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HardTied [2009-05-27] Sister Dee

Dee hasn�t been obeying Master A. As soon as she thought he wasn�t looking she got all tramped up to go play the town slut. Master A berates her thoroughly, but the tongue lashing is the least of her worries. His rope harness will keep her in place while he teaches her a lesson.
dee�s endurance is the thing Master A is going to test. For such a tiny vibrator it has her begging to cum surprisingly fast. she�s gone through two orgasms before he has even gotten started. her pussy isn�t done yet, though. Instead she�s left to endure more vibrations until Master A decides to come back. When he does it isn�t pretty for dee. Her tits get vicious clamps and her legs get a severe flogging. She isn�t even allowed to cum until those clamps have been pulled from her sensitive tits. Once she does have permission though, Master A gets her off until she�s almost begging him to stop.
dee gets balanced on a spiked board with the sharp points digging into her tits. Every time her head moves forward it pulls the ass hook deeper inside of her. Just sitting in that position would be hard enough but Master A isn�t through punishing her pussy. If she wants it filled so bad he�s happy to ram Mr. Pogo into her holes until she knows better than to try to score more cock on the streets.

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This video has been removed.