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Bursting Breasted Undercover Detective

Drop project presents another title focusing on the BOOBS!
How can this good-shaped enormous breasts can get even bigger?
Transform the body for your pleasure with big breasts and even super huge boobs or whatever. Seeking the larger and large breasts!
Breast enlargement, nipple expansion, nipple sex, anal enlargement, anal sex, clit expansion, bestiality, breast squeezing, reverse irrumatio, voluptuous, pregnant body assault, electric play etc
You witness how her breasts becomes bigger and sexier!

Japan in the near future
The of prosperous Japan became a myth, and people live in poverty.
People started to rumor about an underground kingdom where vicious crimes are organized exists somewhere in this country.
May from “Special fighting force Snake” started investigating on this.
However, one incident occurred and that was the beginning of her downfall…

Total amount of CG images: Approx. 210 (including variation)

CG: Rui from Pitipitigarou R
Voice: Miyabi Shien, Rio Kisaka
Scenario: DROP
File size: 437.5 MB

This video has been removed.