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Slave Sex – 023 – from 70-ties- Anita Feller.

Very hard video from 70-ties. WATCH ANITA HAVING RINGS IN LABIAS FOR THE FIRST TIME. Blood, punishment, etc. of Anita Feller. A REAL SLAVEGIRL FROM GOOD OLD DAYS.

Anita Feller from Germany was one of the first to extreme pain,, slave and piss- and scat videos back in the 70-ties. I have ripped some of my old material. Not all videos are up 2 date compared to daily standards, but the material is very authentic, and the the development of Anita, from “normal” woman to a real addict to slavery and extreme performance, can be followed by watching the first performances and to the end of her career, as ballheaded and pierced in breast and pussy doing all extreme kinds of sex as dominant as well as submissive. Don’t go for this because of picture-quality, but because of vintage-authencity. I will rip some more in better quality, so check out ).

Studio: Slavesex. Germany
Genre/Fetish: BDSM
Shopdate: 1973
Language:Originalton |
Starring: Anita Feller + master+ 1 more woman
Resolution: 720 x 480
Video format: avi 1114 kbps.
Audio bitrate: 112

File size: 477.4 MB