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Trey and Aiden Get Wet

CorbinFisher wrote:

And I don’t just mean when they jump in the pool!

These two had too much fun with each other in their teasing video with Delila. Since then, I knew I had to get them together on their own. Trey’s enthusiasm and Aiden’s sheer eagerness was sure to make this scene extra hot. And it did!

Aiden and Trey admired each other’s bodies for a moment, then kissed passionately. The kissing turned to licking and sucking almost immediately. Both guys were insanely hot for each other. Neither could keep their hands off each other, actually!

Trey sucks Aiden’s enormous cock. Aiden takes his turn sucking Trey’s long cock. Then Trey climbs up on top, ready to ride Aiden’s dick. These two have an easy, natural chemistry together. You’d think they’d been playing around for years. Aiden tells Trey to take all the time he needs to get slide down on his cock. Once Trey does, he squeezes his tight ass until Aiden’s cock. That makes Aiden whimper in ecstasy.

Aiden rubs Trey’s chest as he penetrates deep up into him. They laugh as they try to tell each other how good it feels one after the other.

Trey grinds down onto Aiden’s dick. Aiden says, “Ride that big fucking cock!” You can see in both their faces, how lost in the moment they are.

Aiden grabs Trey’s cock and jerks it as he pounds Trey’s ass. Trey is hanging onto Aiden’s neck and pushing his ass as far down as he can, taking every inch. “Fuck me, fuck me,” Trey whispers.

After Aiden kisses Trey’s nipple, he gets Trey on his back. He does pushups over Trey, driving his dick all the way inside. Trey’s legs are over his head and Aiden is balls deep inside.

Aiden fucks a huge load out of Trey. Cum splatters all over his ripped abs. Aiden pulls out and sprays his cum all the way up Trey’s chest. Aiden’s orgasms are a joy to watch – they are so intense!

Trey says he doesn’t even have “any cheesy one-liners. That was just good,” and they should clean up by jumping in the “freezing-ass pool.” They do. After pushing each other in the water, they kiss one more time before climbing out.

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CorbinFisher – Josh & Mason’s Bi Tag Team (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Bareback, Oral/Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Cumshots, Muscle
Duration: 00:19:16
Studio: CorbinFisher, AmateurCollegeSex

Josh, Mason and Delila head into the living room for some fun. She says it’s fun to have two guys to play with … and I think they agree! They strip down, kissing and rubbing each other all over. Delila kisses her way down Josh’s abs and plays with Mason’s cock through his underwear. Delila sucks Josh off as Mason kisses his nipple and plays with his own cock. Mason is rock hard watching Josh get blown by Delila. He can’t keep his hands off his big cock. Delila tells him it’s his turn. He eagerly goes down on Josh! Josh returns the favor, getting on his knees to suck Mason’s dick as Mason kisses Delila. But she can’t be kept away from dick for too long! She goes back down to suck Mason again.

Mason enjoys being the center of attention as Josh and Delila take turns on his cock. Mason kisses and sucks Delila’s perky nipples as Josh sucks his dick. Mason sucks Josh as Delila blows him. Delila climbs up on Mason’s cock and rides it. While she rides Mason, Josh sits on top of the sofa and sticks his cock into Delila’s mouth and then Mason’s. All three are having a great time with each other and it shows.

Josh is ready to get inside Delila. She gets on all fours and sucks Mason’s cock as Josh fucks her doggy-style. She moans with pleasure. As Josh pounds Delila he asks Mason if he’s going to let him fuck him this good. Mason says, “Oh, yeah!”

Mason takes his turn on Josh’s long cock. He slides down Josh’s big cock. Josh is loving Mason’s tight hole. Delila slides over and sucks Mason’s dick as he gets fucked. Josh drills up inside Mason. Delila strokes Mason’s cock for him. Mason tumbles off Josh and onto the sofa. Josh slides his cock in and out slowly. Mason moans in ecstasy as Josh plugs him. Mason shoots a huge load while Josh slams his cock into Mason’s ass. Mason sprays all over his stomach. Josh pulls out and blasts his cum all the way up Mason’s chest! All three kiss after a hot tag team.

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