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Summer Camp 1

Nine players and nine scenes ! This is one whopper of a movie! By that point (last summer), “summer camp” movies had already become an established tradition or a ritual with Robert Boggs, taking a bunch of young guys to a lakeside resort in the Czech Republic, setting up a camp in a nearby area, remote enough so that outdoor sex is possible, but close enough to the regular camp site to shoot some thrilling moments of the models having some good clean fun in the midst of unsuspecting ordinary holiday-makers. As is made clear in the brilliant behind-the-scenes sequence, most of the boys have experienced on their own or with their families the joys and/or drawbacks of camping in their teen years. And it’s quite possible this had some autobiographical dimension for the director as well. In any case, this is another brilliant movie from AYOR Studios, irresistible by the energy and enthusiasm of its cast, both in sexual and non-sexual scenes. The friendly trio from HOT SUMMER CRUISING is now missing Johan Volny, and this would have been enough to discourage any other director, but the connection of Patrick and Bryan is strongly reaffirmed in scene 8, and Mark Zebro, whose first appearance for Boggs this was, vigorously asserts his claim to stardom. Denis Read is another smashing newcomer to this world, both irrepressibly randy and wonderfully candid. But every single performer is made to exist and shine like in few other movies. And the couple of lovebirds, Matej and Lukas, delivers a scorching lovescene. The surprise arrival of Bel Ami boy Matias Kraus manages to rise the excitement one more notch, providing a fitting finale which is anything but an ending.

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