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Brocky Brown and Guiseppe Pardi

Year: 2009
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Muscles, Shower, Rimming, Tattoos
Length: 00:14:56

Brocky Brown is all muscles.
His abs are insane and his body is built for sex. In this scene, which we filmed in Budapest, Brocky fucks the insanely beautiful Guiseppe Pardi. They start off in the shower, and finish off in bed. What a perfect pairing. They are both the epitome of their – just stunning!

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StreetBoy / 2011 [ Eurocreme ]

Year: 2011
Country: Great Britain
Genre: Anal, Oral, Group, Big Dick
Length: 01:37:38
Starring: Trojan Rock, Jordan Sins, Leo Marco, Alex Stevens, Caleb Moreton, Others
Studio: Eurocreme
Directed by: Max Lincoln
Description: StreetBoy is a modern twist on Oliver with Trojan Rock as the man in charge of his street boys – a modern day Fagin.
When StreetBoy Jordan gets caught skiving by the big and tough Rock, he is sent back to the den to await his next job. He is bored and hates being there with the other street kids, until they flick through the TV channels and find a porno film in full swing. What else can a group of boys do to while away the time but get their cocks out?
Cue an awesome foursome from these young fresh faced twinks, including one of the hugest dicks in DreamBoy history. If massive meat is your thing, then this is definitely for you.
There’s no hole that’s not a goal as this horny fuck-fest culminates with a cock throbbing spunk session to get you joining in the cum fun!
And this is only the beginning of a super adventure dvd from DreamBoy!

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Men of Israel

Year: 2009
Country: Israel / USA
Genre: anal, oral, hunks, cumshots, outdoor
Length: 1:47:35
Directed by: Michael Lucas
Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Cast: Jonathan Agassi, Avi Dar, Morr-Foxx, Matan Shalev, Naor Tal, Ninrod Gonen, Guy Gonen

Description of “Israel is a country of sun drenched beaches, breathtaking vistas, and the world’s hottest men. A groundbreaking production, Lucas Entertainment’s Men of Israel is the first gay adult film shot entirely on location in Israel with an all-Israeli cast. It takes you on a sexual journey exploring the strong and sensually provocative men of this nation. Men of Israel features a fine selection of tanned and chiseled muscle hunks, showing off their gorgeous bodies and sexual prowess and includes five hardcore sex scenes, filled with deep-throat dick sucking, intense ass pounding, and more. It is a landmark in the history of Israel and in the evolution of adult entertainment.
Michael Lucas devoted months of searching with Israeli casting scouts to discover fresh-faced, masculine men that would justly represent how sexually arousing the Men of Israel are. Drawn from various parts of the country, the seven men showcase the diversity of the nation. None of the cast has worked in adult movies prior, but for them it came naturally to perform with such raw sexual passionate that will blow you away.
Matan Shalev and slim twink Naor Tal begin their scene on the shores of the beach with hot foreplay and making out. Matan stands, while Naor kneels and deep throats all of Matan’s thick cock. Naor is placed on his back, feet over head, giving Matan excellent access to the skinny boy’s pert ass and butt hole. Jonathan Agassi watches from afar, stroking his meat and catching the action from every angle. After rimming and spitting the tight ring, Matan primes Naor’s ass with lube and then shoves his fat fuckstick in and gives Naor the ride of his life. They hump in a variety of positions before Naor fires his wad over his body, followed by Matan adding his load to the mix.
While standing on the window ledge of an ancient edifice in Jerusalem, muscle hunk Avi Dar deep throats hirsute beauty Jonathan Agassi, taking ample time to lick his thick shaft and heavy nuts. Jonathan nuzzles Avi’s armpits, then licks his cock and bubble butt. After Avi’s hole is primed and readied by Jonathan’s talented mouth, Avi takes all of Jonathan’s fat meat in a variety of positions. Both men scream in pleasure, with Avi’s talented hole milking Jonathan’s dick until Avi shoots his wad, followed by Jonathan cumming across his partner’s lips and tongue.
On a balcony in full view of Tel Aviv, slender Naor Tal performs a knee-buckling blowjob on massively muscular Morr Foxx. Morr then returns the favor before the pair retreat to the bed of their apartment. Naor spreads his legs wide so Morr can tenderly lick and fondle his tempting sphincter. After intense ass fingering, Morr covers his dick with a condom and slides it into Naor’s willing butt. Naor is pounded in a variety of positions before cumming across his bod, with Morr shooting his wad into Naor’s mouth.
Jonathan Agassi and Matan Shalev begin their escapade atop sun-drenched cliffs near the Dead Sea. They grind their underwear-covered crotches into each other, until their hard-ons spring out of their clothing. Jonathan gobbles Matan’s thick fuckstick before Matan bends over and Jonathan enjoys eating Matans’s tight butthole. Matan then takes his turn between Jonathan’s cheeks, followed by Jonathan shoving his dick into Matan’s ass. Jonathan pounds away before bending over to allow Matan to fuck away. They shoot massive loads, with Matan cumming directly into Jonathan’s mouth. “(From official site) Another Cover
Another oblozhkaDop. Info: Israeli guys in an unusually beautiful film, Michael Lucas. Hot climate undoubtedly influences the heat of these guys! Do not miss out – burn

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Vista Video – Idols

Year: 2001
Country: USA
Genre: Erotica
Length: 1:03:00

Description of: It’s not polite to stare … but these muscle boys don’t mind. Their bodies are genetically blessed and perfected in the gyms of South Florida. So look all you want. VistaVideo has produced another voyeur’s delight.

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IntoTheAttic – Lolita Posted 19 Aug 2010

Butt naked and strung up in the out building is where we find Lolita. The wrist of one arm is pulled up and attached to the ceiling. She can barely place one big toe onto the floor. She does have another option, however. The very small, very short metal post mounted just below her. It is capped with copper and electrified. If she wants respite from that arm being pulled taunt, indeed her whole body pulled taunt, she can rest one foot on that metal post. We watch as her long, lithe body strains under the weight of itself. She moves one foot to the post and then the next. She can’t balance and routinely finds herself swaying and catching her bound arm with her free one…

File size: 975.7 MB