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Dallas Spanks Hard’s "Timer Spanking"

He started out with a long and SUPER HARD otk session with my hand. (One that afterwards Audrey Knight called the hardest hand spanking she had ever recieved.) I used a special concoction of “THE STING FACTOR”, created by Sabrina Starr jyst for this shoot. I then moved on to a solid hairbrush…..A Paddling YOU WON”T BELIEVE!!!! Then on to the same bath brush I gave Audrey in our first session….. I MEAN I BLISTER HER TO TEARS! Next some INTENSE stand up paddling that will have you saying “OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!” I mean I use a plexi-paddle and a long thick and heavy paddle that Caneiac.com sent out and happened to arrive on the same day. AN OMEN FOR SURE! I make it even more difficult for her by telling her if she steps even an inch off her mark. I add a more severe twist! BOY DO I EVER! Audrey thought her spanking was over…without asking she iced her bottom down in the cabana. This was a terrible move. I next bent her over for another thick and stiff strap… A tube whip (SHE SAID WAS WORST OF ALL!) THEN LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST – THE ANTIQUE QUIRT!

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