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Not what she expected

Going out to collect his mail, Jay finds a pretty card stuffed among his usual bills. It’s from Cheyenne and it says she wants to ”take him up on his offer”. When next we find them, the deeply tanned beauty is strapped and gagged standing right in front of the window — nude! Jay pushes her face-down over the bed frame, hoists her single sleeve to the ceiling and proceeds to whip her ass to a deep shade of pink. Later, tied to a corner shelf, Cheyenne tells him that this is too much — it’s not what she expected — but Jay’s got her right where he wants her and she’s not leaving yet. Tied kneeling at the foot of the bed, she again tells Jay she is not enjoying the strenuous bondage but her pleas fall on deaf ears as he snaps tight clamps on her hard nipples. Three more tough bed binds bring clothespins to her nipples, whippings on her lovely ass and full breasts, super-packed gags, and one particular set of nipple clamps that are so tight she can’t even move. Maybe she’ll be more careful what she asks for in the future. Stacy Burke dazzles us during four rough restraints — each scene a kneeling variation. First she’s on a tall stool for some tit-whipping, then on the floor for a bondage that soon becomes a full suspension. Next, she’s kneeling against a short post with her swollen breasts in a press which is further tightened on camera. Finally, she’s on bent-knee, fully bound and gagged in front of the mounted phallus. When Jay removes her gag, it seems sweet Stacy is not as innocent as one might guess.

Genres: bdsm, bondage
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Breast Whippings

In the first scene a blonde girl, wearing a pink bikini, is bound to a pole as a dark haired woman enters the room. This woman is angry about the blonde girl and wants to give her a severe lesson. She takes off the upper part of the bikini and starts to whip her tiny titties with a small riding crop for about 8 minutes. She leaves the room and the blonde girl looks at the red stripes on her white titties.

In the second scene another blonde girl is bound to a pole and again a dark haired woman enters the room. This girl only wears panties and she has fairly large breasts. The woman whips her big boobs for about 8 minutes with a small riding crop and then she detaches the crying girl.

In the third scene, a red haired girl is bound to the pole and again the dark haired woman will give her breasts a severe whipping with the small riding crop. This girl also has nice white breast as she is bound to the pole and during her punishment they become more and more red stripes. After about 8 minutes her punishment is over and the crying girl is />
Genres: bdsm, spanking
File: avi

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Russian Slaves 43 – In Sadist’s Hands & Interview in Moscow (2005)

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Caning, Torture, Beating, Submission, Pain, Whip, Punishment, Russian, Teen
Starring: Jerry Geroshvili, Yana Dubinina, Lena Korneva

First out house call from client became a nightmare for young Russian escort girls. Their first client was a sadistic animal, tormenting the poor girls into agonizing pain, cruelly whipping one of them by rattan stick on naked posterior and torturing other girl by unspeakable painful torture of naked breast and vagina with clothespins.

See as young Russian girls are undressed and spanked for the first time in their life at interview for job at nettles corp.

File size: 556.9 MB

SM Debutante

Description: Leila, driven by curiosity, seeks out an S/M Master. Leila, a very fit brunette with long dreadlocks, is a wide-eyed and nervous first-timer. But she coyly admits that she likes to be at her Master’s mercy, and be told to do things. Perhaps unwisely, she blurts out: “I think I can handle anything you’ve got.” The Master takes her up on that! He introduces her to bondage, heavy paddling, whipping, enemas, finger-fucking, vibrators and breast pumps.Later, the Master brings in his lovely assistant Alexa, a sizzling blonde who gives Leila more hard whipping and paddling, using leather and wooden straps, and a belt. In addition, Alexa performs some very sexy scratching and biting.

Format: wmv
Duration: 01:19:08

File size: 703.1 MB

Reform School For Teens: Rachel

Description: Hard punishment and humiliation galore for Rachel, a schoolgirl with a big attitude problem! Spanking, caning, paddling and a suppository are just the warm-up! Then, it’s time to be put in hogtie bondage and to submit to: whipping (including on breasts), “drilldo” (sex machine), nipple and clit clamps, forced masturbation with vibrator, and a large enema (with red bag, flow indicator and large plastic nozzle.) For final humiliation, Rachel has to expel her enema into buckets, in clear view, while sitting on an “enema high chair.” More enema expulsion on toilet.

Format: wmv
Duration: 01:00:22

File size: 452.6 MB