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Jet Set Men – Jersey Score #2

The guidos are back, and this time they’re in Hollywood! Jersey Score 2 stars Billy Heights as Mike “The Stimulation” and Jimmy Clay as “Nookie.” Derrick Vinyard returns as “D-Wow” and heads up a studly cast of Jersey meat-heads who find out that living together in the Hollywood hills is not only loads of fun, but also a nut-busting good time. Connor Maguire steals the show as “DJ Pauly G” and his crazy guido outbursts: “T-Shirt Time! The Cabs Are Here! Burgers for the Boys! Busted!” Sharing is definitely caring in this house.

Billy “The Stimulation” Heights and Jimmy “Nookie” Clay return to the Hollywood Jersey Score house after a night out at the clubs looking for sex. Billy tries to get in the “Smoosh Room” and Jimmy confronts him, asking why he’s tryin to get in there. The two guido boys exchange verbal blows that lead into Jimmy blowing Billy then flipping his legs up and fucking his sweet Jersey ass. As always Jimmy delivers an amazing cumshot you have to see to believe. (What do those guido boys eat at the Jersey Score house anyway?)

Pauly G. locks guidos Derrick “D-Wow” Vinyard and Phenix “Vinny” Saint inside the bathroom at the house while they’re getting ready to go out. While looking for an escape Sammy finds some interesting “things” in the bathroom – a glory hole and a bunch of dildos. Since they figure they’re not getting lucky by going out the two guidos get it on in the bathroom and Derrick plows the hell out of Phenix in this hot scene.

After a night out on the town Pauly G. and Ronnie come back to the Jersey Score house and go to the “Smoosh Room” to have some fun. They’re soon interrupted by Mike “The Stimulation” who persistently knocks on the door reminding the horny pair that “Sharing is caring.” The boys end up sharing all right – they share Mike’s sweet ass.

Billy Heights promises Tyler Ford and Tyler Hunt that he won’t tell the other housemates about their as long as they let him watch. The two Tylers agree to let the stud whack his big inch cock while they fuck each for his pleasure. There’s always drama with this group of unruly guidos in Jersey!”

Genres: oral, anal sex, cumshots
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JetSetMen – Billy Heights & Jimmy Clay

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Studs, Muscules, Oral, Anal, Cumshots
Length: 00:26:28
Description: The Guidos of Summer have officially invaded the Jersey Shore for 2011. Billy “The Stimulation” Heights takes on and gets a hot piece of Jimmy “Nookie” Clay that puts summer of 2011 into a totally different situation which gets the guidos dicks hard and the roommates talking. These tan gym rats are this summer with their quest to pound as much ass as possible in the short time they have the shore house. Billy and Jimmy decide to hit club Karma but find them selves back at the shore house late night empty handed and rocking big hard dicks with no holes to score with and that doesn’t make pickle knobbing Nookie to happy. Jimmy “Nookie” who is always in a battle for control in the shore house with Billy “The Stimulation” takes fully advantage of the situation with both of them being wasted. Jimmy knows the only way to shut Billy up is to start putting things down his hot wet throat. Jimmy lunges at Billy and darts his tongue right down Billy all too willing throat and the clothes start flying to expose those hard ripped tan bodies. Billy goes right for what he has been craving all night which is that fat cock Jimmy has been keeping hidden in his jeans all night. Its pure ecstasy to watch Billy deep throat Jimmy’s rock hard cock and to see it drip with salvia is perfection. After worshiping Jimmy fat dick Billy pushes Jimmy into the position to enable him to go face first into Jimmy’s incredible bubble ass. Billy illustrates his marathon mind blowing tongue skills all over that beautiful pink hole which puts Jimmy into a fuck frenzy. Jimmy then tosses Billy onto the couch and mounts that big boy and forces his way into that fun hole with every thrust that hole gets stretched and Billy loves every second of it. The sweat begins to pour all over their ripped bodies as Jimmy goes balls deep in that tight hole. Jimmy flips Billy over as too let him know its not over till he says it is over and with Jimmy’s hard wet dick and an open hole you know Billy is going to get it good and hard. Billy collapses on his back and lets Jimmy pummel his perfect ass over and over. The building up of a mother load is evident as you watch the sweat drip down Jimmy’s face and land on Billy’s sculpted abs. Jimmy then rockets out a load that completely drenches Billy which sets Billy off to fire a load of his own that cascades all over both of them.
Released video: 06.06.2011

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