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Chaosmen – Joshua and Stone: Raw Flip-Flop (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Bareback, Tattoo, Flip-flop, Hairy, Hunks, Crempie
Duration: 00:23:06
Studio: Chaosmen

I wanted to do a nice flip-flop film, and mix Stone with a non-hairy guy. Somethig for everyone. Stone has been better at Topping than Bottoming, though at one point he thought he as going to nut while getting fucked. Progress!
While Joshua seems to be equally at home Topping or Bottoming, my instinct tells me he really enjoys bottoming. His cock rarely goes limp while getting fucked, and so far it makes him nut pretty easy. I threw an extra challenge at Stone to fuck Joshua up on the bed doggy style. This of course requires balance and also really knowing your trajectory angle, but he did fine. I tend to avoid this position because it is complicated, and sometimes it is hard to show the action, but I am really pleased with both their abilities in showcasing the fucking.
And again, Joshua stays pretty hard while Stone does a balancing act on top of him, while fucking him pretty deeply. Stone gets fucked too. His face is funny to watch. He goes from, “Easy there fella!” to “Ok, this is feeling good!” Like I said. progress. For the big finale, Stone and Joshua swap positions. Stone does a fine job fucking the cum out of Joshua who has a pretty intense orgasm. I don’t know what Stone is eating, but his loads just get bigger and bigger and he delivers a giant creampie to Joshua’s hole!

Format: WMV
Video: 1024 x 576 (16:9), 29.970 fps
Audio: 44,1 kHz, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

File size: 276.8 MB

This video has been removed.

T.I.M. – Swallow More

HERE IT IS: A brand-new CUM-SWALLOWING video. I thought about calling this one “Cocksucker’s Paradise”, and if you love sucking dick or getting sucked, you’ll understand why. BIG cocks, HOT men, FRESH LOADS OF MAN-JUICE SHOT STRAIGHT DOWN HUNGRY WAITING THROATS!!

If you enjoy watching serious slobbering oral worship of huge cocks, if you like to see studs sucking and getting sucked, shooting big loads and swallowing ’em down, PASSING LOADS FROM ONE MOUTH TO ANOTHER, licking up every fresh drop of spunk, then you’ll get off on SWALLOW… MORE.

Scenes 1, 2, and 3

A cocksucking “gang” party, with ex-Colt model ERIC sucking off guy after guy and eating up every drop. He’s joined by young buffed hairy-chested BRAD, who begged to be the “fluffer” for one of my cocksucking parties.

BRAD’s brand-new to video (though he’s no stranger to sucking dick!!). To break him in I had him wear a blindfold and suck any and every cock that got shoved in his mouth. He gets them all hot and hard, and then ERIC takes over and sucks down their hot spooge. And there’s a LOT of spooge to swallow, fresh and hot from a roomful of big fat beautiful cocks!

Scene 4

CHRIS McKENZIE, a major young porn stud, gave me a call and asked if I could get a couple of fucking huge dicks for him to suck dry. CHRIS was very specific: “I won’t do it unless I get to swallow their cum, man! And I mean EVERY DROP!!

So I brought in horse-hung MIKE NICHOLS and big-dicked MARKIE, and CHRIS McKENZIE went to town. His talent as a cocksucker is so great that he works TWO loads out of MIKE NICHOLS. And the load he gets out of 20-year-old hottie MARKIE is a big one! CHRIS swallows every drop down and then milks their cocks trying to get out another drop to lick off!

Scene 5

“Fluffer BRAD” liked his first party experience so much that he got on my case to set up yet another group cock-worship session. This time BRAD kept off the blindfold and sucks like his life depends on it. It’s not often that I say this, but BRAD IS A BORN COCKSUCKER.

I brought in MIKE NICHOLS again (with his fat ten-incher), and as soon as BRAD gets it in his mouth the cocksucker instantly shoots his load (which is lapped up hungrily by the ever-ready TOM SHANNON). But BRAD can’t take his mouth off of MIKE NICHOLS’ slab of meat. He just keeps sucking and sucking and sucking, until MIKE shoots a second load onto BRAD’s muscled hairy chest (yeah, every drop gets licked and sucked up). And that’s ONLY THE BEGINNING of the party, with more men, more dripping cocks, and more loads of spunk sucked up, licked up, swallowed down.

Scene 6

Yeah, there’s more–a hot SELF-SUCKING scene (with the self-sucker sharing his load with a kid who’s been rimming him).
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It’s ninety minutes of the best cocksucking action you’ll ever see – featuring lots of fresh porn newcomers, pornstars, and some of your favorite Treasure Island crew-regulars, with every one of them eager to feed or be fed!

File size: 894.9 MB

This video has been removed.

Showin Skin to Mr. Sins

Franceska’s house is a mess! She’s almost given up hope. After looking through her cleaning products and realizing she’s got nothing to tackle the big mess, she’s to have Mr. Sins appear and give her a helping hand. Mr. Sins is great for getting rid of stubborn stains, dried up dishes, and, of course, fucking Franceska’s brain out.

File size: 325.4 MB

Fuck tits!

Sex in zero gravity!

Seized by time period: 2007-2009
Country: United States
Genre: Underwater Sex, Bikini, Nude, Straight, Solo, Girl / girl, HJ, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, SiteRip
Time: 10-25 minutes
Studio: Aqua Entertainment
Description: Fuck tits! Ok, own opinion – in all this. See: BODY – TOP …AIRBORNE, as it were … (based on the water itself.) Float (Levitation). Because of this, Position – It is impossible to ON LAND! Acrobatic-circus, basically … Alternate – instantly, easily and naturally, without any exertion for the players!
Water okazyaet oppressive effect on the body: NO sagging – wrinkles – wrinkles, both on land (at least – to)! Shown: Breath … Very Increases Pleasure and Pleasure.
Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple / Main),640×380- 864×486, 12:36.699, 1761 kbps, fps
Audio: 0x0162 (Windows Media Audio 9 Professional), 44100Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel (s)
Size:98 MB

File size: 97.9 MB

AllAmericanHeroes – Private 1st Class Roman & USMC Sam (2010)

Year: 2010
Genre: Military, Tattoo, Facials, Oral, Anal, Uniforms, Handjob, Blowjob
Duration: 00:23:47
Studio: All-American Heroes

This week is one of the hottest coupling of military men, Private 1st Class Roman and USMC Sam. Roman begins by telling stories of his escapades with men, how his girlfriend got him to do his first 3 way with a guy, and how he moved on to fucking men solo. This airborne artillery expert has a killer body, beautiful blue eyes, and a fetish for tight asses. Luckily, one of our favorites is here to give his ass up, the sexy and charismatic Sam. He has returned after a break and is ready to get pounded by Roman’s rock hard cock.
Sam glances over as Roman pulls out his swollen and eager penis, stroking the huge shaft. The marine, more than ready to get started, his own massive hard on and then grabs Roman’s man meat. Craving to suck some Army dick, Sam chokes down Roman’s girthy pole, devouring every inch. After gagging on Roman’s stunning manstick, he rips off his camies and takes his own pants off so he can get pounded. Jumping down backwards on Roman’s military monster, Sam slams his tight hole over the raging boner. Roman taking full advantage of Sam’s nice asshole, buries his dick deeper and deeper inside.
After giving Sam the railing of a lifetime, Roman pulls out and bursts a river of jizz all over Sam’s face, layering him in hot wads of man juice. What an AWESOME facial, from a real live hero!

Format: WMV
Video: 640 x 360 (16:9), 29.970 fps
Audio: 44,1kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~64.00 kbps avg

File size: 167.7 MB

This video has been removed.