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SeanCody – Derek & Immanuel (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Anal/Oral sex, Big Dick, Cumshots, Muscules
Duration: 00:13:23
Studio: SeanCody

Getting Derek to “push the envelope” was something that I couldn’t get out of my head. I really wanted to see his big, muscular body railing into someone! Bringing it up is always unpredictable. You never know how someone is going to react.
“So,” I said… “You were pretty intense during your first film. How would you feel about bringing that intensity back… to fuck someone?” He paused for a second, and then nodded. Good sign. Then I let him know it would be a guy. He was surprisingly amenable. The only thing he wanted to know was “who?” He told me that he would prefer being with someone who was also muscular.
My first thought was Immanuel, who had actually been asking about being on the receiving end. Immanuel’s curiosity couldn’t have piqued at a better time! Once they hooked up, the first thing they did was size each other up. Both of them approved. Derek’s intensity was what I was hoping for. He did very well giving his first blow job and I was equally impressed at how well Immanuel was able to take his first pounding!

Format: WMV
Video: 960×540 29.97fps 2048Kbps
Audio: 44100Hz stereo 40.7Kbps

File size: 203.6 MB

This video has been removed.


Taylor Black is a sexy nineteen year old with a playful attitude and a sultry manner. Taylor says that he does not like to read much, and prefers to party. He does, however, seem to have a lot of fun and a lot of friends. He is also sexually adventurous, and we are happy he strips down and shows off for us. Taylor has a nice six-pack, beautiful butt, and a rock hard cock. Taylor works up his stick, jerks it, strokes it, and starts enjoying himself. Next thing you know, he is sitting down with his legs in the air giving us a nice view of his hot tight hole. Taylor seems to love showing off, and this makes his scene even hotter! As he works himself up to a finish, he starts breathing even heavier – soon, a big gusher of man-juice is all over his hot abs and chest. Great jerk-off!

File size: 241.6 MB

Smooth Moves – First Class Male-By Attraction

After a hard and throbbing day’s work they hit the shower, tub and the jaccuzzi for some

It’s Brandon’s moving day . . . SMOOTH MOVES begin when his planned help fails to arrive. In desperation he seeks outside help and discovers two more-than-willing cute soccer players in the park. Bobby and Sandy quickly turn the tables on him. There is an abundance of shower, tub and jacuzzi scenes as the “smooth movers” cleanup after a hard day of moving.



Huge erections and arcing cumshots highlight this flick detailing Brandon Wells’ moving day. Two friends are asked to help, but they’re too busy fucking, so Brandon asks Sandy Bleu and his good friend, who say yes, but end up whacking off and sucking each others’ cocks. Brandon and Sandy clean up in the shower, them move to the hot tub for more cocksucking. Then Brandon fucks Sandy with both his dick and a dildo. Good young Rodney ends the film with a solo and a dildo up his ass.

One Bijou reviewer wrote:

Apart from one crotch-popping interlude, this movie is nothing to write home about. Brandon Wells waits for two friends who are supposed to help him on moving day, but they are preoccupied with fucking one another.

Brandon then gets Sandy Bleu and his friend to help him move. Sandy gets off by looking at a copy of Playboy, and his pal joins him for j/o and cocksucking. The blowjobs are accompanied by lyrical, romantic piano music.

Later, Brandon and Sandy shower together before getting into a hot tub for more blow jobs. Brandon also fucks Sandy with a dildo and his dick, but ther are no penetration shots, and no condom is in evidence. But Brandon sports a huge erection after fucking, and his cumshot arcing across Sandy’s back and butt is spectacular. This memorable gusher is repeated in both slow and regular motion.

Rodney, the cutest guy in a video full of otherwise homely “newcomers,” ends it with a solo session of j/o and more butt-fucking with a dildo. He tastes his own cum after playing with his little, uncut pecker which remains limp despite lots of stroking.

This second-quality video suffers from faded, fuzzy pictures and boring sex which is mostly jerking off and sucking soft cocks.

A second volume is available for those who can’t get enough of skinny, long-haired young models playing with their dinky things.

Originally in 1991.

Remastered onto DVD in 2011 by Bijou Video, which has corrected some of the original picture fuzziness.

NOTE: Models on Bijou cover do not match those in video.

Stars: Bobby Cummings, Brandon Wells, Chel, Keith Bradshaw, Rodney

Director: Peter Hunter

Released: c1989 or 1991 (Sources vary)

File size: 0.9 GB

Pantheon Productions – Daddy Hunt #2

Cast: Danny Lopez, Ben Archer, Allen Silver, Derrick Hanson, Ike Adams, Jay Taylor, Justin Christopher, Steve Hurley, Tony Bishop.

“Pantheon Productions’ second video celebrating intergenerational sex is here… all boy-on-daddy action. This movie features four hot boys and five masculine dads in five hardcore scenes… culminating in a six-man orgy in which three hung dads take on three cum-filled young studs! Nearly two hours of non-stop, natural, sweaty sex.

The first scene opens with delectable Derrick lying down on a massage table. Handsome daddy Allen Silver steps in to rub down the deserving young stud. It’s obvious from the start that this is going to be more than just traditional massage. The sexual energy between these two masculine men is incredible. They make intense eye contact while they are swapping fucks.

Now we see hardcore working men Steve and Ike exiting a freight elevator and starting to suck on each other’s daddy dicks. Good-looking Tony comes down the stairs and spies these two hirsute men going at it. Steve catches Tony watching and orders him to come over and suck on his dick. Tony is more than happy to get in the middle of these two top daddies. The contrast between down-and-dirty Steve and Ike, and young, clean-cut innocent (looking) Tony is very hot.

Ben, a ruggedly handsome photographer, opens his bag to reveal professional camera equipment. He pulls out his big lens and sets his sights on nubile Latin stud Danny Lopez who is about to model for the hunky daddy. Ben tells Danny to take his clothes off for the camera. When Danny bends over to show his hole, Ben sports an instant hard-on. That’s when this scene turns from work to play. Ben can’t get enough of Danny’s amazing bubble butt, and Danny has an insatiable appetite for Ben’s big cock power-fucking him.

Bad-boy Justin is standing on a street corner looking for trouble when clean-cut, suit-daddy Jay Taylor walks by. The two hook-up and Justin leads Jay into a nearby stairwell where the clothes fly off. Justin can’t get enough of Jay’s huge dick, and Justin has a big uncut cock himself. These two get down and dirty in this sweaty man/boy cum-drenched scene.

In this finale group sex club scene, three hung older men take on three randy young men. The scene opens with Steve lighting up his pipe and stroking on his hard dick. We see horny Derrick sucking on a beer as he gets ready to suck on Steve’s thick dick. We are treated to scenes of Danny’s amazing butt as Ike is coming over to admire it. It doesn’t take long for him to bury his face in Danny’s muscled ass. We then see Ben grabbing his engorged cock through his bulging jock strap, just as Justin comes over to help him out with his daddy dick. This masculine group of six have their sexy way with each other in varied dick/butt, mouth/dick positions throughout.”

Genres: cross-generation, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: avi

File size: 888.9 MB

Chaosmen – Cort

Cort is 32, soon to be 33. He has all kinds of financial and commercial projects and business, but I think he has a divorce thang going, so cash flow has been frozen.
He is another guy that I wanted to get in right away, so once again, we are left again without pubes.
A former body-builder, he still has all that mass from years of training and tanning!
Cort thought the photos and the video would be a piece a cake, but as soon as I started taking pictures, his big ‘ole cock wouldn’t stand up for him. That of course made him more nervous, and instead of getting some awesome exhibitionism, he spends a lot of time focusing on the TV to keep himself going.
I even left the audio on, albeit very quiet, for his cumshot. One upshot is he spends a lot of time playing with his butthole and I think he even fingers himself when he is trying to nut. Love it when straight guys do that.
His confidence in performing in front of the camera was a little shaken, but I think he could actually do an Edge video. We might not get all the crazy fantasy footage, but it would be hot to see him tied up in the chair!

Genres: solo
File: avi

File size: 178.5 MB

This video has been removed.