smile to say “It is little bitter but I love it”. However, the leader scolds MARI as to say “Feelings do not shut oneself up at all” and he attacks MARI who shows the color of reflection and begins to finger the body. MARI is stimulated the nipple and the pussy from the back. The pussy immediately makes a lascivious sound. In addition, a white solid begins to gush from the vagina and adhere here and there of pussy and the cock is thrown in to the mouth while she is making finger fuck. And the cock that erected by fellatio skewers to MARI at the backward woman on top posture. MARI is violently poked when the posture is changed into woman on top and a white solid that gushes from the vagina disperses to the surrounding. It gets excited by the appearance in the uniting part that will originate a strong smell while rubbing against each other. MARI is made the piston at the back and missionary posture and the love juice that becomes cloudy begins to blot from the vagina and an expression that seems to be painful is shown while drawing the wrinkle to the middle of the forehead. And vaginal cum shot is made. Semen that flows backward to the vicinity of vagina entrance falls down immediately below thought semen gush. The spectacle that the ostium of the vagina shrinks while excreting semen is wonderfully lascivious. It is a lot of toys and vibs that expanded in front of the woman at the last the demonstration of actual sales. MARI was said to try it by herself first of all, and inserts the vibs toy in the vagina. Pussy that is gradually wet afterwards is attacked with many vibs toys. The pussy is greatly enhanced to a violent vibs toy attack. The inside peeped by Cuzco is slightly dyed in red. After vibs toy, they move to the bed and it is raw cock attack begins. Three men attack MARI and gangbang beginning with posture as missionary, bending, backward woman on top and back. The first cock makes vaginal cum shot to MARI who is made M leg pose after a violent piston at the missionary posture. But pussy is closed with the following cock before all semen is vomited. Then, it is another double vaginal cum shot afterwards. A large amount of semen remains still in the vagina though the vagina wriggles while extending and becoming narrower when excrete all semen in the vagina internal. The last is PISS SHOT. The pussy is expanded by her finger while having stood and make urination. The appearance where the dripping of urine drips from the pussy that shuts after urination is so erotic. The woman who came to the interview of work is confined and tortured can not be stopped. There is a foolish woman who doesn’t understand either when cheated to the last minute. It is thoroughly taught to such an inferior foolish woman that semen’s keeping being injected into the pussy is work.

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