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Fuckfest Sleepover / 2010 [ Helix , 8TeenBoy ]

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Twinks, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Rimming
Length: 01:45:34
Starring: Brody West, Max Morgan, Patrick O’Riley, Devin Corey, Chase Harding, Corey Jakobs, Roxy Red
Studio: Helix , 8TeenBoy
Directed by: Keith Miller
Description: Fuckfest Sleepover fun starts with dick sucking and ends in anal fucking in this six scene 8teenboy adventure. Action packed, full of blond twinks that know how to fuck and get fucked – Chad Fitch and Patrick O’Riley steal the movie and our breath in their flip fucking scene.

It does not get any better than this steamy twink threesome from 8TeenBoy. These sexy, good-looking boys sure do know how to enjoy themselves. If you are into blonde twinks then you are about to enter heaven. Prepare to drool all over your keyboard as you check out this breathtaking scene. Never have three studs gone at it like this, with so much passion and enthusiasm for sex. Watch as two of these horny guys take turns sucking the other twink’s throbbing cock. This amazing gay threesome is quite a sight to behold. You will be shocked to see how far down their throats these fit young men can fit a dick.

After an evening of bumping and grinding, these horny young boys are ready to move the party to a much more intimate setting: the bedroom. Seth Adams immediately starts kissing Evan James, who lies back on the couch and slowly but seductively takes off his blue denim jeans. Now that Evan is completely naked, Seth devours his fit body with his mouth and slippery tongue. He is soon blowing on Evan’s hard twink cock, swirling his tongue around the head of his penis. Next Evan also gets his mouthful of hard fucking cock as he gives his partner a return blowjob he will never, ever forget. Afterwards, Evan spreads his butt cheeks open and lets Seth ram his cock deep inside his tight little asshole.

This twink sleepover party turned naughty in a hurry. It did not take long for Kyle Bradley and Corey Jakobs to start fooling around with each other in this mind blowing Sleepover Fuckfest scene. Apparently, Kyle is tired and ready to get some shut eye. Meanwhile, Corey has cock and steamy anal sex on his mind. How will this matter resolve itself? Corey Jakobs gets next to Kyle and goes straight for his cock. Watch as he takes Kyle straight to heaven with an unforgettable blowjob. Kyle, as can be expected, got very horny himself and was soon sucking on Corey’s cock and licking his tiny asshole. Corey is now ready to drive his monster cock inside Kyle’s twink ass.

It was gay love at first site for both Patrick and Fitch today. Truth be told, both of these guys looked like they were having the fuck of their life when they came to the 8TeenBoy studio – though I put that down to the fact that they’re both hardcore homos with an equal passion for balls and butts. Of course, only one alpha male can be the king of the other and today, it was obvious that Chad wanted to give rather than receive. After some hot foreplay and a boatload of kinky gay sex, both Patrick and Fitch decided it was time to seal the deal with a proper sticky finish. We at the 8TeenBoy studio have seen plenty of hot cumshots in our time, but if a general consensus were gathered, the numbers would probably say that the ten seconds of unloading Patrick gave is pretty much unrivaled by any other porn shoot on the planet.

Have we got a high octane, passion fueled treat for you today! After having a great time together in an empty house, Brody and Patrick decided to take their soft twink bodies up the bedroom for some quality homosexual action. A few minutes of deep kissing must have set the testosterone in their bodies into overdrive, as the sex that follows it is full on, hardcore and hotter than hell. These cute lads love to suck cock, munch butt and pack fudge like no other group we have seen before. It really is a wonder how these hung babes managed to keep the pace up – 20 minutes of hanky panky is enough to make anyone collapse from exhaustion. The silence shared is great in this scene – nothing quite beats listening to the sounds of balls slapping and lungs breathing during a hardcore homosexual romp. Fingers crossed these guys come again, and we mean that in more ways than one.

We do love the fresh man meat here at Helix Studios and when a couple of new up-and-coming male porn stars make their way into the 8TeenBoy studios, we can hardly contain our excitement. The scene starts out with Chad slowly tugging his member under the sheets when a knock at the door surprises him – seconds later, he’s pleased to see one of his friends come through the door who is “looking for a place to crash.” Before too long, Ashton jumps on Chad and the good times start as these two skinny teens have their first sexual experience together. After some obligatory 69 action, the hardcore banging soon starts and these two hot twinks certainly know how what real man love is. It’s hard to tell exactly who dominates in the bedroom – though it’s not really an issue, as both allow the other to come and even help them with the act!

File size: 1.5 GB

TM mnfst

Year: 2011
Genre: Kissing, Oral Sex, Rimming, Fucking, Anal Sex, Bareback, Double Penetration, Masturbation, Facial, Group Sex, Twinks, Brunette, Cum Shots
Starring: Aiden Mychals, Tyler Berke, Colby London, Ryan Conners, Felix Russo, Jake Heartnett, Trevor Laster, Dustin Revees, Lee Paine
Director: Keith Miller
Studio: Helix, HotStuds
Video: XviD 960×540 29.97fps 2026Kbps
Audio:MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps

Description: Get ready for a new era of twink bareback sex. If you liked Bareback and Beyond, Bangin Boys Bareback and Horny Ass Fuckers, you’re really going to love Bareback Crush. The twinks are hotter, the action is intense and the close-ups are sharper than ever. Its 2011 and our boys are upgrading wet, raw & double penetrating sex.

File size: 1.7 GB

This video has been removed.

Confidential Meetings

Year: 2007
Genre: compilation, bareback, twinks
Length: 1:44:55

Description: Confidential Meetings has two great Smiling Boys barely legal teens films on one disc – Cock Parade and Dingsda. Two young lads in tracky bottoms playing footy stop for a rest and play with each other. One of the lads is small and slight and his bigger mate rolls him over to fuck his virgin arse. A dark handsome lad is sucked off by his lighter skinned mate, and shoots a load of boy-cum in his face! Two lovely eighteen year old lads do cock-sucking and anal, the prettiest lad taking it up the arse before he gets a load of cum in his face. Three teens meet for sex. The luckiest lad gets one teen cock up his arse and another in his mouth.

File size: 1.0 GB

Bare Ravers

Year: 2010
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Anal Sex, Bareback, Blow Jobs / Oral Sex, Europeans, Group Sex (4 or more), Rimming / Ass Licking, Threesomes, Twinks
Length: 1:56:57
Director: Vlado Iresch
Studio: Staxus / Raw films ltd. / Bare
Cast: Julien Heath, Falco White, Sam Brooks, Daniel Wood, Carter Hides, Ian Smason, Jacob Bishop, Julian Tomlinson, Neil Cross, Roney Clark, Thomas Dyk, Christopher Kidd.

Product description:
Sc.1: Bottle-Blond Opens Up To A Meaty, Rubber-Free Knob-End
You don’t need to have a particular interest in kick-boxing to savour the opening shots of the appropriately named blond-haired wonder, Falco White, going through his pre-fight moves in this opening scene, but you will need to enjoy the sight of athletically-clad youngsters brawling around together on the floor, rubbing their swelling crotches against each other and generally getting themselves into a pre-orgasmic lather. Given the nature of most of our fans, of course, that’s something that’s going to appeal – big time! – particularly when the lads abandon their faux-like romps in favour of sucking each others’ meaty, uncut shafts and hunky Jacob Bishop thrusts his unsheathed knob-end into White’s tight (but extremely eager) ass-hole. Cue a fabulous foursome that not only sees young White royally buggered but also his comely, doe-eyed face getting splattered in streams of fresh jizz – courtesy of Roney Clark. Totally debauched, but exactly the sort of filth that we know you deserve and want!
Sc.2: Julien Heath Bounces Up & Down On A Thick, Uncut Pole!
You’d have to be some sort of gelded nerd not to fancy the pants off the utterly irresistible Julien Heath – and fortunately for us (and you!) the Czech Republic doesn’t seem to produce many of those. Rather pretty much every lad in Prague is like Ian Samson when they encounter this divine young sex-god – hard as rock and just gasping to screw his pert little ass for all it’s worth. And believe us, the price on that gorgeous rump almost broke the bank! That said, we suspect you’ll agree that every cent we paid on securing Heath’s participation was most definitely worth it – no more so than in this, the first of his three appearances, where floppy-blond Samson first fingers and then finally fucks this cropped-haired beauty’s pucker. The sight of Heath bouncing up and down on Samson’s pole will almost certainly have you cock-in-hand; as will seeing Samson spurt his load and then push it back into Heath’s quivering ass. No doubt about it, your appreciation is definitely gonna be very, very sticky!!!
Sc.3: Thick, Meaty Ramrods Make For An Enviable Suck-Fest!
Julien Heath’s kick-boxing match with Falco White finally arrives – but don’t expect director, Vlado Iresch, to dwell long on the event. A blink of the eye and Heath has been declared the winner, setting up just the sort of victory celebrations that I’m sure we all wished followed every such encounter. For no sooner have Heath and White finished sparring than the likes of Carter Hides, Roney Clark and Christopher Kidd are pulling out their thick, meaty ramrods in anticipation of the suck-fest to come. Not surprisingly perhaps – given his dominance of the ring (excuse the pun!) – it’s Heath who again secures centre-stage, slurping his mouth around every cock in the room. Don’t shoot your load too soon, though. The highlight here is the sight of those same shafts dumping their wads over Heath’s expectant face. Pride of place (not unnaturally) goes to Heath’s vanquished combatant, White, who quite literally plasters the youngster’s eyes and nose in baby-brew. It’s a sight to warm the cockles of the heart, and one that’ll swell Heath’s grandma with indisputable satisfaction!
Sc.4: Thomas Dyk Gives Up-And-Cumming Neil Cross A Test Drive
It says something about the Czech porn industry that you can be considered an on-screen elder statesman by the time you’ve reached your early twenties, but that’s exactly the role that the legendary Thomas Dyk now seems content to play – even donning a mat of facial hair to secure the point. Incredibly, the guy is still more than capable of holding his own in any scene – as demonstrated when paired up here with the up-and-cumming Neil Cross. How many performances Dyk has given in his time is anyone’s guess, but there’s still never a hint of fatigue when confronted with an aching, throbbing shaft; and indeed it isn’t long before Cross’ poker is knocking the back of his throat and tickling his tonsils. On this occasion, however, it’s Cross who’s nominated to part his legs, as Dyk fingers and rims the hole before thrusting his raw cock deep inside. Little wonder that Cross bursts his nut-sac in the process; leaving Dyk the pleasure of squirting his own seed into his partner’s all-too-hungry mouth. Beautiful!
Sc.5: Cute, Young DJ Sucks The Life Out Of Fan’s Stiff, Thobbing Cock!
Cute young disc-jockey Sam Brooks struts his stuff on his decks, gaining quite a formidable fan-base in the process, but it’s curly-haired blond, Julian Tomlison, who provides him with his greatest attention – a veritable groupie who oozes temptation from every pour. Indeed, Tomlison clearly won’t be satisfied until his mouth is hanging off Brooks’ thick, uncut shaft – an ambition that he achieves with quite minimal effort, it has to be said. But then why should a lad like Brooks shun such an offer? He’s young, horny and – given his recent performances in the likes of RAW COPS – is not adverse to man-on-man action. A penchant that he continues to display with similar gusto here, as the two young twinks engage in a scorching flip-flop session of cock-sucking and bareback ass-banging that only concludes when Tomlison sucks the juice out of Brooks, who in return spurts the contents of his balls over Tomlison’s face. An unquestionable case of “share and share alike” if ever there was one!
Sc.6: Julien Heath Gets His (Hard Cocked!) Reward …
Everyone loves a winner, and the fact that Julien Heath convincingly triumphed in the ring means that all his friends now want a piece of him. Which in this instance, of course, means getting their mouths and asses around his big, fat, masterful cock! Not that it’s all one way traffic, by any means. We’ve seen enough of this young lad already to know that he’s more than partial to a bit of dick himself, and it comes as no great surprise to see him quickly feeding off Julian Tomlison’s knob-end. What’s more, being the fantastic bottom that he is, Heath is very quickly riding cock like an undeniable pro; before taking a creamy mouthful of jizz from Tomlison’s erupting shaft! All that said, it’s arguably Tomlison who ultimately steals the scene, as Daniel Wood and Ian Samson both spurt the contents of their tight young balls over this sweet punk’s face. In short, a very sweaty, sticky, spunk-fuelled conclusion to a movie that’s gonna seriously risk breaking the rewind button on your remote control!

File size: 1.8 GB

Banging Balls

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Kissing, Oral Sex, Rimming, Tea Bags, Fucking, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Facial, Group Sex, Twinks, Blonds, Brunette, Cum Shots, Frat-Jocks, Muscular
Length: 1:58:19
Director: Keith Miller
Studio: Helix, 8Teenboy
Cast: Cody Cachet, Steffen Van, Tyler Frost, Damien Richards, Kyle Bradley, Michael Lee, Brody West, Chad Fitch, Matthew Summers, Hayden Chandler, Erik Ashe (photo not provided), Patrick O’Riley

These hot young soccer players score big on and off the field.

Scene 1 (Cody’s Flip-Fucking with Steffen)
What you’ve all been waiting for! … Cody Cachet’s got a secret twink fetish for bottoming for just the right top. Even hotter, Steffen and tight hole twink Cody go at it with some jock straps after a good soccer practice … All we have to say is “Flip-Fucking Hot!”
Scene 2 (Tyler fucks Damien)
Tyler and twink boy Damien have a pretty sweaty practice that tires Damien. Tyler thinks otherwise and makes Damien work a little harder. Shorts rip off, dicks get sucked, asses get pounded.
Scene 3 (Kyle bangs Damien)
After some hard soccer practice on the field, twink boys Kyle and Damien come back to their room and strip down to the skin. With heavy breathing and hard pounding, Damien spurts a heavy load onto his stomach.
Scene 4 (Michael fucks Brody hard …)
Horny ass Michael and handsome eager Brody come back from a hot and steamy practice and now they get to practice their anal fucking skills – as if Lee needs it.
Scene 5 (Matt, Chad and Hayden)
These three newbies are having the time of their lives filming with each other. Kissing, sucking and fucking gets their libidos going fast to a fantastic threeway ending.
Scene 6 (Erik balls deep in Patrick)
Erik slams his cock deep inside Patrick’s tight twink hole causing him to scream out loud begging for more.
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