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Harmony Concepts HC-19 Women In White

Country: USA
Genre: BDSM
Studio: Harmony Concepts

Directed by: Eric Holman and Eliot Shear and orher)
Starring: Darla Crane, Ashley Rene, Wendie Miller, Brook Taylor, Sylja Kuryakin, Tanja Wilder, Eve Davis, Linda Lopez, Stacy Burke, Elise di Medici, Samantha Adams, Devin Demoore, Skyla Rae and Vivian Blaine

Length: 1:45:33
Video Format: RM
Video: RealVideo 2 240×180 15.00fps 71kbps [Output 01 (video / x-pn-multirate-realvideo logical stream)]
Audio: RealAudio SIPR 8000Hz mono [Output 00 (audio / x-pn-multirate-realaudio logical stream)]

File size: 61.7 MB

Bound4you – Tightly Taught

Hot and busy babes indulge in their most lustful bondage fantasies. Slutty babes gagged, caged, chained, tied up,slapped and whipped!

File size: 615.8 MB

Amateur Slave video – A VERY Special Delivery

Featuring Stacy Burke, Catalina l’Amour
and Veronica Blue in the famous best selling video everybody is talking abaout.
The maid Veronica spills a drink over Master. Stacy and Master take her into the dungeon for punishment. Hard whipping, nipple weights and more nasty things happen to her. Then, Master’s birthday present is delivered in a big box. In the box is Catalina.
Catalina is put on the cross, whipped, nipple clamped and then the big fun starts. Hardcore play make her moan and scream. After that, Hot Wax and electro treatment with electrodes in her pussy and ass.
Veronica’s tits are served as birthday cake.

File size: 508.8 MB

Amateur Slave video – Featuring Stacy Burke

Stacy Burke likes to peep into windows, Specially the one from her neighbour. She had heard moaning from his house and she got very curious what was going on there late at night. Unfortunately for her, he was at home..
A lot of teasing with whip and crop, electro shocks trough her nipples, he pours a gallon of hot wax over her tits and you GOTTA see the masturbation she has to perform before he lets her go.

File size: 192.8 MB

Amateur Slave video – Moments in Bondage

A sequence of scenes with different girls, containing Bondage, Masturbation and More.
See Bondage Queen Stacy Burke in action as a true submissive, going a little further the she usually does, Why ?? because she was totally into this. Big tit clamps crushing and squashing her tits, and holding a candle in her mouth, she has no choice then to wax her own tightly tied tits, let the red hot wax drip all over them.
Watch Jennifer and hear her moan as the weighted pussy clamps stretch her lips to the maximum, the action gets even better when she has to swing the weights around.
Karin is waxing her own bound tits and gets a inflatable dildo in her pussy. Pumped up, it stretches her and fills her up completely and beyong belief.
And then there’s Kim, swinging the heavy weights that are dangling from the clover clamps clamped on to her cuntlips AND nipples.
This is true Bondage with a Sadistic twitch.

File size: 455.6 MB