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Ten Tora Ganbaru!

Release Year: 2013

Genre: jRPG, Big Breasts / Big tits, Catgirl / Neko, Comedy
Developer / Publisher: Forever and ever
Platform: PC / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7
Minimum System Requirements :: HDD 150MB ::
Description: Bright and energetic, her daughter, tiger tiger heaven a little silly. Had the homeless on the street near the village, was attacked by the opposition, it had been important to take the scroll! To do the job of the village, while pay for accommodation, follow the scroll was taken, A comedy RPG H of Chantra heaven luck! Lost the battle with the monster, and in the eyes H, Been seduced by the men in the hot springs of the village, and forced to be a H, Mr. and husband of an inn, with series of hot spring … Mr .. Yes tentacles! Yes bestiality! Milking, egg production, and so on! Even in the eyes any expectation that beg to heaven Chantra work hard to fine!. Download and enjoy!

File size: 129.4 MB

Dmitrys full collection

The full collection of works of the author of Dmitrys is presented to your attention. Arts, porno and wall-paper. It is sorted and without doubles.
Type: Misc
Censorship: No
Genre: Futanari, Bestiality, Milking, Giant Tits, Human Pets, Slavery, Crossdressing, Creampie.
Language: English
Permission: 238×241, 2031×1098
Number of pages: 1497
Format: JPG

File size: 340.8 MB

This video has been removed.

Boundary Between Dream And Reality

Release Year: 2000
Genres: Angels, Bestiality, Catgirls, Demons, Fantasy, Female Students
Video language: Japanese

Life in two realities.
Kengo sees an exciting dream: his charming stranger calls and asks passionate love. However, she calls him an unfamiliar name – Aoteru. "But I do not Aoteru" – the guy says in amazement. In this sweet dream broke.
Kengo wakes. On the table remains on the computer. Virtual girl mockingly laughs from the screen and calls the hero unkind word "tank".

Total size: 943.5 MB in 4 files.

Legend of Queen Opala II

Release Year: 2012

Legend of Queen Opala II – Episode I-II v. 1.01 is now released with fixes to Illustration 47 crashing, portrait gifting and Iliona party switching.
Continuation of Princess Opal and her royal family. The action takes place in a distant land, a regular guy named Kai occupied with his own immediate affairs decided to repair the fence myself and went for help to his neighbor, and all of a sudden the sky lights up with a bright flash and the neighbors rushed to the light. Armed men try to catch a fragile girl who is a princess of Egypt. Heroes, sacrificing himself to help his new friend, but what will happen next and what they turn into action?
In the game a great many firsts, here are some of them: the magazine with a list of characters and creatures, pumped level of relations with the characters of the game, forging weapons and armor, the system advances.
Genre: RPG, Adventure, Bestiality
Publication Type: License
License: Freeware

File size: 216.6 MB

Legend of Queen Opala II Episod 1-2

Release Year: 2012

Continuation of Opal Princess and her royal family. The action takes place in a distant country, a regular guy named Kai occupied with his own immediate affairs has decided to repair a fence and went for help to his neighbor, and suddenly the sky is illuminated by a bright flash and the neighbors rushed to the light source. Armed men try to catch a fragile girl who turns out to be a princess of Egypt. The heroes, sacrificing himself to help his new friend, but what will happen next and what actions they turn out? The game has a huge number of innovations, only some of them: the magazine with a list of characters and creatures, pumped the level of relations with the characters of the game, forging weapons and armor, the system advances. The second part of the story continues, new opportunities and additional illustrations.
Genre: RPG, Adventure, Rape, Bestiality Publication
Type: License
License: Freeware

File size: 216.6 MB

[H-GAME] Insult Impregnation Training Drill

A woman is pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher, fully intending to keep her vow to be married to her betrothed. Her days pass in peace. Then, those peaceful days are shattered by a group of brutes.

Before her fiance’s very eyes, they fill up her womb and make her awaken to the pig that lurks behind her facade of reason.
This is an adventure game for adults, featuring a training drill of sexual insult.

Features several extreme situations including sexual insult photographing, disgraceful enema training, showers of semen, bestiality with a dog.

File size: 170.4 MB

Blue (2006, Hot House Video)

Release Year: 2006
Studio: Hot House Video
Cast: Alex Collack, Robert Van Damme, Nick Piston, Kent North, Francesco D’Macho, Marc Williams, Dean Monroe, Marco Paris, Arpad Miklos, Jason Kingsley, Trevor Knight, Matt Cole, Rafael Alencar, Mason Wyler, Kyle Lewis, Tamas Eszterhazy, Gabriel Sinclair, Ross Stuart, Nick Horn, Anthony Martinez, Mason Garet
Genres: Extreme sex, Muscle, Fetish, Anal, Oral, Toys, Fisting, Big cocks, Dap, Jocks, leather, Group, Interracial, Rimming

Slip into the fantasy. Slip into Blue. Slip into the color of Levis. Director Steven Scarborough invites you to slip into the shadows with Marc Willaims and Kent North in part two of the stunning 2-part Black-N-Blue Series from Hot House Video.
Tattooed matinee Tamas Eszterhazy opens his mouth really wide to accommodate the two giant dicks in front of him (Arpad Miklos and Gabriel Sinclair). As the two tops get worked up from Tamas’ wet and greedy mouth, they move him on his back so they can attack his beautifully-inked butt. Gabriel steps up for the first ride, pile-driving Tamas with his ferocious Latin nine-incher, opening up his hole real good for Arpad. Arpad flips him onto his knees and slams that infamous pole in and out with gusto – but Tamas takes it like a pro. They throw him down on the floor where Tamas pulls his legs back and shows off his used hole. Arpad mounts him and fucks like a champ as the sweaty trio starts to pop their loads one by one, covering Tamas with hot spunk.
Kent North, the biggest pig-bottom in the business, gets his fill when he takes on horsehung stallions Marc Williams and Rafael Alencar. Alencar stands in front of North, ramming his massive rock-hard cock deep down his throat while Williams and his huge cock power-fuck North’s greedy hole. Both horsehung tops want to shove their meat deep into North’s hole so they throw North on the ground and roll him over onto his shoulders. At first they take turns, shoving their clubs in deep, one at a time. Eventually both cocks slide into North’s ass. Williams and Alencar show North no mercy as they punish his hole until they both shoot hot loads all over North’s gaping manhole.
World-class cocksucker Marco Paris works overtime feasting on Ross Stuart’s perfect fat rod. Just before Stuart blows, Paris stands up and shoves his long uncut cock into Stuart’s hungry mouth. Paris notices Stuart’s plump ass and can’t resist, licking and sucking the pink puckered hole. All of the attention has Stuart rock hard. He positions Paris doggy-style and begins to slowly fuck him. Paris turns over and Stuart fucks him harder this time – but it’s still not enough. Paris takes over, laying Stuart down and fucking himself on Stuart’s rigid cock. Paris bounces up and down until he drains his nuts all over his washboard stomach.
Dean Monroe is on his knees, deep throating Matt Cole’s long hard cock while Cole is busy gagging on Nick Horn’s extra-thick tool. Cole and Horn have a cock fight over Monroe’s wet, hungry mouth. Serviceman Monroe grabs both men by their cocks and begins sucking them off. Eager-to-please, Monroe gets on all fours between the other two so that Horn can fuck his hole and Cole can feed his face. Next Monroe lays on his back and the two cocksmen trade places. Horn rides Monroe’s face while Cole thrusts his huge piece deep into Monroe’s ass. Power-bottom Monroe has the two top-studs on their backs, cocks hard and standing at attention, so that he can take turns riding them. He hops back and forth, giving both studs a taste of his clenching hole until all three men rub out huge loads.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:27:06
Video: 640×480, XviD, 1734kbps
Audio: 31kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

Perfect Pet | Sasha DVDRip

Sasha loves being treated like an animal. Stick her in a cage and it will make her wet in minutes. She is just a beast of burden. Put her to work and she will do it diligently. Feed her from the floor and she will eat like it is the best meal of her life. And of course her favorite part of being good livestock is the breeding. Chain her up and fuck her like you own her and she will be yours forever. Loyal, obedient and always begging for more.

File size: 657.1 MB

Lewd Saint Anemone -Corpulent Tits and the Gasplust Creatures in Eternia-

From the creative mind of series “Phantom Armor Tetra” and “Fighting Slave Princess Asuka”…
Popular artist Tsumugi Amamiya presents a new world with a maniac huge titted heroine!!

* Orc f*ck, dragonesque monsters, ghoulish r*pe, three-headed cerberos (of course doggy style!)
* Bestiality in both holes maniac interspecies sex galore!
* Pure, clean shrine maiden is sopping in filth, gapefaced like the animals cumming inside her!

Nadja has defected from demon king’s army and engages in forbidden acts to overthrow them all.
The power of the heavens (Eternia) is summoning inside holy saint Anemone.
Helpless under command, Nadja r*pes her to test the limits of her power.
Her violation spans a hell of vile creatures, all surging with eros!

File size: 350.8 MB

This video has been removed.

Kowaku no Toki Seduction time

Release Year: 2011
Studio: TinkerBell/PoRO
Genres: BDSM, Oral sex, Scat, Bestiality, Fisting
Video language: Japanese

Will be presenting to your attention hentaynuyu game, which absorbed all sorts of distortions, which could only come to mind to our fellow Japanese!
Somewhere in the mountains there is a mysterious mansion. The mansion is not just weird, it carries a lot of secrets and surprises, such as what is a butler, of course, a lot of choices you will not be, but like many hentai games, answering questions, you can switch between the storylines.

File size: 202.6 MB

Seduction time

Release Year: 2011
Studio: TinkerBell
Genres: BDSM, Oral sex, Scat, Bestiality, Fisting
Video language: Japanese

Small detective who works on a small detective bureau. Things are going badly, or rather they do not present. 24 / 7 and morning hangover buhalovka – nothing at all unusual. However, every night of the epic hero visiting strange dreams about the rape of some unknown girl, but also a strange request for an investigation of a quite intelligible businessman is not dumped on his head suddenly. The essence of the investigation – to investigate a certain area, is precisely the area where the mysterious mansion. And so our hero and his assistant Momono undertake the task. But neither he nor his assistant could not even imagine what they can expect to come ….

Format: lavfpref
Duration: 29:52
Video: 704×396, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 202.3 MB

PainToy – Slave To The Beast DVD

Release Year: 2011
Studio: PainToy

BDSM taken to a raw and primal energy of pain, anger, lust and sexuality. Slave to pain is an exploration of the painslut and the sadist. With Emma Soji and Alebeard, their real life S&M shines through in this fest or whips, paddles, canes and straps.

Format: asf
Duration: 43:04
Video: 320×240, Windows Media Video 9, 439kbps
Audio: 15kbps

File size: 144.4 MB

Sex Friend !

Exclusive porn game (Flash/BDSM/Rape)
Year: 2010-2011
Genre: Flash, Animation, 3DCG, BDSM, Rape, Big breasts, Futanari, Group sex, Lolicon, Tentacles, Doujinshi, Anal sex, Blowjob, Futanari, Straigh
Publisher: Japan
OC: PC Win Xp and others Best in this genre!
Software requirements: web browser (EI, Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Opera, etc) or Flash player
Description:Sex Friend ! Rare games in different genres, the most interesting. BDSM, and other violent genres. If you’re fed up with office-game you must look at this erotic game. It will help you Great sex game in the best Japanese tradition. Beautiful girls moaning orgasms guaranteed. wet pussies are waiting until you’re on them you press! A good way to
Translation: Japanese / English
Censorship: Partial or No
Format: swf, html
Size: 65.5 Mb

Click on the screen they will open:

File size: 65.5 MB

All Worlds – Passions Of War 2 – The Journey

Whoever said that the military is in a state of crisis obviously hasn’t been on maneuvers with the men in “Passions of War: Chapter 2: The Journey.” Granted, it’s never clear exactly what military these overly muscular grunts belong to, but from the opening shots, you get the sense that finding new recruits hasn’t been a problem. “Chapter 2: The Journey” picks up where “Chapter 1: Honor” left off: horny G.I.s in every imaginable kind of stylish camouflage, wielding hefty weapons on some remote island training facility. The pristine blue water and rocky coast suggest a Greek Island holiday, not a no-frills boot camp. But it’s not likely you’ll be checking out the scenery — even though the director spends quite a bit of time panning his camera over every nook and crevice.

Our grunts are searching for the elusive desert pearl, splitting up into reconnaissance teams to accomplish their mission. Rather than mind his post, though, Rogerio Mateo slips his buddy Sandy Lance a Spanish Fly-like concoction from his canteen. The next time we see them, Sandy has Rogerio’s mammoth meat in his mouth. Poor Sandy can do little more than lick the top — it’s not the girth that’s troublesome, it’s the stalk-like length of it. He’s completely content licking his lollipop that he seems to miss entirely Rogerio’s awesome Latin body, tall and muscular.

Julio Carillo sneaks up and watches from a distance. Being hot-blooded, he pulls out his own impressive dong and masturbates while Rogerio fucks Sandy. We get some awesome close-ups of Julio’s beautiful cock with its naturally hairy bush and fuzzy nutsack. His wank only lasts a few minutes before he spunks, working his spent juice languorously into the folds of his foreskin. Rogerio bangs away, flipping Sandy onto his back, hot rays of sunshine splashed across Sandy’s exposed chest and belly. The camera perfectly frames Rogerio’s explosive cum-shot, which seems to go on for quite some time.

They say deep bonds of friendship form in times of war. When Rod Stevens gingerly steps on landmine, Fredy Costa (who looks a bit like Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg, if you use your imagination) rushes to his aid. But even in the midst of deactivating the mine, this sneaky bastard is ballsy enough to request a blowjob in return for saving his buddy’s leg from certain doom. His beautiful body still intact, Rod somewhat moves into a nasty 69 position, sucking Fredy and allowing himself to be poked and prodded by several of Rod’s fingers. Fredy’s got a big dick, it must be something in the water, so when he finally bends Rod over and bones him, it’s looks like an excruciatingly tight fit. We get some impressive views of both men when they fuck on their sides facing the camera, Rod’s lips pooching out with pleasure. And finally, the camera inches back for their big finish, these two spectacularly muscular men standing atop a roughly-built stone wall, jerking off side by side. It’s seems almost surprising when they finish their session by kissing.

Stealing a moment for himself, Julian Salieri slyly unbuttons his pants when he thinks no one is looking. Julian is one of those studs whose muscles have muscles. His cock however, while still delicious, is almost dwarfed by his broad frame. He jerks off furiously, the entire time scanning the horizon for anybody who might spoil his private party. Ever have to get off before your parents or your roommate get home? I’ve had that feverish, frenzied look on my own face, trying to eke out a quickie. Julian clocks in under two minutes. And when he gets off, even his obliques are contracting mightily.

Miguel Sabroso and Julian Vincenzo could be brothers. They look so similar, you have to do a double-take during their on-screen hook-up to determine who is who. Both are incredibly dark-skinned, goatees framing full lips, gymnast-built and hung. The best way to tell them apart is the tribal tattoo snaking its way down Julian’s sculpted right arm. One of the highlights in this film is watching Julian suck cock. He performs his oral service with skill, twisting on Miguel’s cock while his tongue flutters over the head. Miguel’s grunts and groans are understandable. In a break from the formula, Julian tops Miguel on what looks to be a very uncomfortable stone slab. The director does more fancy footwork, panning out, and then zooming in from a great distance while the models are fucking. This is by far the sexiest pairing in the entire flick, coming to a close with intimate cum-shots from both guys.

“The Journey” finishes with a three-way between Randy Jones, Kevin Cage and Lucio Maverick. I’ve experienced envy quite a few times watching porn, but the sight of Randy Jones switching between Kevin and Lucio, soaking each of their pricks in spit, made me positively green. Forget that both of these guys have hot crotches, and I could barely tear myself away from Randy’s biceps. He’s worked those fuckers so hard that each arm has what looks to be a grapefruit tucked under the skin, a fat vein running perfectly down the center of each. Kevin fucks Randy on his back. While Randy’s getting plowed, his face is mere inches away from Lucio’s cock, which Kevin is busy sucking as he continues to fuck. Randy’s eyes glaze over and he absentmindedly licks his lips. The models switch up and Randy takes a spin on Lucio, crouching over his cock and riding it. Lucio keeps himself busy by blowing Kevin. This smokin’ scene ends with the three models seated side by side, lucky Lucio in the middle. The trio jerk their cocks, bend from the waist to snatch a quick suck on a buddy’s meat or kiss. It’s impossible to watch this scene in one sitting because there’s just too much raw heat to absorb without repeated viewings.

Other than the film’s blaring marching band underscoring, one that’s John Philip Sousa-flavored and has a decidedly patriotic, American feel, “The Journey” surpasses the first installment, “Honor,” with its skilled pairings and seamless videography. There’s not one lackluster model in the whole battalion, every military maneuver executed flawlessly. And when the words “to be continued” pop up, it’s a certainty that on some remote island, there’s a crew of soldiers gearing up to strip down for a third installment.

Starring Sandy Lance, Rogerio Mateo, Julio Carillo, Fredy Costa, Rod Stevens, Julien Saliero, Julian Vincenzo, Miguel Sabroso, Randy Jones, Kevin Cage and Lucio Maverick.

Directed by Eugene (a.k.a. Csaba Borbely).

Genres: hunks, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: rmvb

File size: 466.9 MB

Sun Quest

Prospective bride’s female characters as well as de Gonboru, animated cartoons and other war games also.
With bestiality, rape there has Bote belly, of course, also Japanese and Chinese couples.
Girls can also be sub-pregnant by rape.

File size: 124.7 MB

Bursting Breasted Undercover Detective

Drop project presents another title focusing on the BOOBS!
How can this good-shaped enormous breasts can get even bigger?
Transform the body for your pleasure with big breasts and even super huge boobs or whatever. Seeking the larger and large breasts!
Breast enlargement, nipple expansion, nipple sex, anal enlargement, anal sex, clit expansion, bestiality, breast squeezing, reverse irrumatio, voluptuous, pregnant body assault, electric play etc
You witness how her breasts becomes bigger and sexier!

Japan in the near future
The of prosperous Japan became a myth, and people live in poverty.
People started to rumor about an underground kingdom where vicious crimes are organized exists somewhere in this country.
May from “Special fighting force Snake” started investigating on this.
However, one incident occurred and that was the beginning of her downfall…

Total amount of CG images: Approx. 210 (including variation)

CG: Rui from Pitipitigarou R
Voice: Miyabi Shien, Rio Kisaka
Scenario: DROP
File size: 437.5 MB

This video has been removed.

Zooerastia CG Collection

Production: 2006-2010, the
Genre: Blowjob, Lolicon, Bestiality, HCG
Censorship: Yes
Developer: Toyomaru Zooerastia
Language: Japanese
2006 年 07 月 06 日 Zooerastia CG Collection-01
2006 年 11 月 10 日 Zooerastia CG Collection-02
2007 年 06 月 20 日 Zooerastia CG Collection-03
2008 年 12 月 01 日 Zooerastia CG Collection-04
2009 年 06 月 02 日 Zooerastia CG Collection-05 (jpg)
2009 年 11 月 01 日 Zooerastia CG Collection-06
2010 年 06 月 15 日 Zooerastia CG Collection-07
2010 年 09 月 25 日 Zooerastia Mini CG Collection-01

File size: 106.0 MB


This is a comic novel CG collection about sexual training, set in the fictional world of Kage*ou II.

The story is progressed by means of comics, a novel, illustrations and CG images.
The game story turns into a parody story. The story’s driving force is Rachel’s quest for revenge.

The genres of this game are sexual training, bestiality, childbirth, body remodeling and hermaphrodites.

The main character is Alicia, but there are a few others.
There are 11 base CG images. Includes variations.
The comic is 56 pages long, includes illustrations.

All images are also available in high resolution.

File size: 89.1 MB

Words Worth Gaiden

Year of manufacture:2002
Genre: Bestiality, Bondage, Fantasy, Demons, Cat Girl, Rape, Tentacles, Violence
Duration:25 minutes
Studio:Elf & Green Bunny
Description:The war between the tribes of Light and Shadow has heated up as bloody battles become more and more common. Redheaded Persia and blonde, tanned Sabrina are the only survivors from their unit, and a lovely catch for lurking Shadow Tribe soldiers. But their predators’ are being followed as well, by elven beauties.

File size: 386.9 MB

Sex And Submission – Sasha Knox

Studio: Sex And Submission / Kink
Genre: BDSM, All sex, Submission, Anal, Oral, Bondage, Toys, Hardcore

Sasha Knox, a true BDSM lifestyle enthusiast, plays with Mark Davis and gets fucked in the ass while in bondage. A hard suspension has her immobilized and her breathing restricted as she sucks cock. She is treated like a dog and led around by a lease connected to an ass hook. She comes hard from riding the super vibrating Sybian while pulling on her ass plug and is then fucked in the pussy and ass.

File size: 683.9 MB


Type of distribution: Misc
Format: JPG
Language: English, Russian
Quantity: 932 pcs 314 + pcs
Genre: Futanari, Bestiality, Milking, Giant Tits, Human Pets, Slavery, Crossdressing
The best of the best writers depicting Futanari. Sweet girl with big breasts and a strong member.
Many works which featured a horse member who chase the girls as much happiness to most diaphragm.
And of course the animals. Dogs and horses. And women-cow, the giant milkings.
In general, your imagination will be delighted.
animated – 4 animated SIFCO with feet!
deviantart – includes all nehentaynye work, a good half of which will be /> hentai-foundry – saytrip, some of the overlap with deviantartovskimi, but I did not delete them
misc – everything you could dig up from other sources
File size: 190.1 MB

This video has been removed.

Carmen Rivera Bizarre by Nature Vol 15

She is tough and consistent, has shaped fantastic, great tits and has a dirty talk in which almost no one would dare to disagree: CARMEN RIVERA. A full-blooded busty dominatrix in latex and leather as one (s) they wish.

Date: 2010
Country: Germany
Genre: Xtreme
Directed by: n/a
Studio: Carmen Rivera
Starring: Carmen Rivera

Duration: 1:27:00
Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video: 512*384, 29.970 fps, XviD ~1593 kbps avg
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128kbps VBR

File size: 700.3 MB

Female Warrior Yuko’s Adventure

Female Warrior Yuko’s Adventure – Orcs’ Humiliation Edition

Tags: Bestiality, Hentai, Monsters, Sagemonn, Shota, Straight Shota, Video, Yuri
File size: 373.7 MB

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African bestiality

Riveted body to fence be fried under african sun hereinafter earthworks in shit with beating

Time:80 min
Format: AVI
Size: 360.9 MB

File size: 362.2 MB

This video has been removed.

Youth and bestiality

she quite making look younger but sadists do not turn on this attention They simply maniacs.Tortured her(it) on pole but afterwards forcible sex with vibrator

Time: 33:13
Format: AVI
Size: 114.9 MB

File size: 114.5 MB

blood sadism

present bestiality in respect of gnarl

Time:90 min
Format: AVI
Size: 600.9 MB

File size: 499.8 MB

[FLASH] Plazer And Perverted Animal

This is THE bestiality hentai collection!

A beloved wife is made to sleep with a dog, and then with beasts!

While she resists at first, you’ll get a peek at the reality of her feelings as she is driven mad by desire!

We’ve got so many shots of her expressions while being pleasured and endless shouts of pleasure that it’ll almost have you annoyed!

This movie will get you cumming right along with her shrieking voice!

File size: 165.1 MB

[3D SEX GAME] Strange and Erotic Stories

The story centers around Maiko, who has been troubled with bad dreams. In those dreams she met Akina, and now she has to take part in a devilish game in order to save her.
Sex when she wakes up from the dream, and even more sex when she wakes up from that dream!!

Tentacles, bestiality, pregnancy, childbirth, lesbian scenes and even more! The world of crazy pleasure never ends!

File size: 923.5 MB


This is a Ragnarok Online mini adventure game featuring main scenarios involving bestiality with dog, horse and monsters.
Girls who are defeated in battle succumb to every kind of violation from monsters.

File size: 104.4 MB