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Alexa – Crucified by the cock

The name of the actress: Alexa
Name movie: Crucified by the cock [Part 1 & 2]
Year: 2011
Genre: All sex, Hardcore, Fingering, Fetish, Domination, Deepthroat, Slave, Pussy insertion, Bondage, Ass fingering, Anal insertion, Dildo single, Blonde
Duration: 00:13:01 & 00:10:08

Description: Blindfolded and bound by her master, Alexa is about to get a mouthful of hot cock from Mr. Nick Lang. She was a bad girl when her Master told her not to use her hands the last time she was bobbin on his banana, so Nick takes a stick and binds her to it crucifixion style. Alexa’s looking pretty solid in her black and white bustier and sleek heels, and she is enjoying each and every one of her masters commands. On her knees and just having her mouth stuffed like a turkey, and nope, no possibility to use those hands! Looking forward to seeing Nick ram that nice tight trimmed twat of hers in the next episode so be sure to come back for part 2!

Last we saw Alexa and Nick, the blond beauty in corset was in a crucifix position while Nick was poppin his prick in and out of her gaping mouth. We return to the show and this time Alexa is propped on a bug red sofa prop and Nick is jammin a big black dildo in the vixens mouth! After a few licks of her mouthwatering nicely trimmed twat, he begins to enter her vagina with the black dildo. That sucker has a grip handle on it, for maximum thrust action! Resting the wooden stick on her legs while she is spread, high heels in the air, he penetrates her and she must keep the stick balanced, while the dildo hangs from her asshole and his fingers twiddle insi …

File size: 687.9 MB


Size: 89 MB
Duration: 00:11:19
Resolution: 688×516
Video: avi
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