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Bare Huge Dicks 12 (2010)

Categories: Bareback Sex, Horsehung, Twinks – Young Meat, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Blonds, Europeans, Facial Cumshots, Simulated Rape, Uncut Cocks
Starring: Enrico Cruiz, Daniel Blair, Keanu Reese, Roberto Cruiz, Lazlo Ungry
Studio: Vimpex / Huge Studio

Two slender twinks (coverboys) in white briefs make out on a sofa and their bulges begin to get bigger as they kiss and fondle one another. The more hung of the two is really cute! It doesn’t take long before the one has his lips wrapped around his buddies big, curved cock and is bobbing up and down. The two are a bit emotionless as they go through the motions but it picked up a bit when the more hung of the two fucks his mate from behind. The scene ends with the two jacking off with the big dicked twink shooting a real nice load and high into the air!
In a wood shop, two twinks, one an adorable, muscular, blond and the other with a shaggy skunk-striped haircut get down to business and get a bit of “wood” going of their own. The blond unleashes the others huge, fat, uncut cock and gets a nice face fuck. It’s really a great cock and the blond continues to suck him as he lies back on a desk working every inch of it and his big nut sack. Surprisingly it’s the blond who tops, but a great fuck ensues in a couple of positions. As the blond pounds away missionary style he jerks his buddy off that leaves his stomach covered in creamy goo. The blond pulls out and shoots all over his friends ass before lying on top of him.
The action continues in a similar fashion with two cute dark haired Spanish looking twinks. Neither looked impressively hung but they were nice to look at as they sucked each other in a beach d?cor room. The two 69 then fuck and it doesn’t take long before their both unleashing their loads and one even gets a nice facial!
Two cuties really seem into one another as they take a long time kissing and fondling one another until their fully undressed. Their both nice and lean, one a bit more muscular and has the bigger cock, while the other is more young and boyish looking. Again, lots of nice shots as the two exchange blow jobs and work each other over, but a bit subdued. The younger rides his fuck buddy for a bit before lying on the floor with his legs in the air. It ends with the two taking turns giving each other wet, sticky, facials.
A more collegiate looking twink, with an awesome big dick forces a cute blond to go down on him and he doesn’t seem to mind that’s for sure! Either would I! The guy is hot! The two take turns rimming each other before the blonde, who’s got a pretty nice dick himself, gets blown. The two are the most energetic of the cast and really seem into it which made it much more hotter then the rest. The blond gets on all fours and is delivered a nice ass pounding before his face gets sprayed upon and vice versa.
With the exception of the last scene the rest felt mediocre in comparison. The guys are all adorable, sport some nice looking cocks, but the action and energy was just a tad lackluster. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:20:06
Resolution: 720×512
Size: 1.14 GB

File size: 1.1 GB