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SG4GE – Bo Dean and Tex Gemmell (2010)

Year: 2010
Genre: Oral/Anal Sex, Bareback, Rimming, Spanking, DP, Facial, Bisex
Duration: 00:37:59
Studio: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes
Cast: Bo Dean, Tex Gemmell, Amber Rayne

By overwhelming demand, we proudly present to you the first bi-sexual scene on SG4GE. And what better guys to ring in this momentous occasion than super-studs Bo Dean and Tex Gemmell. Amber Rayne is the lucky girl to lend these boys some helping holes to fill. Passionate 3-way kissing gets the blood pumping and the clothes begin to fly in mere moments. Amber swallows each of the guys and begins to rub their slippery cocks together in some hot frotting action. Amber slaps the hell out of Tex’s bubble butt but don’t worry, she gives his hole a tongue bath to make it all better. Everyone’s mouth finds something to play with in a three-way suck-fest which leaves everyone hard, wet and ready to fuck. Both guys go back and forth fucking the nubile nymphet, but in the end neither can wait their turn. They both plow Amber at the same time in a hardcore DP: one in the ass and one in the puss. Amber’s ass isn’t enough for Bo and soon he’s buried balls deep inside Tex’s asshole. Bo fucking Tex while Tex fucks Amber brings everyone to the brink. The boys pull out and splatter their cum all over Amber’s face and mouth.

Format: WMV
Video: 960×540 23.97fps 1999Kbps
Audio: 44100Hz stereo 48Kbps

File size: 556.5 MB

Frat Initiations #1: Tie Me Up Jerk Me Off

Description: Jerod…This aspiring model really wants to be in this local frat, so he has to undergo the ritual known as Tie Me Up Jerk Me Off. He thinks it just a joke, but soon he finds out it is no game. Jerod’s hands are bound behind his back, a blindfold is ties around his head, and soon the pledge-master is undressing Jerod and beginning the initiation ritual.

Jerod begins to object to the ritual but he is quickly informed that quitters are NOT frat members…so he and the pledge-master continues the initiation. Jerod is clearly enjoying things, even if he does object. His cock becomes hard easily when the pledge-master strokes it and his asshole seems to wink at us in anticipation.

Jerod endures the rites and gets his nut, but the pledge-master wants another one so he keeps on jerking and Jerod pops a second nut. Still the master is not happy so he sends Jerod to the backroom for an extra ritual. There, Jerod gets his ass finger fucked by the pledge-master before being deemed worthy of frat membership.

Donny…This skinny pledge was cocky all during pledge week so he was sent directly to the backroom and his initiation is going to be strongly anal just so he learns that the pledge-master is in charge of his fate. Donny is made to strip down and then blindfold and bonds are applied as his initiation ritual begins.

Donny’s big piece of meat is rock hard from the start so the pledge-master’s job is easy. He strokes the massive meat and teases the prick to get the juices flowing, then turns his attention to the boys butt. Donny’s hole opens wide for the pledge-master’s gloved fingers, but when a dildo is thrust in his face, Donny objects to what’s next.

This frat-hopeful doesn’t make the rules though and soon his ass is spread wide to accept the pledge-master’s dildo. Inch by inch the rubber cock gets pushed and twisted up Donny’s ass. Satisfied that Donny is now more trainable, the master goes back to work on the pledge’s cock, bringing him to a cum spurting orgasm.

Format: wmv
Duration: 01:17:05

File size: 615.1 MB

Sarava Productions – Bone Island. 2003

Year: 2003
Genre: Feature, Gay, Anal Sex, Cum shots, DAP, Doggystyle, Facial, Group sex, Gonzo, Latin, Oral Sex, Uniforms
Length: 2:44:58
Director: Kristen Bjorn Video
Studio: Sarava Productions
Starring: Ivan Andros, Juan Jimenez (aka Antonio Marquez), Miguel Leonn, Diego Pastores, Guillermo Pastores, Arpad Miklos (aka Francois Kagylo), Craig Decker, Dirk Amsterdam, Max Veneziano, Khieu Samphan, Sam Sun, Cesar Moreno, Sergei Jordanov (aka Tom of Hunland), Matthieu Costa, Scott Duran, Butch Blackmoore, Pietro Rosselli, Antton Harri, Filippo Romano, Edwin Frank and Fernando Neron

Description: Men of different nationalities and skin colors – one on the island – the island of bones, which is not on the map, but whose name is already known to thousands of fans high-quality gay porn. Group scenes of the film out of competition – and here the double invasion, and deep blowjobs, and “leather” episodes, but simple to remove porn in a prime location would be too easy! In the first episode of the two guys hiding in the house from rain, but when their catches boss, they agree on everything, but he had not called the police … No prizes for guessing which desires arise in the head, Miguel, when in front of him two handsome young men who are ready to fulfill any wish of his attire … the police will soon appear in the frame, and the second group sex is no less energetic than the first – uniforms, handcuffs and leather boots. Just look at the cast – already feel like your filled
Quality: DVDRip
Size: 1.31 GB

File size: 1.3 GB

Boundupboys – Boot Lickers

Starring: Axel, Ian, Shayne

Master Axel confidently controls his submissive bitch-boys, Ian and Shayne, having them suck cock and clean his shoes at his will. Stuffed in a cage like worthless, helpless animals, Ian and Shayne take their orders, Ian being forced to suck the thick, juicy cocks of both his Master and co-bitch, and Shayne forced to endure the whipping and kissing his Master demands. Tired of the cage barrier between he and his boys, Master Axel drags them over to the piano bench where he has them lick his fancy black shoes to a shine while stroking himself. On hands and knees with asses perched, Ian and Shayne lick those shoes as they would a giant cock. Master Axel wouldn’t want dirty shoes for the whipping, torture, and fucking that lay ahead.

As Master Axel continues to have submissives Ian and Shayne lick his boots to a shine, the boots take on the silky smooth appearance of fresh bitch-boy ass. After the boots are cleaned and Master Axel has reddened the asses of his slave labor, he sends Ian back to the cage, and he drags Shayne over to the pillory for further “attention”. Locked in the pillory like a helpless little being, Shayne’s ass props up into the perfect position. Master Axel was not perfectly satisfied with the boys’ cleaning job, so someone must pay. Mixing pain and pleasure, Master Axel whips the backside of the powerless boy, inter-mixing some nice rimming action on and in that beautiful butt. Finally, Shayne is forced over to the whipping post for more fun.

After exploring every crack, curve, and crevice of Shayne’s fine ass perched out from the whipping post, Master Axel gets bored of silence, turning to his more comfortable noise enhancement strategy involving the single-tail blue whip. After lashing his submissive bitch with both the single-tail whip and flogger, Master Axel forces Shayne to flex like a man. Although those beautiful boy muscles impress his Master to a certain extent, the whiney, near tear-laden eyes behind the muscles scream for mercy. There is nothing Master Axel hates more than a nobody asking him for mercy. It is off to the electro-torture table for this bitch-boy…his Master is just warming up.

Master Axel electro-shocks his bitch submissive Shayne into agony, eventually him of electric stimulation in favor of some crane-elevated whipping. As much as Master Axel loves the boy screams behind a powerful electric shock throughout the entire body, nothing gets him off quite like the inflicted pain of a good whipping. Hung vertical at an angle, the helpless boy is perfectly prone to the crack of the flogger, his torso and ass reddening as the whipping gets harder and louder. His screams of pain are met with nothing more than the frightened eyes of his fellow slave bitch-boy, Ian, wondering if he will receive similar punishment.

Submissive Ian watching helplessly from the boy cage, Master Axel continues to punish pretty boy Shayne with the flogger and crop as he dangles from the crane across the whipping table. Front and back turning bright red with welts to be seen from across the room, Shayne screams in pain and fear with each crack of the whip across his delicate skin. Just when Shayne thinks he will be let down, Master Axel lets him hang and spin vertically from the ceiling crane, whipping him on the torso and ass with each turn. After finishing the spin-whipping session, Master Axel gets his boys set up for some serious fucking and sucking. He lay poor Ian across the fuck bench and has him sucking dick in no time.

Sucking Master Axel’s cock like a good boy, poor submissive Ian lay across the fuck bench while Shayne jacks his cock in the background. After Ian works his Master’s dick to a point nice and hard, Master Axel decides to fuck that beautifully propped ass while Ian sucks Shayne’s cock. His Master pounds that ass against the bench, further proving his dominance over these powerless fag bitch-boys. Following the fucking, both Master Axel and Shayne jack off and spew hot cum all over Ian’s face, and Ian licks it up like a trooper. Unfortunately for Ian and Shayne, Master Axel has only started with them, and he puts them back in the cage until he feels like playing again.

Length: 1.09 GiB Duration: 1h 13mn 51s 264ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 935 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 576 (1.250) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 1.0 GB

Cynicism office matriarch knows no boundaries

Office “matriarchy” can take the most cynical form. At this time, sexual bosssha with his no less sexual assistant very evil punished two incorrigible of his company. When the boss was simply decided to give them a “kick up the backside, ” bedolagi cried, trying to persuade her to give them one last chance to reform. Then the ladies decided to teach the “boys” a lesson in humility, to start forcing them to put their members on the office desk. Then experienced bitches do not fail to take advantage uncovered devices lads, telling them to pull out a quality, preferring mostly anal invasion. Girls on the occasion, so razuharilis that by demonstrating its depressed subordinate all their determination, did not spare even his fashion bryuchek, mercilessly tearing them to shreds in the anus, in order to speed up the boys access to their eager holes.

File info:
Size: 438 Mb
Format: WMV
Length: 00:42:15
File size: 438.7 MB