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Extreme BDSM Gay – Derek Pain

Bondage stud Derek Pain finds himself in Van’s playroom. He’s tied up against the brick wall as Van slowly explores his muscular body. After a thorough inspection, Van hooks Derek’s hard cock to a tens unit and watches him squirm as he turns up the electricity. Impressed with Derek’s pain tolerance, Van ties Derek up even tighter and flogs him to the max. To let Derek catch his breath, Van puts metal butterfly clamps on Derek’s nipples. Derek’s huge, muscled pecs pump tight as Van plays with the clamps, and he screams when Van rips them off. Then Van suspends Derek and rams his hard cock down Derek’s throat. Derek begs for more, and Van fucks him hard in tight bondage.

Release date: Jan 15, 2009
Genre: Extreme, Gay, BDSM, Muscle, Macho
Cast: Van Darkholme, Derek Pain
Duration: 00:53:20
File size: 639.31 MB
Format: WMV

File size: 639.3 MB