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Broke Straight Boys – Scott, Leon & Ryan

On the futon today are Scott, Leon and Ryan. We got right down to business, discussing how much they wanted for an anal scene. Ryan wanted $1300 but I countered with $1200 while Leon joked that for $2400, he would drink a cup of cum. With the price decided upon, the boys stood up and stripped off naked, turning around and flashing their well rounded asses to the camera. As the boys were talking about who was going to suck cock first, Ryan took the lead and went down on Scott, prompting Scott to form the Broke Straight Boys Wave by swallowing down Leon.

Both Scott and Ryan worked hard on the cocks in their mouths; Scott deep throating Leon and making him moan for more while Ryan treated Scott’s cock like his favourite candy. They swapped, the Wave going the other way with Ryan leaning back and enjoying the feel of Scott’s wet mouth on his cock even as Leon pulled out all the tricks with Scott. Scott had certainly paid attention when receiving a blowjob as he had Ryan groaning in pleasure while Leon was lavishing attention on just the head of Scott’s dick. Switching it up, Scott sat up on the back of the futon, Leon kneeling on his left and kissing him passionately while Ryan, on his right, bent down and sucked on Scott’s dick while also jerking Leon off.

Leon broke off the kiss to start licking Scott’s nipple with his tongue, moaning as Ryan kept pulling on his cock. Scott thrust gently into Ryan’s mouth before Ryan also started kissing Scott’s chest, all the while, keeping a firm hand wrapped around Scott’s cock. Ryan licked a trail towards Leon, leaning in and kissing Leon, who responded hungrily before Ryan decided that it was time to start fucking as he dragged Leon onto his stomach along the futon. In only a matter of one or two minutes, he was deep inside of Leon’s tight ass but thrusting slowly to loosen him up even as Leon grunted on each thrust. As Leon got used to cock in his ass again, Ryan took the lead and showed off a new move; twisting all the way around so he was in a reverse 69 while his cock was still inside Leon. Once positioned, he proved he was a multi tasker by swallowing down Scott’s dick while continuing to fuck Leon.

Ryan was soon able to pick up the pace, pounding into Leon, wringing a moan from him on each thrust, even as he worked hard on Scott’s cock. Leon had to put a stop to things as the position was too intense. With Ryan sitting on the futon, Leon straddled his thighs and with one hand guiding Ryan’s cock, Leon sat right down with ease. Once he had a good rhythm going, Leon pulled Scott towards him and started sucking on his dick. Leon was finding it hard to keep Scott’s cock in his mouth so Scott bent down and started blowing Leon while Ryan, after shifting himself and Leon around a little, fucked Leon hard and deep.

It was clear that Ryan was close to cumming so they broke it up and opened up the futon. With Scott on his back, legs spread wide, Leon slowly slid his hard cock into Scott’s straight boy ass. After a moment or two, Ryan, kneeling behind Leon, pushed Leon forward and thrust inside in one go. Immediately, Ryan was able to start pounding into Leon’s ass, forcing Leon to go harder into Scott. Not used to being fucked, Scott, even as he pulled on his own cock, was obviously in some pain as Leon was forced to go hard and deep via Ryan. Leon’s cock slipped out, prompting Ryan to stop thrusting and once Leon was back in, Leon moved back and forth, fucking Scott while also fucking himself on Ryan’s cock. All of a sudden, Leon let out a loud grunt as Ryan rammed right back into him and started fucking him hard.

Leon had to get Ryan to stop so he could concentrate on fucking Scott’s ass and once, Ryan had withdrawn, Leon went to town on that straight boy’s tight ass. Leon fucked Scott hard and aggressively, all the while, Scott took it like a pro even when Leon lifted his ass in the air and crouched over him, his hips snapping back and forth at a fast pace. As this was happening, Ryan was standing at Scott’s head, wanking off as he watched, soon cumming over Scott’s chest and abdomen. Only seconds later, Leon climaxed, his cum mixing with Ryan’s over Scott’s upper body. Scott was last to cum and with Leon massaging his balls, cum dribbled down Scott’s hand and shaft.

Length: 765 MiB Duration: 33mn 50s 770ms
Video: VC-1 at 3 050 Kbps, Aspect: 1280 x 720 (1.778) at 30.000 fps
Audio: WMA at 96.0 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 764.5 MB


Year: 2009
Country: United States
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish
Length: 1:10:17

Raven is back after her first visit which was cut short due to her becoming a little bit overwhelmed. Lets try it again …
Things start off with Raven being bound, while fully clothed, to a wood pallet. Theres quite a bit of banter taking place between her and JR; we listen for awhile as she is being tied up. It doesnt take long before her dress gets pulled up over her tits and her legs drawn up and outward-and the banter continues. Shes asked how she feels about being so spread open and exposed, after all, shes a professional woman. Then her tits get pulled from her bra and clamped. A clothespin is placed on her clit. As a rope is being drawn around her neck she becomes visibly anxious. Her breathing has changed and she slowly moves her head side to side. That clothespin is starting to take effect. Her long curly hair is tied off above her. Her breathing has quickened. She audibly and frequently gasp, her chest rising and falling quicker and quicker. It is almost as though shes found herself in heat. When the Hitachi touches that clothespinned clit she yells out. A ball gag is retrieved and buckled into her face hole. The gum shes been chewing is smeared over her face. A candle thats been burning in the corner is tipped over her exposed tits and thighs pouring hot wax all over her flesh. When its time to vib her off again the clothespin is removed and then placed back on her clit again. This pulls it away from her body and keeps it well exposed for the Celebrator to work over. She screams and pushes through her ball gag in desperation. But when the clothespin is removed she almost seems to scream equally as bad. Big Black comes out and is promptly stuffed in her cunt. She screams the whole time it is being inserted. And then shes vibbed off while being pounded by BB. Within seconds she is begging for permission to cum. Screaming for permission. Crying out. It sounds like the delivery room of a maternity ward. When BB is pulled out of her cunt in one quick motion she ejects spray onto the floor. It is wiped on her face. Her nipples get tied off to the floor and the clothespin added back to her clit before finding the Hitachi attacking her cunt again. She begs with great desperation for permission. She grunts and screams and whines and cries with abandon. She curses. When the Hitachi gets pulled away she tells me how close she was between heaving sobs of tears. Big Black gets stuffed back in her cunt and the Celebrator starts working her clit over. When this scene was over the chick didnt have a voice left.
Raven is now nude, save for her shoes, and standing in the middle of the room. Her arms are crossed and tied above her head. She has a rope gag and a head harness that keeps her skull pulled downward. Her legs are drawn and tied outward. A clothespin is attached to her clit again. After we watch her for several minutes nipple clamps are added to her predicament. Weights are added to the clamps. She squeals and screams when they are applied. The nipples are pulled down and the clamps swing like pendulums as the clothespin on her clit is vibbed off with the Hitachi. Her desperate screams for mercy go unheeded as she is tortured on her clit.
We find Raven on her tip toes riding The Rail, nude, save for her shoes. A spreader bar keeps her legs separated. Her wrists are tied over her head and nipple clamps keep her leaning forward over the rail. They also make her scream out intermittently. A spider gag is added to her face hole. A dollop of honey is added to her tongue to insure copious amounts of drooling. Hot wax is poured over her breasts and directly onto her nipples. Shes left for awhile, to be watched. On my return I duct tape the Celebrator on the rail itself, just under her clit, so as she rides the rail she rides the Celebrator as well. It leaves her screaming in outright desperation. It leaves her panting and crying. She occasionally lets out a primordial scream, raising her legs up off the ground and digging her cunt into the vibrator and rail. She is distracted by a flogging of her torso. She is struck repeatedly on the chest and stomach, each strike she calls out in pain, grunting it out. She cant get away from the strikes, her nipple clamps hold her in place, the Celebrator humming away. When the Hitachi joins in she is beside herself in desire. She moans out in pleasure. She actually cries. She begs and pleads for permission to cum. She sounds like a woman possessed, or being killed.
Raven is nude and lying on her back. Her legs are doubled back, tied off and drawn outward so as to expose her cunt. A crotch rope separates her pussy lips. Her arms are drawn out and away from her body. Shes just waiting for something. As we wait and watch it seems she grows more and more anxious, more in need, her breathing seems to become more labored and her desire more pungent. Finally Big Black shows back up. After the crotch rope is separated her pussy is promptly stuffed. She screams out during its penetration. It gets tied into place between her calls of desire. The clothespin returns and finds its way to her clit. Electrodes are added to her nipples and turned on. Another candle full of hot wax is poured onto her body, her breasts, her nipples. She screams and cries. Its a desperate scream, a scream of need and want and pain. The Celebrator finds her clothespinned clit and jerks her off. She screams the whole entire time, pleading and needful. When the clothespin is removed she screams harder. Shes pleading with me. Desperate requests for something, anything. She just throws them out there between sobs. Does she really want me to stop? Shes flailing and throwing her arms about. Shes begging to cum. Shes given 10 seconds to do it and the countdown begins …

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 160kbps [Raw Audio 0]
Video: WVC1 960×540 29.97fps 2985kbps [Raw Video 1]
Size: 1.55 GB

File size: 1.5 GB

Bad Conduct

Year: 2009
Country: USA
Genre: Hairy, Hunks, Threeways, Uncut, Beards, Beefcake, Horsehung, Jockstraps, Rimming, Masturbation
Length: 2:12:52
Directed by: Brian Mills
Studio: Titan Media
Cast: Dean Flynn, Will Parker, Gio Forte, Treshawn Valentino, David Dirdam, Mike Dreyden, Leed Scott, Slade, Kurt Weber

Description: Without a story narrative to back it up, one would think that Brian Mills is going to have a tricky time turning four unrelated scenes into a major hit, but once you get a look at the introductory snippets from each of the scenes of ” Bad Conduct “during the opening credits, your dick will be so hard it will be difficult to decide which scene you wish to play first. I went straight through from one to four, because I have to, but you can fuck around whatever way you’d like and be satisfied with all four depictions of men doing “bad things,” in different settings, with completely different personas and porn profiles. That’s behavior worth praising.
The opener features two hirsute stunners: bald, bearded daddy Gio Forte acting as porn photographer to hot Spanish hunk cub David Dirdham, who is decked out in a leather outfit for his session. Sparing no time in directing David to show his best assets off, which include a promising leather-enclosed bulge and a seriously hot ass, Gio takes his shirt off and makes his move – which is warmly welcomed with open kisses and furtive hands. Snapping off his pouch to reveal a hard, downward turned uncut pecker of serious length, David has opened the doors to Gio’s innermost longings, which he satisfies by dropping to his knees and wrapping his mouth around that cock. Moans, groans, words of encouragement accompany this drooling worshipful session that includes several successful deep-throat swallows that are shot from below – gives you an opportunity to see the outline of the cock as it goes down the throat. Playful arm-twisting and kissing lead to David dropping to his knees and diving into Gio’s crotch, swallowing his cut member with a cascade of saliva spurting out of his mouth. Gio wants that ass, though, and he gets David to sit on his face and offer his pucker to his hungry mouth. In no time, Gio has reached his peak and sends a massive spray of cum upwards and across his body while his mouth keeps working David’s hole until he cums all over Gio.
But they’re not done. Moving across the room, Gio sits down in a chair and gives David’s cock another whirl before offering him a seat, reverse cowboy, on his throbbing cock. With their legs atop boxes set apart a few feet, we see them both spread-eagled with David’s beautiful hard cock flopping up and down with every thrust of Gio’s pelvic action – this man is a delight to watch getting fucked. But he’s no pure bottom and Gio is no pure top – they move to a bench where Gio bends over, David warms up his hole with his mouth, and then sheaths his cock and sends it right up Gio’s strong, muscled and welcoming hole. They like the position so much that they switch, and then Gio flips David on his back for a few quick thrusts before wrapping his legs over his shoulder to watch David pull off some more cum and then slips around to make his own sticky offering that is so massive and strong that it covers David’s body, face and lips, which he uses to good end by kissing his newfound fuck buddy.
Dark-haired, bearded and slightly fuzzy, the taut and hot-bodied Mike Dreyden is fixing pipes in the basement of a building when he gets horny and starts to worship himself. Blond, wide-shouldered, scruffy bearded and fuzzy Kurt Weber comes on the job and spies Mike through a grated cage that he’s repairing, and that gets his libido going. He strips down his work outfit, grabs hold of his cock through his jock, and then makes eye contact with Mike. He moves around to the front of the cage, drops to his knees, and waits for something to come through the bars. And it does. Kurt’s sleek, medium-thick, cock which he slaps and then swallows. After a few minutes of sucking through the bars, Kurt snaps the door open: “You want it?” he asks, and when the eager Mike’s head bobs up and down, Kurt thrusts it in again. Resembling former porn star Mark Kroner, Kurt looks like he has a major career ahead if he keeps this kind of dominant act going (but it would be nice to see him suck dick, which he doesn’t), but his cock is so good that Mike soon jerks off a major load onto the floor, which is followed by Kurt splashing him all over. Kurt brings Mike back into the room and bends him over a plastic tub, licking away at his butt for a few seconds before sheathing up and shoving his dick up Mike’s waiting hole. He fucks him strongly doggy then flips him over on the tub and fucks the cum out of him doggy, joining in midway with his own stream.
Treshawn Valentino is having his morning coffee in his mountain hideaway, his sleek black body clad only in tightiy-whities which cannot conceal his hot boner – because he’s watching the gardener, the slightly bearded and hairy Leed Scott do his thing. Treshawn would prefer that they do another thing, and without a word spoken, he steps onto the back porch, looks at Leed, and we’re off to the races. Leed drops to his knees at the sight before him – what has to be nine inches of fat black cock begging to be eaten, and even though Leed may have had breakfast, this is a really good brunch. With a few kisses thrown in to warm up their interaction, Leed then offers Treshawn some of this repast, and he drops down to partake of Leed’s nicely made sausage, which is adorned with a particularly fat head. Close-ups of their two cocks pressed together accentuate this intense encounter, which continues with Treshawn sitting on Leed’s face, a move which eventually causes Leed to spill a load on himself, prompting Treshawn to stand up and cover Leed’s hairy body with cum.
Outdoorsman that he is, however, Leed is more than willing to continue on the lawn where they find a wheelbarrow, which Leed straddles, offering his butt up to Treshawn doggy and then legs-spread-wide missionary. One of the best hairy young bottoms on the porn scene, circa 2009, Leed has a way of bottoming that will get him plenty of roles with a variety of partners, and he is a welcome sight in this scene as he matches Treshawn’s cum-shot with his own before they kiss good day.
The finale is your cover lure – the unrealistically attractive Dean Flynn (foreground) is cast here as a young daddy whose son has been harassed in boarding school by the absolutely adorable Will Parker (behind him). Dean is in the office of mono-named headmaster Slade, a butch young thirtysomething who made a major hit on ChaosMen.com where, coincidentally, Will made his only appearances before being snagged by Titan. Though they never appeared together there, this scene more than makes up for it as Slade tells Dean that Will has been caught harassing and is coming in for his punishment. That begins as Will drops to his knees and takes out Slade’s very large cock and starts sucking on it. “This is punishment?” you might ask, as Dean watches and pulls his cock out in anticipation of some action. Known for his spectacular butt and willingness to be fucked while on the website, Will is a baby-faced package of dynamite who plays the role of late-teen supplicant perfectly, as he has obviously learned how to suck cock, and he is damn good at it, munching and licking and swallowing a rod that when he pulls it out of his mouth and rubs it up against his face runs practically the whole length of his face. But it’s Dean’s turn for some worshipping, and preceded by lines which are just too hilarious to describe, Will moves over to the still sitting Dean and goes down to work his ample, gorgeous cock, while Slade watches, naked, pulling his cock and Dean keeps his eyes on both. Before long, Slade has sidled up to Dean and offered him a piece of “punishment,” which Dean immediately decides is most appropriate. In an extended blowjob sequence that should be seen by every porn-star wannabe, Dean Flynn deep-throats Slade’s cock without any effort at all, worships it with his eyes and mouth and tongue and becomes so entranced that he hardly notices that Will has left his trough and is butt-naked in front of him, waiting for more action. Slade notices and tells will to bend over the desk so he can lick his ass, and now you will see why Will was scooped up by a major studio – snow-white orbs of pure muscle and tight as a drum, Will’s butt becomes a lickable feast for Slade. The three then come together side by side and jerk off simultaneously. Dean and Will cum right away, and then Slade goes back to lick Will’s ass again and cums on his own.
But this being “Bad Conduct” where each scene has two climaxes, we know something else is coming, and it is very good. Dean moves into Will’s butt with his tongue and face, then offers it to Slade for some more before Dean sits down and Will climbs aboard cowboy, which offers the camera the opportunity to show us that ass in full fuckable mode – this is something you must see to appreciate as Will writhes and moans and rides and sways as Dean then turns to Slade and gets that cock back in his mouth once again. Will gets into his little slut mode, eyeing Slade, “You wanna fuck me?” as he continues to ride Dean who is consumed with eating Slade’s cock. Slade then moves to the chair, gets Will to sit on him reverse cowboy then sucks Dean for a while until they get Will spread out on the desk missionary for Dean to plow with Slade standing over him, and then they reverse positions with Dean sticking his cock into Wills lapping mouth. Suddenly, Slade pulls out and Dean plunges onto Will’s cock in a 69 that Slade joins by fucking Dean doggy over the desk (hey, this is a Titan flick – you expect Dean Flynn to NOT bottom?) Finally Will can take no more and reclines with his tormentors standing alongside. Will pops a load followed by Slade, and then Dean finishes the day by slicking up the rest of Will’s body with his cum.
File size: 1.7 GB

Tokyo-Hot n0108 – 3 Holes Skewer Play – Shizuka Kiriya

The sacrifice in this time is SHIZUKA KIRIYA who is lovely and has dynamite tits. SHIZUKA is very recommended slut for the man who have frustration for poor tits slut. Moreover, she is so lovely. SIZUKA has been bullied by devil brute who appear in nakedness. Not only the insult play course of TOKYO HOT but also how a special 3 holes skewer play has done. Well, it should be done like that if we call special. The story is a story of the teacher who has gone for one’s post to the high school in Tokyo. SHIZUKA of a new teacher wears a pink suit to the body and introduces herself with renewed vigor. However, the student at the most foolish high school in Tokyo doesn’t have what SIZUKA was talking. Their aims are only one. It is the body of SIZUKA. The school gang leader takes the lead and the subordinate puts meddling. SHIZUKA is perplexed every time her talk is interrupted. And, SHIZUKA hears their hope in order to hear her talk to students. They jump at the body of SHIZUKA to take advantage of this and new teacher SHIZUKA’s nightmare started. Even if it is the nightmare, she has not put brassiere under pink suit. The thing bullied by students might have been imagined. The school gang leader who promptly saw through begins to rub Shizuka’s dynamite tits. Though ‚rSHIZUKA do not bear a child when pick up a nipple, white liquid jumps out for some reason. When she was turned over backwards and skirts turn up, SHIZUKA does not put on the panty under stocking. As for this, it is possible to think only provocation. Juvenile delinquents who have gotten excited have made SIZUKA to do compelled masturbation because of it. SHIZUKA who approved unwillingly opens her pussy at the M-leg posture on the teacher’s desk and begins to stimulate from clitoris. The rotor toy comes out and SHIZUKA’s masturbation becomes more violent. Her pant becomes big by rotor toy that insert to her pussy violently and she went to heaven. Then, Juvenile delinquents who get excited shift to the group compulsion fellatio. Sucking while she is sobbing is so wonderful even if it sees at anytime. It makes pussy insult foreign substance play at the lift hip up posture starts when the fellatio with serious student is shown. Especially, the Spirit Stick thrust in the pussy and the place where the pussy open widely after stick is pulled out is must see. Moreover, foreign substance put into anus hole at same time and her two holes are so exhausted. The scene of attack to clitoris by close up cannot be missed. After showing PISS SHOT scene, the gangbang party starts from standing back posture. SHIZUKA who ejaculates every time thick cock goes in and out and writhes. All brute get excited and participate gangbang because they see the scene where one person is making fuck and her tits is rubbed and fellatio service was made for them. The cock is forcibly inserted in the anus hole and the anus fuck starts when one brute enjoy fucking at the missionary posture. SHIZUKA sucks cock avariciously by upper and lower hole. Brute who confirm the well-set condition of the pussy while bullying her by the word attack each other execute the three holes attack simultaneously. There is deep impression that a brute who turns into the devil inserts the cock while laughing into pussy of SHIZUKA who struggles. The end of fucking is continuous vaginal cum shot of our familiar. Four brute made cum shot to her anus, pussy and face. The cum shower student team splash their semen to her lovely face as they want afterwards. The author who saw this content has recalled the teacher who has dynamite tits in his junior high school. It thinks whether it is a thing that a very happy campus life was able to be sent at that time when it is possible to become a devil brute like this content. It doesn’t come to regret it even if it thinks now.

Format: OGG
Video: H264 640×480 29.970 fps
Audio: Vorbis 80.0 Kbps 2 channels 48.0 KHz
File size: 685 MiB
Duration: 01:11:11

Starring: Shizuka Kiriya
Studio: Tokyo-Hot
Studio Code: n0108
File size: 681.9 MB

Abducted & Degraded (Staxus – Dirty Fuckers) 2010

Year: 2010
Categories: Twinks/Young Meat, Barebacking, Horsehung, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Facial Cumshots, Oral Cumshots, Cum Eating, Kissing, Live Sound, Subtitles, Tattoos, Piercings, Oral Sex, Rimming, Foot-Fucking, Fingering, Masturbation, Shaved Pubes, Group Sex, Watersports, Bondage, Leather, Wax
Starring: Lukas Brenkus, Alan Capier, Ashton Gates, Hari Marple, Mike Nolden, Chester Poole, Jon Reid, Francisco Ruck, Robin Snoyer, Noel Spencer, Julian Tomlinson, Rolando Wyer, Paul Yoon
Director: Vlado Iresch

Pushing the limits a bit further, this brand-new movie has some pretty young things in some serious situations. Forced hard bareback fucking and piss swallowing, bondage, mummification, waxing, foot fucking and more. Nasty, cruel, but oh so HOT!
DVD covers

Scene 1: Mega-Sordid Sadistic Suck-&-Fuck Session! — Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Excuses to Queen and their legendary Bohemian Rhapsody, but that’s exactly what young blond, Ashton Gates, is wondering when he and his pal, Francisco Ruck, get taken to a bed-sit in the middle of nowheresville in the quest for gainful employment. Falling to sleep, Gates imagines that he and Ruck have fallen victim to a gang, who sell young guys to rich, perverted clients — a dream that immediately introduces us to the first mega-sordid suck-and-fuck session, where Hari Marple and Francisco Ruck play host to the sadistic whims of Chester Poole. Tied to their chairs, these young innocents are subjected to a seemingly endless tirade of humiliation and degradation — though given their excitable state it’s difficult not to conclude that they’re privately enjoying serving as their captor’s sexual playthings. Ruck’s position in the proceedings is particularly unappealing — fucked by Poole against his will and then having his pretty face used as a cum-rag. Worse is to follow, however. The arrival of Alan Capier into the proceedings sees him pissed on and foot-fucked with equal fiendish He does, however, at least get the double pleasure of cumming directly into Capier’s arsehole and then licking it all out.

Scene 2: From Hot Wax to Hot Piss, These Boys Just Love Humiliation! — This isn’t your ordinary sort of porn flick, so the appearance of Jon Reid carrying a lighted candle whilst dressed in a plastic shower cover and Lukas Brenkus wrapped from the neck downwards in cling film and with masking tape stuck over his mouth doesn’t seem all that out of place. That said, it’s a decidedly unfeeling character that doesn’t show some degree of compassion for young Brenkus when Reid begins to drip hot wax onto his crotch, before forcing the unfortunate fellow to suck that thick, uncut shaft that he has nestling between his legs. Moments on and that same meaty monster is being forced into Brenkus’s tight little pucker, forcing the excitable bottom against a wall in the process. Still, even if Brenkus isn’t particularly enjoying the experience, the same cannot be said of Reid, who bangs away with gleeful before unburdening that heavy sack of his over Brenkus’s leg. In this movie, however, everyone has to enjoy themselves, and the bottom’s punishment for failing to do so is a terrific golden-shower courtesy of Rolando Wyer et al. Little wonder the cute little pup looks so thoroughly dejected by the time the end credits roll!

Scene 3: Young Innocent Victim Gets All His Tight Holes Filled Big Time! — In a scene that’s almost reminiscent of Eli Roth’s controversial mainstream offering, Hostel, young Robin Snoyer discovers what it’s like to be the unwilling plaything of Rolando Wyer and Noel Spencer. A brief (and somewhat surreal) session of knife-play will appeal to anyone who enjoys sex with a bit of bite; but it’s not until Snoyer is being forced down onto Wyer’s and Spencer’s cocks that matters really start to gain momentum. Indeed, it’s not long at all before Spencer is first rimming the young cutie’s pucker and then thrusting his meaty, uncut cock inside, whilst Wyer savors the delights that having a young mouth wrapped around your knob-end can deliver. Not that a fellow of Wyer’s caliber is gonna be satisfied with a blow-job, of course; and indeed it’s no time at all before the two tops have switched places and Wyer’s ass-crazy ramrod is balls-deep in Snoyer’s hungry little ass! For someone who was initially so however, Snoyer shows a remarkable degree of enthusiasm for the inevitable money-shots — taking young Spencer’s load right between the eyes. That said, it’s hard not to feel for the lad when he’s subjected to the final humiliation of a golden shower — a fate that has a rampant inevitability about it in this flick!

Scene 4: Wanna Play, Boy? Young Lad Gets Tied Up & Tortured! — The nightmare continues, with young Julian Tomlinson now serving as the unwilling victim to the inglorious antics herein portrayed. Tied to a bed by Alex Grander, he is first forced to drink beer by means of a funnel; before finding Grander’s thick, hard, uncut shaft rammed down his throat. The fact that he’s supporting quite a boner in his pants, however, suggests that he has a somewhat secret appreciation of his treatment — a fact that’s only underlined when his ropes are untied and he clearly makes no effort to escape. Indeed, the only thing on this boy’s mind is how he’s gonna get that sweet little ass of his filled to the max. Fortunately for him, that’s not a particularly difficult thing to get accomplished in this madhouse, and before he has time to consider his prospects he’s got his legs strapped up to the bed’s headboard and his hungry little pucker fully exposed. Now nothing stands in the way of his rump and the fucking of a lifetime courtesy of Grander — and needless to say that’s exactly what the tight, virgin hole promptly experiences! Being forced into something you don’t want to do has never looked so fucking appealing . . .

Scene 5: The Nightmare Ends — But the Piss & Spunk (Not to Mention the Pain!) Just Keeps On Cumming . . . — At last, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. After all, the whole mystery of this film is that we’re not exactly sure whether what we’re seeing is fantasy or reality, and whether what Ashton Gates is witnessing is actually happening or if the young blond sex-muffin is suffering from some sort of mental collapse. Before the final revelation, however, comes the young man’s moment of personal torment — courtesy of Mike Nolden, who discovers Gates tied up in the basement of the hostel and who quickly decides to take full advantage of the lad’s vulnerability. Rather than organizing a rescue, Nolden is soon stuffing his thick, uncut ramrod down Gates’ throat — though not before he’s keened the boy’s senses up somewhat by dripping hot wax onto his young, smooth body. Nolden, it seems, is keen to use and abuse his discovery, and won’t be satisfied until he’s got Gates’ hard-on banging away at his guts — an ambition that he accomplishes with surprising ease considering that Gates is supposed to be an unwilling accomplice in events. But that, of course, is all part of the movie’s ambiguity, with Gates ending the encounter with a face-load of jizz and piss and a grin that you’d usually associate with the Cheshire cat! A sight that’ll get you jerking off like crazy for sure, and which leads effortlessly to that promised revelation and the final twist in the tale . . .

Length: 1.36 GiB Duration: 2h 1mn 32s 793ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 462 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 416 (1.731) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 132 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

File size: 1.3 GB


Year: 2004
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Humiliation, Intergenerational, Muscle Men,
Hairy, Dildos / Plugs / Toys, Fisting, Punishment, Double Oral Penetration,
Underwear Play, Pissing, Interracial Sex, Rimming, Tattoos
Length: 1:47:06
Director: Doug Jeffries
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Kent Larson, Vin Nolan, Jonathan West, Tag Adams,
Sergio Anthony, Ruben D’Angelo, Rick Gonzales, Antonio Montez,
Drew Peters, Jack Ryan, Kyle Lewis
Description: Somewhere in a futuristic science lab a chic female scientist and her dreamy blonde assistant perform tests to study the causes of habitual criminal sexual deviancy. Their subjects: an assortment of buff hunks and wily boy-studs who are definitely in the mood to play sweatily – even if most of the sizzling action takes place inside their sordid minds. First up is a men’s room suck-and-plow. Jack Ryan, looking quite dashing in a suit, offers some cash and promptly feeds his rock-hard cock to Sergio Anthony through a toilet stall glory hole. Keep your eyes peeled for a hot standing fuck with Ryan carrying Anthony while plowing him silly, capped off with the tall top creaming the Latino bottom’s face before they both get busted by the cops. In the next bit, studly Kent Larson and Kyle Lewis enter in tuxedos and shiny silk shirts. In walks dreamily delicious All Worlds Discovery Jonathan West, a reputed straight Marine (!) Who strips down to reveal a plentifully tattooed and perfectly smooth, sculpted body and wanks off as Larson and Lewis commence with the ass-ramming. But wait! Strait Mr. West lets both Larson and Lewis suck his cock, which remains rock-hard and pointing sky-high throughout, all while Larson gets plowed by Lewis. Jaws will drop and loads will erupt over this four-star volcano of chiseled man sex. Voracious pig-dog cock stud Tag Adams gags down on both Antonio Montez ‘and Rock Gonzales’ huge anaconda cocks in a hoggish, spitty cock-swallowing fiesta. Slurpy ass eating and high intensity finger probing ensue, and Tag gets slapped around a bit for good measure – just like the choking bitch-boy he likes to be. Then he gets his booty tagged terrifically on top of a barrel, ultimately taking a dual creamy facial. At this point, owners of the Director’s Cut hardcore version will then be treated to a post-coital water sports spritz. The finale is a steamy descent into the bowels of hell – or at least the sci-fi lab’s boiler room with scaffolding – where blonde hottie Drew Peters happens upon the big fat hard cocks of tattooed Venezuelan daddy Ruben D’Angelo, clad in chain harness and leather cuffs, and goateed Vin Nolan, in backwards ballcap. Brace yourself for some back-and-forth spit play that would make an expectorating llama envious, and an extreme power slam. The Director’s Cut version features some extreme dildo play and a fisting, with Peters striving to set what I suspect is some sort of record for diameter of a pried-open sphincter. His swollen inverted rosebud is a startling sight you’ll not soon forget. Notes about the DVD extras: The running commentary with director Doug Jeffries, editor Fay Dubois and cast members (and real-life lovers) Sergio Anthony and Vin Nolan is a briskly entertaining and highly informative essay on virtually all aspects of the production. In effect, it’s a crash course in Porn Making 101, and the speakers espouse on such topics as the ins and outs of shaving one’s balls … the agony and ecstasy of fisting … what distinguishes a good top … watching real-life lovers fucking somebody else onscreen … coaxing an impossibly gorgeous “straight” Marine into allowing two daddies to suckle on his throbbed-hard goodness … and on and on. Better still, Jeffries hints that a future production will likely see the handsome Marine devil Jonathan West plowing deep into some lucky dude’s bottom for his first-ever topping session in an all-gay flick. Can’t hardly wait!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: Xvid 720×480 29.97fps 1787Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

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Shadow Lane’s – Who’s Afraid of the Spanking Neighbors?

Katrina Rosebud, Rubee Tuesday, Ralph Marvell and Butch Simms

A double scenario spanking, masturbation and sex video for viewers who crave all 3 erotic variations packed into one esoteric production.

While hosting a dinner party for a new neighbor and his girlfriend, Rita has a bit too much to drink and subsequently throws a surly jealousy tantrum the moment the guests have gone home. Not one to put up with such nonsense, Ralph promptly turns Rita over his knee and gives her a very sound spanking. Punishing Rita for her insolence takes some time, and a variety of implements and bottom jutting positions are brought into play to put over Ralph’s lesson of caring dominance. In the course of the severe but loving scene that follows, Ralph’s huge hand, a wide strap, birch, leather slapper and wooden Spencer paddle are used to good effect on Rita’s shapely bottom as Ralph convinces her that she is the only woman he desires. In addition to administering continuous discipline and meaningful scolding to Rita, Ralph eventually inserts his long, adept fingers, into his wife’s vagina, then deeply into her anus and finally applies a large, textured, external vibrator to Rita’s sex to stimulate the well spanked redhead to a shuddering orgasm.

Meanwhile, surprised by the slapping noises emanating from the next apartment, Katrina asks Butch what’s going on. Butch tells her not to worry, it’s only his “spanking neighbors” having their usual jealousy inspired Saturday night free for all. Katrina is intrigued and aroused. It is soon evident to Butch that his guest has an interest in spanking that can only be satisfied by experiencing the sensation across his own muscular thighs. Butch spanks the pretty brunette over his knee and bent over a leather padded bench, becoming rigid with excitement in the process. Game little sex kitten Katrina soon frees her host’s large trouser snake from its confinement and gives Butch expert head. Katrina’s clothes come off revealing her fine, slim, well exercised young body, nipples hard and pussy ready to be plumbed to the depths of her innermost pinkness. Butch is more than ready to accommodate her needs and plunges his manly engine into her girlish recesses enthusiastically, still spanking Katrina’s cute bottom at every opportunity. After a good deal of sex and spanking, including fully nude and in several revealing positions, the combination of nipple stimulation and deep vaginal penetration (via Katrina bouncing up and down on Butch’s lap), succeeds in bringing off the vivacious Hollywood thrill seeker. The scene ends with a final round of consummate head and a mighty load being discharged against Katrina’s soft red mouth. This video introduces two new players to Shadow Lane spanking fans, the intriguing Rubee Tuesday and the adorable Katrina Rosebud. Rubee’s scene with Ralph is somewhat dramatic and her expressions and reactions as the jealous, hard drinking wife who is tamed by both spanking and love are extremely arresting. Katrina’s scene with Butch is pure hardcore, with all the right angles on all the explicit action we could fit. In this video, nothing sexual is left to the imagination and both women take a good spanking as well. Who’s Afraid of the Spanking Neighbors combines hard spanking, protracted foreplay and explicit sex in a manner that is tastefully rendered, meticulously edited and properly peppered with the warm fuzzies so dear to the hearts of spanking romantics worldwide.

Who’s Afraid of the Spanking Neighbors?, a double scenario spanking, masturbation and sex video is 70 minutes in length and available now.
File size: 644.5 MB

This video has been removed.

Hard And Fast (2010)

Year: 2010
Genre: Big Dick, Cumshot, Group, Hairy, Muscle, Oral/Anal Sex, Rimming
Duration: 01:52:56
Director: Brian Mills
Studio: TitanMen
Cast: Leo Alarcon, Adam Knox, Spencer Reed, Adam Russo, Dante Sabel, Shay, Sean Stavos

How do you like it? The hot and hung studs of Titan have two rules: Hard and Fast. So hop on board and strap yourself in as TitanMen Leo Alarcon leads a team of trained professionals on a wild ride that will leave your head spinning and your mouth begging for more. Cruising in his pickup, Spencer Reed issues a command to stranger Adam Knox: “Get in.” At a secluded patio, their boners throb in the air. Muscular Spencer towers over the toned and tan Adam, pushing him against a post as they kiss. Adam feasts on Spencer’s juicy slab, soaking the stud’s knob and spitting on his own dick. Adam works up a wet mess as spit strands drip from his chin and Spencer’s cock. The alpha male fucks Adam’s mouth, slurp sounds filling the air. With wet pubes clinging to his shaft and balls, Spencer whips his meat on Adam’s face before sucking him back. A hot low shot looks up at Adam’s tight stomach and vein-bulging bicep as he gets serviced. The two squirt, kissing as their cocks grind. Adam bends over, his ass warmed up by Spencer’s tongue and fingers. The top slides his dick inside, his beefy bod plowing away. Spencer leans down for a kiss, shoving his meat all the way in and out as a great close-up captures Adam’s puckering hole. Then with his gorgeous cock hard as a rock, Adam sits down on Spencer in a stunning sit-down fuck. The bottom rides like a champ, sitting all the way down and grinding in an impressive display of strength and stamina, his own boner practically bursting. Adam gets on his back for another deep fuck before the two unload on each other again. Movers Adam Russo and Dante Sabel have an hour to kill, which gives hairy Adam an With his ass peaking out of his jeans, Dante moves in for a kiss. The shaved-headed Adam gets his cock worshipped, his big chest filling the screen. Adam gets hungry, unzipping Dante as the stud’s already-hard cock bursts out. The scruffy-chinned Adam deep throats Dante, his slab slick with spit. After snapping up Dante’s cock and licking his balls, Adam gets a face fuck as his own dick throbs. Dante sits down on Adam’s tongue, getting eaten as the two shoot their loads. The dark-skinned stud then sits down on Adam’s thick meat, jacking his own stiff slab as he bounces up and down. The two whisper to each other as they fuck (“You like riding my fuckin’ dick?”), the bottom’s cock bobbing on its own. The moaning Adam then gets on his back as the two switch positions, taking Dante’s dick deep as an overhead shot looks down on his beefy body. The bottom’s hairy muscle pecs quiver as he gets rammed, Dante’s balls slamming his hole. The top squirts, then licks Adam’s balls as the bottom comes and flashes a hot smile as the two kiss. As their toned and hairy chests soak up the sun, Leo Alarcon and bearded Shay kiss outside. Shay licks Leo’s pit, prompting a smile from the dark and handsome hunk. Their bristly chins graze as the kiss, the two wrapping their arms around each other. Leo works his way down Shay’s bod, planting his face on his bursting briefs. Leo soon wraps his lips around Shay’s shaft, smiling as he looks up. That turns on voyeur Sean Stavos, who shows off his super-stiff shaft as he watches – a hot profile shot capturing his pulsing meat as the two play in the background. Sean moves in and rubs his dick against Leo’s shoulder, the sucker now taking turns on the cocks as his feeders kiss above him. The three squirt, leaving Leo’s bod coated with cum. Shay gets on his back for an intense fuck from Sean, whose masculine moans heat up the scene. Leo massages the bottom’s chest, feeding him dick as Sean continues his sultry fuck. Shay smiles and stares into Sean’s eyes, pulling him down for a kiss as the three continue their passionate encounter. Leo then gets rammed from behind by Sean, who kisses Shay above the bottom. Leo’s hard red cock is splayed underneath his legs, his wet ass hairs shining. Shay’s boner throbs in Leo’s face, both of his holes soon stuffed. Sean then gets on his back and stays stiff as he gets fucked deep by Shay. The threesome’s chemistry explodes, including a huge Leo stream that flies across Sean’s hairy bod and a gorgeous gusher from Shay that coats the bottom’s balls and drips down his ass.

File size: 1,8 Gb
Format: AVI
Video: Xvid 688×384 29.97fps 2162kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128kbps

File size: 728.7 MB

Raw Speed [Staxus Raw]

Year: 2009
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Bareback, Cumshot, Sucking, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Twinks, Spunks
Length: 1:39:24
Director: Vlado Iresch
Studio: Staxus / Raw
Cast: Alan Craft, Damian Dickey, Daniel Wood, Fany Duke, Jake Bailey, Jesse Shaw, Marco Bill, Nick Deniels, Ray Weil, Robin Few, Rogan Crow

Description:Hold onto your helmets, boys – this is gonna be fast, furious and totally raw! An explicit foray into the sexy world of sleek cars and high-speed bikes, with some of the Czech Republic’s spunkiest lads going hell-for-leather in pursuit of the next Fuck!
DVD covers

Sc.1: The First Full Morning Of Sex
We all know, of course, that waking up next to Marco Bill can only mean one thing – namely that you’re gonna be expected to open up every hole going in order to accommodate Bill’s insatiable, ass-hungry cock – but did anyone warn the rather curiously named Fany Duke of this fact? Not that this gorgeous cock-lover appears in any way incapable of holding his own when it comes to servicing the sort of thick, veiny, uncut shaft that Bill has throbbing away in his crotch first thing in a morning; indeed, he’s soon feeding off the monster like a being possessed, slurping off Bill’s knob-end as if next month’s rent-cheque depends on it – which it probably does! Little wonder that the youngster finds it ultimately impossible to hold off from spewing the entire contents of his balls shortly afterwards – an act that Bill clearly takes as his cue to give his young compatriot a real good fucking! Ultimately resulting in Duke’s ass being filled to the brim with copious quantities of thick, creamy spunk. Fabulous!
Sc.2: Everybody’s Horny
Having been given the opportunity to prove how good he looks when driving a car that’s almost as hot as he is, Robin Few takes on the dark, sultry delights of Daniel Wood – whilst new-boy Jesse Shaw watches (and wanks) from the sidelines . As anyone who’s seen him perform before knows, Few is one hell of a dirty-minded slut, who will literally go to any length to get hard cock thrusting into his innards – and this occasion is absolutely no exception. Indeed, if anything, the realisation that he and Wood are being watched makes the lad even more of a whore than he usually is. On his front, on his back – Few is a power-bottom in every sense, who’s not content until every drop of jizz has been drained from Wood’s balls. Even then, though, the sight of Shaw’s monstrous cock – still quietly jerking off in the background – is more than enough to get the youngster wanting even more spunk. A wish that young Shaw is only too willing and able to see realised.
Sc.3: Caught In The Act
Rogan Crow might look sweet and innocent in a nervous sort of way, playing with himself all alone with only a wank-rag for company, but the arrival of Damian Dickey and Jake Bailey on their motorbike is more than enough to encourage the exhibitionist-streak in this young man. Indeed, despite all his apparent coyness, this is one young man who knows exactly what to do with hard cock when he sees it, engaging in the antics of his two more experienced counterparts like a veritable pro. Bailey, for his part, is equally forceful when it comes to getting what he wants – parting his legs so that Dickey can thrust his unsheathed shaft deep inside, before promptly mounting Crow’s gorgeous butt-picker. No surprise then that the youngster should erupt shortly afterwards, whilst being skewered from both ends; although it’s Dickey’s cum-shot that ultimately gets our vote. A magnificent volley over Bailey’s face that emphasises every inch of uncut skin in the process. In short, a definite must-see.
Sc.4: A Big Cock In Action
Having played a slightly marginal part in an earlier scene, Jesse Shaw returns for a much more involved set-piece with Nick Deniels – whose semi-developed facial hair gives the fellow an almost Shakespearean appearance. Not that there’s any call for high drama in this encounter, though the donning of leather jackets by each of the boys at the start of the scene will certainly raise temperatures in plenty of quarters. As it seems to do, in fact, between these two lads; with Shaw promptly falling to his knees to service Deniels’s cock, before Deniels in turn surrenders his tight little butt-hole to that meaty weapon that Shaw keeps tucked between his thighs. No danger of any rubber interfering with the action here, guys – these two horny crotch-rocketers like their action raw and uninhibited, and (in Deniels’s case, at least) are not content until their mouths are awash with fresh seed. A desire that young Shaw is only too willing and able to realise as he blows a shed-load of sperm from his swollen bell-end.
Sc.5: The Last Cumshots!
Fucking the daylights out of Robin Few obviously isn’t enough for Daniel Wood, as he takes this opportunity to sneak off to the woods on his motorbike with Alan Craft. Spreading a blanket on the floor as if to eat a picnic, it’s very much a diet of spicy sausage and creamy nuts for these two boys; blowing each other off, before Craft gives his pal a hard-knuckled hand-job that allows Wood to spray the forest floor with sperm. At this point you’d be forgiven for expecting Craft to be given the chance to bang away at Wood’s pucker, but the unexpected arrival of Ray Weil (Wood’s boyfriend) changes all that. Wood (not wishing to be discovered) makes a dash for it; leaving Craft to entertain Weil by means of the only weapon at his disposal, namely his butt-hole. Cue a scorching cowboy-style ride for the young filly, which only concludes when Weil bursts his nuts over his own belly and Craft blasts his contribution over Weil’s expectant tongue. The Czech Republic has rarely looked so raunchy or so hot!

Video quality: DVDRip
Length: 1.58 GiB Duration: 1h 39mn 24s 899ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 2 142 Kbps, Aspect: 688 x 384 (1.792) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

File size: 1.5 GB