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BelAmiOnline/gduroy – Dolph Lambert and Phillipe Gaudin

Dolph Lambert and Phillipe Gaudin were new to man-on-man sexplay when they first come through our doors here at BelAmi.
“We had to explain to Phillipe that shooting porn and working as a diplomat do not go together”-Georg Duroy
Phillipe Gaudin comes from a very small village. “It’s a really god-forgotten place,” George Duroy jokes. “The internet does not exist in such a remote village, therefore Phillipe feels he is safe from discovery. But I would not be so sure.”
He is perhaps the most even-tempered of the current BelAmi boys. He reminds George of Colin Hewitt because Phillipe is virtually always in a good mood and enterprising about how to improve things for himself.
When he first came to our offices, his future plans included becoming a diplomat. We had to explain to him that shooting porn and working as a diplomat do not go together. Being very practical, he figured out that he would prefer to have his freedom.He’s fresh and willing to learn so Phillipe Gaudin is perfect material for Dolph Lambert – one of Bel Ami‘s best-loved porn stars. Phillipe may well be new to the biz compared to his experienced scene partner, but he’s proved in several scenes that he knows just what he’s doing when it comes to sucking cock. And he has a big boner to play with here – and one that ends up buried in his asshole

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