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Rough Cuts

Release Year: 2004
Studio: Butch Bear
Cast: Eric Evans, Jake Rowe, Brick, Bubba, Jay Benjamin, Jake Hansen, Alan Black, Jackson Addams, Jason Davis, Rocco Redi, Zach Falconer, Puck, Steve Ellis
Genres: Daddies, Muscle Men, Bears, Leather, Rimming, Rough Sex, Threesome, BLACK
Video language: English

More furry-muscle mayhem is the ever-pounding theme in Rough Cuts that thrusts these thirteen studs into their own cum-craving frenzies, from one distinctive scene to the next. These are rough cuts and definitely satisfying to the very last drop!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:17:31
Video: 560×400, DivX 5, 1446kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 898.4 MB

This video has been removed.

Bear’ly Tamed

Studio :
Jet Set Productions / Altomar Video

Year :

Country :

Directed by :
Thor Johnson

Cast :
Andy Mangels,
Hank Pierce,
Jason Dailey,
Ken Terry,
Marc Mann,
Papa Bear,
Rob Allen,
Rolf Eric Bergman,
Zeke Williams,
Dirk Hunter

Genre :

Length :

Description :
The film opens with a chunky leatherclad bear rubbing his thick cock through his jockstrap. He has a shoelace tied around his bollocks so they’re swollen and purple. Fantasizing about a hung daddy bear this lad wanks himself to a sticky climax.

In the next scene we have a horny thirtysomething bear covered in tattoos and piercings. He must have over a dozen studs in his thick cock, and a large PA. He’s a really horny looking bloke, and lips his lips with his pierced tongue as he wanks his meat.

Scene three is set in Scotland. A real granddaddy bear is feeling all hot and horny having watched some strapping lads at the Highland Games. This bloke is in his late fifties, grey hair and beard, and a good firm body with nipples ripe for chewing. He’s got a thick piece of pierced meat, which he reveals when he opens up his kilt. He slowly wanks himself off, playing with his foreskin.

Three randy bears meet in a London flat. One bloke is a good looking black guy who gets his rocks off by docking with the grey haired daddy – great foreskin action here. These three hairy guys suck and wank until they each shoot their load.

The film ends with a five bear orgy. The heavily pierced guy is on the floor working a big dildo up his ass while his hairy mates fuck and suck around him, until they shoot their cream over his hairy chest. These guys have stamina, and go at it like rabbits, while the pierced guy finds even bigger things to stick up his hole – a larger dildo, some anal balls.

If you like your men to be real men, hairy horny and butch, covered in tattoos and piercings – this film will get you standing to attention!

Quality : DVDRip
Format : AVI
Codec : XviD
Bit rate : 1428 Kbps
Frame rate : 29.970 fps
Resolution : 412×320

Format : MPEG Audio Layer 3
Codec : MP3
Mode : Joint stereo
Bit rate : 56 Kbps (CBR)
Sampling rate : 22050 Hz

Thumbs 8×4 :

Thumbs 8×2 :

Cover front :

Cover back :

Screenshots :

File size: 810.2 MB

Up Yours! vol. 2

Studio: Hot House Video
Genre: Fisting/Extreme, Dildos, Handsome, Fetish: Latex, Jockstraps, Leather, Masturbation/Solo, Threesomes/Threeways
Description: A fresh team of Club Inferno fist-pigs return in Up Yours: Part 2, the shocking continuation of our extreme all-ass-play Up Yours series. Fisting’s undisputed king, Club Inferno’s Evan Matthews leads a pack of new discoveries and all-time favorites as they tempt you with new and exciting ways to shove toys and fists Up Yours!
Immediately recognizable by the ring of fire tattoo around his puckered hole, newcomer James Aaron serves up his big white ass to hungry daddy Ray Dalton. Dalton wastes no time lubing up his gloved hands and pawing at Aaron’s fiery rosebud. When Dalton rests his elbow on the sex bench, Aaron lowers himself onto the man’s fist in a sexual exercise of fisting expertise well beyond the younger man’s years! Dalton jacks off his thick pierced cock and blows his load all over Aaron’s face.
Masculine Latino fisting top Alessio Romero begins his onslaught on insatiable Jackson Lawless by feeding him his fat uncut cock. Romero quickly turns his attention to Lawless’ round white ass and tight hole shoving his fist deep inside. Lawless assumes several different positions allowing Romero to keep plunging his fat paws deep in Lawless’ puckered rosebud, taking Lawless to new levels of pleasure. The enthusiasm Lawless shows for Romero’s deep fists keeps Romero’s cock hard throughout the session until they both jack off and shoot their loads.
James Aaron shows off his unique talents that won him the coveted title “exclusive” in this scorching hot solo scene. He grabs a fist full of lube and begins by sitting down on a series of fat butt-plugs, priming his hole for his own fist. The horny stud contorts himself until his whole fist goes right up his ass. Never satisfied he grabs an eye-popping foot long dildo and shoves it deep in his hole, causing his puckered hole to produce a fat juicy rosebud. Join him now, exclusively in the Club Inferno Dungeon.
Don’t be deceived by newcomer Tucker Forrest’s innocent, boyish appearance. Scott Tanner finds the fresh-faced horn dog working his hole with a fat dildo too big for a beginner. Tanner selects a series of giant butt toys and anal beads each bigger than the one before it, designed to test Forrest’s anal limits. Forrest rises to the occasion by flipping over and spreading his ass cheeks to reveal a perfectly round gaping hole, begging for more. Finally all the intense butt play makes both men so hard they whip out their huge cocks and jack off, blowing their loads all over Forrest’s neoprene vest!
Power-bottoms Evan Matthews and James Aaron make out while Alessio Romero and Tony Vega plow their holes with enormous dildos. The experienced players switch positions creating a fist train. Vega takes the lead allowing Evans to pummel his hole while Aaron falls in line behind Evans and fists him. Romero brings up the rear, expertly punch-fucking Aaron’s tattooed hole. Next our rosebud popping pros break off to get personal attention to their insatiable holes. After a series of acrobatic positions and eye-popping fisting, the hung tops pull on their fat cocks and blow hot loads.

Starring: Jackson Lawless, James Aaron, Tucker Forrest, Tony Vega, Scott Tanner, Alessio Romero, Ray Dalton, Evan Matthews

Quality: DVDRip
Duration: 02:24:52
Video: DivX 6 720×480 30.00fps 942Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 192Kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

Bear Voyage 2 – Rock The Boat

Year: 2006
Genre: gay, bears, oral, anal, orgy
Duration: 2:02
Director: Andy Dill
Studio: Bearfilms
Cast: Woody, Steve Ellis, Daddy Ric, Venice Cub, Dirk Grizzly, Kubby Loch, Michael McQuaig

When these Hot Bears cruise the high seas, they really go overboard!

Format: AVI
Video: DivX 5 (1 140 Kbps), 640×480 (4/3), 29.970 fps, 0.109 bit/pixel
Audio: MPEG Layer 3, 128 Kbps, 2 ch, 44.1 KHz

File size: 994.9 MB

Raging Stallion – The Red And The Black

Country: US
Studio : Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Nick Piston, Colin West, Danny Mann, Erik Hunter, Ken Braun
Director: J.D. Slater
Producer: J.D. Slater, Michael Brandon
Executive Producer: Chris Ward
Videographer: Ben Leon

Raging Stallion welcomes you to the next dimension of lust, J.D. Slater’s The Red and the Black, an exploration of passion and power, hunger and compulsion, flesh and fury. A journey to the edge of Bad Ass through a landscape of filthy desires. This is a compendium of unrepentant kink illustrated by buffed and butch supermen determined to astound and amaze.

Get ready for the ride of your life as this testosterone-driven roller coaster of domination and submission carries you straight over the edge of longing and ’round the corner to greed. Watch as these whoredog muscleheads and homocycle inkboyz sojourn through their subconscious showing you their deepest needs and how they are fulfilled. This is leather and fetish by real men who live it, not some boys who just look like they do. Take a deep breath and dive into the salacious deep rivers of seduction, a place where only the truly piggish studhunters dare to go. This is two hours of balls-out pounding and pummeling butts and dicks that will scorch its images into your libido till the end of time.

This package also includes the special bonus music CD “Stations of the Cross,” a 78-minute sonic trip to the play party of your dreams.

It begins like a dream, camera drifting into an abstract space, gliding over two very different versions of hot muscle. One, Danny Mann, is a genuine musclebear deluxe, whose pumped furry pecs reveal the way down to the bulging ripped crotch of his jeans. The other, Colin West (in his debut performance), is a smooth and tribal-inked musclepunk who presents himself in just boots and a jock that cradles an ass that the gods made by hand. The two hunks fall into each other like a well of sleaze as West services and surrenders to Mann’s carnal and corporal demands. From blowjob to beatings through to fucking and creaming, these men consume each other with a symbiotic hunger. Mann abuses and nails West in over a half dozen ways before the filthy whores have had enough. Each stud uses up every drop of the other in a mind-boggling display of feral behavior.

Next we come in on the spectacular tableau of horse-hung mega-muscled powerstud Erik Hunter and, demonstrating what happens when bad boys become bad men, Nick Piston. This scene is about two things: Hunter’s dick and Piston’s ass, each obsessed with the other. It’s a study on the feeding of sexual compulsions as these hyper-horned sexhounds tear into each other like starving men at a beef buffet. Piston slurps down Hunter’s massive manhood with his mouth and ass; Hunter devours the tattooed butt-boy’s sweet hole, then unmercifully pounds him like a jack hammer looking for gold. The energy that explodes from them threatens to burn right through the screen in a scene whose sexual inertia will overwhelm you. Make sure you have plenty of lube handy, or risk severe penile chafing.
DVD covers

The mood grows darker as we fade into the next scene. It’s ominous and dangerous and all those things we are supposed to be afraid of but secretly yearn for. Here we find Mann again, this time in a different position, playing whipping boy to muscle daddy supreme Ken Braun. The two waste no time and Mann hangs onto a post, presenting his back to the flogging skills of Braun. The camera swoops and dives around the action, peering from hidden spaces, capturing every swing of this ballet of power and will. Mann turns the tables and it’s Braun’s turn to give up the goods – in this case, his rock-hard muscle ass. First with hefty dildos, then with a determined dick, Braun’s butt takes a bombardment of epic proportions, proving versatility can mean a lot of things. When the two climax, even the building lets go a sigh.

Now for the finale, and a grand little clusterfuck it is. Braun, Piston and Mann are attacking each other like sex monkeys, licking dicks, pits and holes, and puffing cigars like queer teamsters under the docks. You can almost smell the sweat, rubber, smoke and leather. Then, as if this wasn’t enough, Hunter joins in and the tribe of horny cock-seekers revs into an oral frenzy whose sucking creates a tangible vacuum and draws you in. The action evolves to cock and ball torture, clothespins and titplay, with each member showcasing a special talent or skill. This all culminates in a bit between Braun and Piston that you will have to see to believe. Then it’s back to fucking. This time it’s a group train on Hunter’s butt, whose muscles grab Piston’s cock so tight it yanks off the condom just in time for him to shoot all over the mahogany ass. The rest of the cast follows suit in a hormone-soaked series of cascading money shots, and we are left drifting back into the blackness.

This one has to be seen to be believed. J.D. Slater has always been able to deliver shock and awe for his audience, but this time he has climbed new heights in erotica while exposing our darkest depths. A masterpiece of debauched mayhem expertly portrayed by a prurient pack of muscle-junkies, people will be talking about this one for years. As always, this piece of cinema is artfully produced, skillfully filmed, and expertly delivered. It is true to life and the men that made it. This is the most graphic and revealing portrait of leather and fetish Raging Stallion has presented to date. So look no further for your roadmap to the other side of midnight. Join J.D. and his cadre of cockmasters and enter the land of The Red and the Black.

Length: 700 MiB Duration: 2h 0mn 56s 160ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 669 Kbps, Aspect: 448 x 320 (1.400) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

File size: 699.6 MB