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Intotheattic – Elise Graves – Captured Cunt – Part II (Posted 10-07-2010)

Elise has only been out of her hole in the floor for a couple of hours, but JR is already looking to get some favors out of her. But first, he places her into a tight, demanding hogtie while dressed in her uber cute girl-next-door clothes. Three pairs of her high heels are spread around her. JR wants to watch her objectified and humiliated before he has her service his needs. As she lie there waiting on him a constant moaning emanates from her face hole. She’s a sexually needy girl, and her predicament now just has her cunt oozing for When JR finally shows up he ball gags her face hole to mitigate the sounds her pussy is forcing her mouth to make. It doesn’t seem to have the desired effect, instead just sending further waves of pleasure out of her. She likes being turned into a small, immobile package. JR walks up to her, stands above her bound body and whips out his dick. A hot torrent of urine shoots out and falls all over Elise as she writhes in her need. It seems to never end as he focuses the bulk of the stream over her head. The smell of it permeates the room. She keeps blowing through her ball gagged face hole in an effort to prevent it reaching inside her mouth. She cries out and curses. Then he pisses all over the entire floor before her, knowing he will have her crawl as best she can through it to reach her shoes. He leaves her to lie in it, she holds her head up while in the hogtie as best she can, knowing if she rest it at all she’ll being doing so in a hot bed of urine. But after awhile, with a long thick blob of slobber hanging from her ball gagged mouth she finally gives up trying not to lay her face in it. Her body simply tires from holding her chest up off the floor and face first she goes. After listening to her moan about her situation JR sits some feet away from her, his legs spread to accept the cunt, and then orders her to make her way to his crotch. She has to navigate through a pretty big lake of urine to do so as she inch worms her way over in her hogtie. It is a slow demanding process for her as her clothes soak up all the piss, her pure white slacks brown and yellow now from dirt and urine. She has to take little breaks, to catch her breath, before inching her way over again. When she finally makes it to his crotch she collapses there, resting her messy, piss covered face in his lap, exhausted. JR makes her get busy right away rubbing her urine covered, ball gagged face in his crotch. Two minutes later his dick is down her face hole as he tells her to choke on it. She really doesn’t have a choice, lying on her belly with no arms or legs to support herself, wet from head to foot with urine, once that cock is in her face hole she pretty much can’t get away from it. If she rests her chest down she’s going to get that cock deep throated. She is made to suck it in spite of the difficulty. JR spits in her face while his cock is deep in her mouth, then orders her to tell him, without taking the cock from her mouth, that she is a cum receptacle, that she likes to suck balls, that she is a cock whore. He pushes her head down deep onto his dick and causes her to gag. A wash of thick, high viscosity fluid emerges from her face hole and falls down around his cock. She tries to catch a breath but JR doesn’t let up until she cries. When he finally tires of playing with her he shoots a thick wad of cum down her throat and has her swallow every drop before popping it out and leaving her in a pool of piss.

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