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Tokyo-Hot n0429 – The Fire Semen Shot – Saki Fukuyama

A formal & boring television shopping was reborn by the TOKYO HOT. Necessity and indispensable assistant to program is SAKI FUKUYAMA of the seductive style with dynamite tits. SAKI becomes the unexpected situation ransacked with a cock after she having been massaged around a pussy though It is an article introduction while it really tries various massages device with one’s body. And, the program finally develops even into a large promiscuous sex. Please enjoy the impact image that the well ordered pussy is destroyed in ugliness while the public watches it. It is live telecast of television shopping in which massage machine is sold. SAKI cannot firmly introduce the commodity by the bad arrangement. The director and the MC rage after the program ends. The staff is immediately gathered and the evaluation meeting is held. The sponsor arrives while shouting just after that. A man rages at there is no telephone of the merchandise purchase at all and presses on the staff. The spearhead of the anger is pointed to SAKI who blundered by a program. SAKI who was forced to take responsibility with the body is immediately thrown down and made to take off clothes. The bust is caressed and it is made taking off stocking and the panty though she opposes. And pussy was opened greatly by open leg pose. Clitoris is intensely groped and she faints in agony. SAKI is made careful licking service continuously by lift hip up pose and pants. The cock is pushed into the mouth and she is made fellatio. In addition, she is made deep kiss while being made rub service by tits. SAKI who is intensely shouted by sponsor is daunted and can hardly oppose. And then cock inserted at standing back posture. The vagina wall is strongly scrubbed, and she pants with loud voice. SAKI utters a bigger pant voice and fires the obscene word in rapid succession when piston was made at backward woman on top and woman on top posture. The piston is done many times by various postures as bending, lift hip and so on and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy. An obscene sound sounds at each piston. SAKI intensely opposes suddenly for the vaginal cum shot though it is SAKI who was played as like as he wants. However, it is vaginal cum shot at bending posture without mercy. Thick semen blots in the vaginal orifice. However, sponsor’s anger is not calmed down. A man directs the director to make the program on a different channel that plays with body of SAKI at the same time while introducing the commodity. Taking a picture is immediately begun. SAKI is suddenly suppressed by men by open leg pose though she laughs as always. SAKI who is not made hearing anything beforehand is greatly astonished. However, she faints in agony when the clitoris is peeled off and the rotor toy is push directly. And she becomes mud and got acme while shouting. Immediately after, vibs toy inserted to the pussy. The piston is done many times and the cloudiness joy juice gushes. In addition, the pussy is stimulated with two electric massage machines, and she rages intensely and ejaculates. And shot got acme again. The cock is continuously thrown in the mouth and she is made standing fellatio. It is tits rub service after she is made lick of three at the same time. The cock wrapped in the beauty dynamite tits seems to be pleasant. And then cock inserted at bending posture. SAKI is done the piston and faints in agony while the clitoris is peeled off and being expanded labia meat at the side, back, woman on top and M-leg woman on top posture. SAKI pants loudly. And vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. Immediately after, second cock inserted and semen was injected at side posture. The third cock inserted at once at missionary posture and it was vaginal cum shot. The vagina entrance opens greatly immediately after. And then forth cock inserted at missionary posture. Semen is injected while being shown off the connecting part in the bending posture. It gets excited by the spectacle that overflows semen splashed in the vagina at the piston. After the fact, SAKI turns the pussy that is made dirty with semen to the camera and expands it. It is the loss leader of this television shopping, it is pussy of SAKI. It is good if it may insert all day long and make vaginal cum shot, it good to use for appreciation to enjoy the appearance that toy was inserted and got acme. How to handle is freedom of the buyers. Telephones rush immediately. Tens of thousands of purchase applicants rush. An extraordinary gangbang of one to ten thousands is planned because it is hardly in time one-on-one. However, SAKI turns into the decomposition garbage immediately play begins and seemed to have been disposed.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 01:25:15.476
Video: WMV 4000 Kbps 1280×720 16:9 29.970 fps
Audio: WMA 356 Kbps VBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
Language: Japanese

File size: 2.7 GB