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The biggest cock in the world – SELFSUCK

05:13 min in 21 MB, OMG, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS !!!!!
This is the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, and it is so big that this guy can suck it alone, LUCKY HIM 😉

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Liam Cole’s Pounded / 2009 – Treasure Island Media /

Year: 2009
Country: USA
Genre: Oral, Anal , Group, Bareback, Twinks, Big Cock
Length: 01:44:26
Starring: Anton Dickson, Brent South, Aaron Slater, Pitpig, Aaron Lamb, Titch Jones, Ricky Hunter, Manhandle, Adam King, Dane Beck, Eddie Black, Will Ruskin, Mark O’Neal, Jason Stormme, Brent Bow, Tommy Haine
Directed by: Liam Cole
Studio: Treasure Island Media
Description: Featuring a cast of nineteen wild British pig men, the sleazy sessions in Liam Cole’s Pounded include group action, snowballing, cum play, and plenty of ass-to-mouth.
If Bad Influence was impressive, Pounded brings it all home and new star Aaron Lamb is without doubt the hottest wild-boy in years. These lads take a British pounding from the UK’s biggest uncut cocks – including Titch Jones’ ten inch monster!
The action kicks off at London’s sleaziest sex club, The Hoist, where three sterling tops – Anton Dickson, Brent South and Aaron Slater – fuck a guy known as Pitpig – possibly the greediest bottom in the UK.
Aaron Lamb submits his hole to all ten inches of Titch Jones’s notoriously ring-stretching schlong in another scene. Aaron is born and built to be bred, blessed with a primal hunger and the kind of firm, rounded butt that every load dreams of making its home. The result is an intense fuck between two exceptional young men: one endowed with a world-class cock, the other with a superbly fuckable arse!
Titch Jones then punishes Ricky’s hole into submission, and Manhandle lives up to his name coaxing his massive shaft down Ricky’s throat before breeding his hole into next week, adding his cum-wad to the one Titch left there earlier!
Anton’s so confident as a top that it’s no problem for him to take control of eager little fuck-monkey Adam King. Anton tosses him from one position to another, stuffing his throat before drilling his arse in expert style. There’s something about seeing a boy as handsome as Dane eating multiple loads and the assembled sperm donors certainly weren’t complaining about giving him his feed.
Mark’s dominant nature comes out as he alternately plugs both ends of the Pig, where the overheated verbal from both guys will please anyone who pops wood for a strong English or Irish accent. Taking loads is what fucking is all about for Aaron and when Jason Stormme gives him the filling he begs for, it pushes him over the edge. With Jason’s dick still inside his cum-filled hole, Aaron unleashes a hot load over his own lean torso, where Jason licks it up and drools it out into Aaron’s gaping mouth!
Pounded is a non-stop 8-scene raw-fuck marathon, plus an extra scene, a cumshot review and loads of previews!

File size: 1.1 GB

This video has been removed.

A Letter to Three Men

Starring: Chris Dano, Karl Bruno, Hunter Scott, Doug Forbes, J.T. Sloan, Shane Colt, Chad Conners, Mack Reynolds
Categories: Anal, Big Dicks/Hung, Hunk, Muscle Men, Oral, Rimming
Studio: Forum Studios

Chris Dano writes A Letter to Three Men hoping that just one man will have the right reply.

Total size 916.6 MB in 4 files

This video has been removed.