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Trample Factory 3 (2013)

LP – Comrade Balcar: The Game

Country: Czech Republic
Genre: bdsm, spanking
Length: 00:16:02
Studio: Lupus Pictures
Description: The period of totalitarianism brought many absurd situations in all areas of society. Totalitarianism didnt avoid youth organizations, which helped the ruling communists to consolidate their power. They used all possible means to succeed; the leading posts were filled by people of rather low quality, who didnt hesitate to abuse their position in whatever way which they considered appropriate or amusing … What do you think it might happen in a girls pioneer club lead by a frustrated ageing chief? Isnt it a setting calling for a spanking movie? Of course, it is, and Lupus Pictures company brings its story now. As we mentioned, Joe Balcar is a man experiencing many unfair situations in his life. As we can judge from a phone call, his role at his family is the opposite of his leading post at work he is a leader of Czechoslovakian Youth Association, an organization covering all youth movements, including youth pioneers. But his wife doesnt care much so Joe has to prove his dominancy on younger pioneer chiefs or the girl pioneers. He courts one of the young chiefs, however, the girl has a boyfriend, who doesnt hesitate to put his head into a lions mouth for her. So we will witness the youths sex where else than in the bathroom? Where else can they hide? Unfortunately, we are not the only ones watching them, also the rejected Joe Balcar is there … And he wont forgive this, he will surely find an opportunity. Especially when the young chief neglects her work for her pleasures, and the other girls amuse at the meeting as they want. Joe, very angry, finds a naked girl pioneer in the corridor, who tries to explain it as a kind of pioneer game activity. Suddenly, the young pioneer chief walks in, all excited and untidy after her toilet adventure. How can this end up? Surely with a good thrashing in Joes office. The first one to go is the girl pioneer. She stands naked, bent forward, and is whipped by her chief. But the beating is a bit too harsh for the young undressed lady; as her bottom gets covered with pink stripes, she cant stand still and accept the punisment she deserves … And Joe seems to grow unsatisfied. He bends her over his knees and the naked girls gets a proper spanking … Crying, tears … After the hangdog girl leaves, Joe is prepared for the young chiefs turn. How she rejected him, and that sex at a workplace, he cant let her go. So the pioneer chief has to take off her skirt and underwear and take the same position on the pedestal as the girl before. Such humiliation and shame … Thats only the beginning. Joe is very skillful with the rod, and he also suggests that if the girl doesnt stand still, she will have to confront the authorities and not only she, but also her whole family. So the girl stands and suffers. She endures a very painful beating on the naked bottom, which is whole cut and bruised. And all humiliated, she has to tidy away the rod … Yes, our dear fans, you will certainly enjoy this great movie by Lupus Pictures company, and we have one more piece of advice, Never try to outflank Joe Balcar …!

File size: 155.2 MB

Lazy Bloke Is Given HarshhandJob For Being Uselessgit

Year of manufacture:2011
Genre: HandJob
In roles:Lazy Bloke
Description: What is the matter with women these days? There was a time that they had your dinner on the table and were ready for a fuck whenever you wanted. Not any more. My girlfriend came in after work the other day after I had been having an exhausting afternoon on the sofa watching TV. She went mad because I hadn’t cooked her any dinner. Stupid cow, I mean? What is the point of keeping a dog and barking yourself? She was so angry that she stripped off my trousers and underwear and started slapping my swollen cock and balls around like a punch bag – she was particularly upset when I suggested that she should really get round to mending my bike. My penis took some serious punishment then. Women! Give them the vote and look what happens.

File size: 348.9 MB

Punishment in Russian Bath House

In the first part of this video we see how three girls are punished by two boys. While the two boys decide to go to a bath house, the three girls will wait for them in their room. The girls have to promise not to be naughty, but they don’t like that and start kissing each other and playing lesbian games with sexual toys. As the boys come back, they are angry about the girls, so they will be punished. They have to bind each other on a low table, after which their asses are whipped really hard with a belt.

In the second part, the scene starts in a house. The mother is angry about her daughter and her brother suggests that she needs a good whipping. Mother thinks that’s a good and tell her to prepare her butt for punishment. After that, she asks her son to give his sister a good whipping, like her father used to do when she was young. He takes a carpet-beater and starts to hit her lazy ass. She cries a lot, but he doesn’t care and gives her the severe beating she deserves.

Genres: bdsm, spanking
File: wmv

File size: 377.5 MB

Leilla (Where Is My Money 25.06.11)

Year: 2011
Cast: Leilla
Title: Where Is My Money?
Genre: Bondage, Fetish, BDSM, All Sex
Length: 00:44:11

Description: Hoes have to earn, or their pimp won’t be too happy. Business was slow today for Leilla and when it comes to showing the cash to Antonio, her pimp, the man gets very angry. And when Antonio is angry, someone will suffer. Leilla repays every missing bucks with her pain, and to make her humiliation full, Antonio cums on her tortured tits, so she learns her lesson.

HD Video Type: 1080p
Video Quality: HDRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 96kbps
Video: Windows Media Video 9 1920×1080 29.97fps 8000kbps
File size: 2.5 GB

Ex – boyfriends (2010) SiteRip

Year: 2010
The country: USA

Director: Keith Miller
Cast: Tommy Anders, Skyelr Bleu, Cody Cachet, Zack Mason, Ashton Michaels, Patrick Kennnedy, Matthew Summers, Chad Fitch, Markus Edward, Jasper Madison

Duration: 120 minutes

1/ Tommy Anders can’t wait to get his thick 9 inch dick sucked by Skyelr! Nothing is hotter than Tommy’s steamy cum dripping down your face after an intense fuck!
2/ Zack helps Cody take his mind off of on old boyfriend…
3/ Being ex-boyfriends doesn’t stop Ashton Michaels and Matthew Summers from satisfying their hot horny teenage urges!…
4/ Soon to be ex’s Markus and Jasper meet up in an all to frequent way nowadays. After some webcam play they meet in real life for some hardcore action.
5/ Patrick and Ashton can’t seem to get along, until of course their angry passion reaches new heights and the make-up sex explodes into a fury of ass pounding.
6/ Ashton stumbles in on his ex-boyfriend Skyelr and Chad making out on their old bed. After getting attitude Ashton decides to join in the new duo for some hot fucking and sucking.

Quality: SiteRip
Format: MP4

File size: 996.4 MB

Russian Slaves 46 – Angry Coach

Year: 2006
Genre: russian, teen, bdsm, spanking, toys, caning, crying, submission, pain, whip, humiliation, punishment, torture, beating, sports
Length: 00:59:32
Studio: Nettles Corp.
Cast: Dina Zorina, Elena Zybavina, Ira Shapovalova, Jerry Geroshvili, Nadya Ivanova, Eleonora Kuravina

At a special boarding sport-school for girls in Russia, two girls failed to show good results during a sports competition against another sports school. Cruel corporal punishment by the coach of these unfortunate young girls followed after all of the girls were forced to strip and do exercises naked. Two victims one by one were forced to stay in doggy position face down on their knees on the floor and unspeakably painful & degrading paddling by huge wood paddles was administered by sadistic coach with full force, leaving the girls’ naked posteriors bloody red.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: 720×480 29fps 2700kbps
Audio: 2 ch 64 kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

Naughty Workplace White Paper 11.

Naughty Workplace White Paper XI

Year: 2011
Country: Japan
Genre: Asian, Oral / Anal Sex, Uniform, Masturbation, BDSM, Group, Cumshot
Length: 2:11:10
Size: 2,106,004,352 bytes
Studio: KO Company, Beast
Censorship: Yes
Description: Porno in typical Japanese style.
In the original language: white papers have finally completed my work 11. Horrific rape stories, white papers not escape. FIRST TRY FINAL appeared in [Oka Masamune] young body a prey to trouble you put the price of the gas pipe by mistake.
Stimulated by the end of the thick hot cock hot is hot thick white liquid jet. [Kikuti Tomoya] full of passionate sense of justice, the guards “We just are unable to register through the audience? is going to get a confession forcibly took office … shoplifting offenses.
The truth of the guards passionate moan echoed in the office …. [Odawara Akira] excellent delivery of last resort employee performance. “Please keep it secret headquarters, and this can only be me, echoes the voice of the corporate office humiliation porn.
[Shinji Kawati] Bakibakimoderu first appearance of the abdominal muscles. Residents receive surgery at a hospital Hodoki experts was appointed as a trainee doctor, “I look at the surgery and the Heart ” will fairly addicted to technology experts surgery.
[Horse Takada Yuu] started a few years the city at that time was twirling Messenger, they had to process the claims of junior Takata became his boss.
“Because of you, and I’ll beg you to! But Takada angry but it was a trap. Takata be at the ruins of three different industries became a victim. The story unfolds in the battlefields of men sandwiched between happiness and hell. Have fun! !
Quality: DVDRip
Resolution: 720×540
Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: XviD 1.1.2 Final, 720×540, 2:11:10, 2008 kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3, 44100Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel (s)

File size: 1.9 GB

Mono Chrome Muscle

Year: 2007
Country: USA
Genre: Hidden Camera, Fetish, Military, Body builder, Posing, Masturbation, Amateur, Couples, Oral, Anal, Cumshot
Length: 1:03:00
Studio: Angry Young Man
Cast: Ohalniki with zabugornye Army
Description: NCO butt-fucks a young E-2. Thick, soapy, Canadian Mountie prepuces. A smattering of buffed, posing bodybuilders.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Video: Video: XVID 640×480 29.97fps 1487Kbps [Video 0]
Audio: Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Audio 1]

File size: 705.4 MB

Traditional strap on the buttocks

Genre: Spanking, Lesbians, Female domination, Ass-Butts
Length: 6min 42sec

A whole month’s uncle, Kostya
From the apartment number five,
Does not go to her mother on a visit
To the night you @ Bat.
Nurse goes all day long
At work, bitch
With neprotrahannoy n @ 3doy,
As a lump of nerves.
Here on this mamulka
Sataneet every day,
And me, his daughter,
Flogs a leather belt …
Starts through jeans
Makes off shorts …
I tremble in anticipation
The first red band.
Mom gushes with delight -
Wag … BLOW … more … MORE!
Wildly painful buttocks,
But my vagina *
In the rhythm of flogging a fine-fine
Everything vibrates, and I
Already paying for little bed
Of orgasm. My mother
After enjoying soon whipping
Throw a thong in bed
And go to the vagina
In the bathroom, cucumber fuck …
Well I fall asleep face down in bed,
Red ass Concertina,
I’m not angry at her mother -
Poret because she loves!

Punished took about 180 strokes with a belt, a third of which were exposed to the pope.

Video Quality: CamRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Video: 1509 Kbps 640×480 29.970 fps
Audio: 64 kbps, 44 kHz, stereo
File size: 75.9 MB

Master Maurice & Master Jon again (2011)

Cage fighter Jon has a bout scheduled for later in the week and is training on the punch bag with Master Mo. Jon looks incredibly hot in just shorts, his muscular body the peak of perfection and ready to defeat all comers. An attractive sheen of sweat builds up and both tops are enjoying their gym time when they are interrupted by the door bell. A wimpy looking college boi has turned up. The sissy had been cruising outside a cinema earlier that day, looking for men’s cocks to suck on. His luck was in and Master Mo invited him to visit. Now here he is looking at not one but 2 hard tops who he hopes will root him.
His session begins by gazing in awe at Master Jon and then he is instructed to sniff Jon’s arse and then his feet. The dirty lad even licks the grubby soles, the sweat and how it smells like cum. Seeing how much of a sub college boi is the tops prize open his mouth and gob into it, making him gag. The tops notice what a thick and heavy belt the sub is wearing. Mo yanks it out of the trousers and pulls the lad’s pants down exposing his lilly-white arse. The brutal top proceeds to belt him with force, quickly drawing huge angry welts across his backside. On his knees he gets to sniff Mo’s crotch but it’s not all fun as Jon now has the belt and the fighter dishes out a Singapore-style thrashing across the tearful boi’s rear. Bent right over Jon shoves his meaty foot up into the sub’s anus causing untold agony. Jon thrusts hard and deep, fucking the bottom-boi aggressively. They humiliate him further by making him lick Jon’s shitty foot clean.
Format: wmv
Resolution: 960×540
Runtime: 25 min.
Filesize: 483 Mb

File size: 460.2 MB

Quarantasei – M.Manara V.Rossi

Year: 2006
Country: Italy
Genre: Cartoon slide – show
Length: 00:35:56
Language: Italian
Description: MotoGP Valentino Rossi and the famous pilot, always accompanied by his faithful guide dog, and recommended the sweet and sensual girlfriend Linda. The day before the test, pert girl takes her charms on his neck, saying that pert restituera next day when she and his girlfriend umbrella. During bathing, he notices that his reflection in the mirror instead c’i Jim Morrison, who leads him into a fantasy world inhabited by angelic beings … Valentino wakes up and realizes he dreamed. On the day of testing pert rather than beautiful and sexy blonde c’i Vibora, a girl umbrella, and while Valentino wears a helmet, it violates the brakes. During the tests, Valentino goes to track and expansion, therefore, have to start the last day of the race. Dog Guido pert said falsification woman and discovers that he is a reporter for a television network, tries to warn the unwary pilot, but at this point he says to himself Vibora, which show his gratitude, and to persuade to have sex with her. Fortunately, part biting Guido Valentino and runs away, forcing the boy to follow him. Vibora is angry with his accomplice, decides to return to headquarters in London, taking hostage a real umbrella girl. Meanwhile, Valentino Guido chases with the bike in the desert and meets Steve McQueen, one of his myths, then you realize that the van had just passed before him c’i girl who took a pendant. Chasing the van and finds himself in the runway: the people who held in London. Valentino went there together with Guido, but Linda followed them. The girl and Guido are the headquarters of the network and assist in the scene: a girl umbrella Vibora explains that she and her team create a genetically superior athlete to take control of the sports world, but they obviously need to create an DNA Valentino rider, so the problem girl sara get DNA Rossi back in bed! Linda helps pert all this, we find, is captured and transformed into the perfect athlete. Valentino come by accident and the police, who vanquished the bad guys and girls for free, while Vibora and his colleague fled. Valentino goes to the airport to return to Italy and participate in the race, but his plane and controlled Vibora! Valentino’s arms for his courage and advice from Steve McQueen managed to land safely on the runway of an emergency. LM c’i near the house of Enzo Ferrari, who speaks through photos and Valentine told him to feel comfortable, and think about the race. On the day after Valentine’s perfectly all difficulties and win. In the evening, there are all his friends (including Vasco Rossi, Blues Brothers, Lucio Dalla, Russell Crowe), to celebrate, but he and Linda go to the beach. Linda undressed completely and went into the water, Valentino, and it should be noted that his charms are …

Ext. Information: Sounding comics – slideshow
Forty-and pseudo-animated film, because there are no animated characters, but the camera includes the original cartoons created Milo Manara eponymous comic done with Valentino Rossi. The figures are enriched in video special effects and a soundtrack that also includes sounds recorded during the official practice of the 2006 MotoGP at Mugello. The cast is very colorful and dubbing, format, more voice actors to improvise, as Valentino Rossi, Luciana Littizzetto, Milo Manara, Lucio Dalla and others, who were joined by veterans of the trade as Loredana Nicosia, Deborah Magnaghi.

Video: Video:
Xvid 688×384 25.00fps [Video]
Audio: Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128kbps [Audio]
File size: 717.8 MB

Gay Cadinot Hammam.(2004) DVD-Rip

Genre: Anal/oral Sex, Group Sex, Twinks

Description: This film is continuation becoming already in year one by the hey porno of film Harem. The unforgettable feelings are assured you to view of it 2th sentinel film young fellows – Frenches and Arabic habitants of North Africa have sex in which. Hammam are the public Arabic bath-houses. A film is begun with awakening of Marco, angry noise of workers in the parisian apartment.He goes down and finds the young student of electrician, working above a cable between floors. At first he proposes him away, but then meets and they become friends. When a young worker knows that Marco going to fly to Tunis on a weekend, he asks him to search his father and pass to him an a bit money… A visit of the public Arabic bath-houses is a main sparkle of adventures of Marco.

Format: AVI
Size: 1.12 Gb

File size: 1.1 GB

Video Strip Poker Supreme Pack7 [Eng / Multi]

Year: 2006
Genre: Cards (Poker)
Developer: Torquemada Games
Publication Type: license
Requirements: 512mb RAM, VMware compatible Host OS, 21Gb free space, FS supporting files> 4GB (FAT32 not supported)
Language: English / Russian / Multi
License: Freeware

Strip Poker Supreme Pack 7 is a new definition of hot strip poker entertainment with interactive video. It is a PC game with real, sexy girls playing poker against you. You can choose from 5 beautiful opponents to undress in the full version: sexy ex-marine Amber, diligent and surprising Lilly, frivolous journalist Julie, fiery noblewoman Liz, and seductive broker Ines. The girls make hundreds of sexy gestures trying to seduce you, they bluff and talk dirty too! Also, you can offer a girl a drink to make the game atmosphere really hot, or even you can try to bribe her to strip more pieces of clothes than you won from her so far. Depending on the mood, sometimes the girls play hard and careful and sometimes they are completely careless and play extremely risky. Every single game is different. All this in uncompromising picture quality: big, sharp, DVD quality widescreen video.

The game is available in many languages: english, czech, dutch, french, german, italian, polish, portuguese, russian and spanish.

Erotic and maps – for all lovers of naked girls and gambling. Girls, by the way, talk and behave like the real thing: laugh, get angry, blush … and much more. Besides all of this in high definition.

Within 41 Woman – including.

Instructions for use
… Coming …
P.S. You can put VMWare Workstation 7.0.x – should also work.

File size: 14.5 GB

Total size 14.5 GB in 4 files

Danielles – Public Nudity Video 022

Today was a kinky, naked day full of nakedness, dancing, getting yelled at by angry movie theatre employees, and ice cream…yeah. For the first time ever in my life I run down stairs in public while taking my shirt off. Now how many people can say they’ve done that? I also moon you with my white butt, while a very interested old lady looks on. Not sure if she could see anything or not, but I really didn’t want to know.

File size: 216.3 MB

Forever Night (1998) Ninn Worx

Studio: VCA
Category: Straight, Fetish, Feature, MILF
Release Date: Dec 28, 1998
Director: Michael Ninn
Starring: Jill Kelly, Raylene, Jeanna Fine, Jamie Gillis, Brittany Andrews, Stacy Valentine, Liza Harper, Ashley Renee, Brooke Lane, Robert Rose, Peter Romero, Billy Glide, John West, Eric Price, John Decker, Valentino, Colt Steele, Brick Majors, Earl Slate

Best Supporting Actor – Video, AVN Awards, 1999 – Jamie Gillis
Best Videography, AVN Awards, 1999

Brooding, sweeping spectacle that pays homage to the current trends of gothic style and fashion. Starring Jamie Gillis as an angry man who spurns the heavens after losing his wife and child, Forever Night spins a tale that jumps back and forth in time, playing itself out in Victorian Mansions, fog-shrouded graveyards and cold modern-day architecture. Stacy Valentine stars in this dark epic!

Format: avi
Time: 01:27:10
Video: Xvid 720×480 23.98fps [Stream 00]
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192kbps

File size: 702.4 MB

Cody Cummings & Tyler Ford – Cody’s Muffler Repair

Cody Cummings, proprietor of Cody’s Muffler Repair, is a regular, hard-working American guy. He knows the value of treating his customers right. That’s why he’s decided to cut Tyler Ford a deal. But when Tyler’s girlfriend takes off for the mall with all his cash, Tyler’s in a pickle! It’s a good thing Cody’s willing to explore alternative avenues of payment.

After a long day of work, Cody’s mammoth cock is begging to emerge from his dirty mechanic’s jumpsuit. He can tell Tyler is remorseful and embarrassed about not having the money. When Cody tells Tyler the of service he wants him to perform, Tyler is completely SHOCKED! He wants Tyler to suck his COCK in lieu of payment. Tyler’s never done anything like this before and is extremely But when an angry mechanic who’s just spent arduous hours on your truck is about to shove his swollen boner in your mouth, sometimes you gotta compromise!

Length: 524 MiB Duration: 20mn 33s 118ms
Video: WMV2 at 3 221 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 400 (1.800) at 29.970 fps
Audio: WMA at 192 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 523.6 MB

Spanish Heat ( 2009 )

Year: 2009
Country: Spain
Genre: Oral/Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Cumshot, Rimming, Orgies, Uncut Cocks
Length: 01:43:08
Starring: Dennis D’Nello, Maikel Cash, Alberto Jose, Fabio Costa, Jose Santos, Lucio Saint, Ruben Rodriguez
Directed by: Maxwell Barber
Description: Dive into the world of tanned bodies, ripped torsos and big dicks filled with Spanish Heat! Following countless love interests at the villa, the tattooed, muscular studs work their meaty shafts into each others bodies, pumping them hard until each and every one is ready to explode with streams of delicious spunk!
Relaxing on the balcony, these to Spanish studs have a great slow oral workout, building up to a hard fucking right there in the great outdoors. Handsome young Maikel with his smooth muscled body fucks the bigger, rock hard hunk Dennis. Changing positions after Dennis bounces on his mates dick, the spunk is soon flowing out of both throbbing shafts, covering Dennis with the warm jizz.
Heavily tattooed Fabio and handsome Lucio trek through the Spanish countryside, stumble upon Maikel’s place, catching him unaware swimming butt naked. After something wet, these two hot Spaniards take a dip with this beauty, and soon the dicks are solid and ready to be thrust down throats, taking as much meat as possible into their hungry mouths! Spit-roasted on the poolside, each and every big dick is put to great use inside every available hole, pounded solid. Fabio is one lucky fucker, getting to devour Lucio’s impressive dick while Maikel lets loose on his ass, but it’s not over yet…
Teasing his gardeners with his nice dick and great muscled torso, Dennis jerks furiously as the hunks watch on, spraying his spunk into the garden, he leaves the two, now fully turned on studs, to get down and dirty with each other. Ruben and Jose are both covered in tattoos with muscles bulging from every part of them. Pinning Jose against the tree, Ruben grinds his dick into the ever eager hole of his mate before pulling him back and making him work for his meat by bouncing on top, slowly sliding it inside from tip to hilt, ready to spunk directly over the camera, hot as hell!
Catching sight of buff Alberto outside, Dennis decides to exact revenge on Maikel and invites the muscle hunk over for some deep ass pounding! Sucking, fingering and licking him all over, Dennis lubes up his waiting hole, ready to bend him over and slam into that wet and ready opening, stretching it over his shaft as Alberto has no choice but to submit to Dennis’ unrelenting thrusts, ending up splattered in hot spunk direct from Dennis.

File size: 2.0 GB

Sweet Spot!

Year: 2007
Genre: anal, oral sex, fetish, toys, fisting, leather, rimming, piss
Length: 1:50:07
Directed by: Robert Drake
Studio: Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
Starring: Adam Faust, Danny Parker, Dominic Pacifico, Evan Matthews, Jackson Lawless, Jason Sparks, Peter Dutch, Ryan Raz
Description: Get ready for some balls-to-the-wall boot loving action in Booted, the hit from Club Inferno.

Scene 1 Experienced fist-pig Evan Matthews has won fans around the world for his incredible anal capacity. In Scene 1 he breaks in (and open) newcomer Jackson Lawless to help him discover his Sweet Spot! Lawless, a hung young stud with an eager-to-please attitude, soon discovers the nuances of fist-play. Before you know it, Lawless turns the table on his expert co-star for some incredible flip-flop-fisting action!
Scene 2 Ryan Raz meets his match when he barks at the wrong top man, Dominic Pacifico. Despite his big green eyes and tasseled blond hair Raz proves to be a resilient pig-bottom who takes every inch of Pacifico’s angry cock. Finally nothing but a table full of black anal intruding toys and Pacifico’s fists satisfy both men’s sexual desires.
Scene 3 Hairy top-stud Adam Faust discovers masked-man Peter Dutch craves anal attention, and sets out to push the willing bottom to the limit. No matter what Faust chooses to pry open Dutch’s hole – a beer bottle, a selection of monster-size didlos, even his own two bare fists – Dutch opens wide to accommodate. Both men prove to so aggressive their butt-play becomes an athletic competition. Who will win in the race to find the Sweet Spot? Watch and see!
Scene 4 Danny Parker wanders into the sex arena a virgin to the world of underground sex clubs. Inspecting his surroundings, his wide-eyed innocence quickly turns to curiosity when he discovers a slew of sex toys. After making sure he’s alone, the young horndog selects a heavy bullet-shaped butt plug and pulls out his long cock – already dripping pre-cum in anticipation of experimenting with his newfound treasures. Luckily experienced fist-pig Jason Sparks enters the club in time to show young Parker the ‘ins and outs “of buttplay! Sparks throws Parker in a sling and works his pristine hole with a barrage of anal weapons until he eventually fists the piss out of him!

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio codec: MPEG Audio (mp3)
Video: 720×480 (1.50:1), 23.976 fps, XviD MPEG-4 ~ 1362 kbps avg, 0.16 bit / pixel
Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 192.00 kbps avg

File size: 1.2 GB

ActiveDuty – Dane, Dorian & Elijah

Production year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Studs, Muscules, Oral, Anal, Cumshots
Length: 00:37:05
Description: Dane, Dorian and Elijah fuck in Active Duty. Excellent video, amazing actors. Enjoy!

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: Windows Media Video 9 640×480 29.97fps 750kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 48kbps
File size: 213.4 MB

Put Some Drawers On, Man

Year: 2002
Country: United States
Genre: Hidden Camera, Spycam, Voyeur, Amateur, Millitary
Length: 1:00:29
Directed by: Unknown
Studio: Angry Young Man
Cast: Marines U.S. Navy
Description: Filming made by a hidden camera in locker rooms and shower base the Marines in San Diego
Video Quality: CamRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: DivX 5 640×480 29.97fps 1301Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 160kbp
File size: 637.0 MB

Extreme BDSM Gay – The Angry Bondage Toy

Chad Manning is at his buddy James’s apartment looking for him. He’s surprised to find Luke Riley tied up in the bedroom. Chad gets turned on when he sees Luke’s hard cock even though he’s in full bondage. Chad tries to mess with him but Luke said that he is James’s bondage toy. Chad doesn’t care and all hell breaks loose.

Release date: Oct 1, 2009
Genre: Extreme, Gay Porn, BDSM, Muscle, Macho
Cast: Chad Manning, Luke Riley
Duration: 00:49:25
File size: 592 MB
Format: WMV

File size: 592.1 MB

Dawson fucks preston (2011)

Produced in: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Oral/Anal Sex, Freshmen, Rimming, Muscle Men
Duration: 00:21:37

Dawson challenges Preston to an arm wrestling match where the loser gets fucked. If I were Preston, I’d have taken one look at Dawson’s huge guns and said, “Hell, yeah!” Which is pretty much what he did! Not surprisingly, Dawson beat Preston three times in a row, so Preston had to give up his ass to the muscular stud. But that sort of a loss is really a win-win for everyone – especially for our CF fans. The two guys kiss, with Dawson munching on Preston’s nips and flat stomach. Dawson quickly unzips Preston’s shorts, revealing that the horny Preston was going commando. Dawson swallows Preston’s cock as it stiffens in his mouth. Dawson’s shorts come off and Preston sucks Dawson’s big dick. Preston’s learned a few things here at CF, and Dawson is enjoying the hell out of the blowjob from this lean freshman. Preston rims Dawson’s ass, driving his tongue deeply into the bodybuilder’s luscious bubble butt. Dawson can’t wait any longer to claim his prize. Pushing Preston flat on the bed, Dawson lubes up and shoves his cock inside Preston’s ass. Dawson groans with pleasure, feeling how tight it clamps around his cock. Holding himself over Preston, he jackhammers his cock into Preston’s ass. The bed shakes from his intense pounding. He continues to fuck Preston from a pushup position. Now we know where he got those unbeatable arms! Dawson slows down and thrusts his cock slowly and purposefully deep inside Preston. He tells Preston how he loves watching his cock slide in and out of him. Preston says he loves getting fucked by Dawson. Preston rides Dawson’s cock in a reverse-cowboy. His hard dick jumps and swings as he bounces up and down on Dawson’s hard dick. Dawson’s body is amazing, but his stamina is superhuman! He never gets tired while jackhammering someone, even in gravity-defying positions. Dawson slides his cock into Preston’s hole, missionary-style. He sucks on Preston’s toes, which makes the freshman groan with ecstasy. But it’s Dawson, so turned by Preston’s hot, sweet ass, that shoots first! Dawson pulls out and he explodes like an angry volcano in Preston’s mouth! Hot, white cum shoots straight across Preston’s tongue. He sucks the last of Dawson’s massive load from his cockhead, some of it dripping out of his mouth. Dawson continues to face fuck Preston. Still turned on by the hot fuck he just had, Dawson licks the last of his own cum off Preston’s chest, and then kisses Preston passionately. I think we need more arm wrestling matches!

Video quality: SiteRip
Video format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio codec: WMA
Video: Windows Media Video 9 960×540 30.00fps 1551kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64kbps

File size: 251.0 MB

Relax The Muscle 3

Year: 2003
Country: USA
Genre: hidden camera, voyeur, amateur, medical examination
Length: 00:59:12
Studio: Angry Young Man
Starring: boys from the Marines
Description: In Relax The Muscle 3, three more Marine lads are made to get naked from the get-go, thanks to the well-imbursed MD who performs each exam. Each Marine grits his teeth and allows himself to be probed and handled, all in the name of medical science. The finale of each procedure is the hands-on testicle examination, as the rubber-gloved hands of the MD toys with each of six healthy gonads in search of any surface anomaly – after which the attached Marine turns, bends over and is instructed to whilst his sacred sphincter is briefly violated by a latex-covered digit. No actual sexual action – just nudity.
Marines on a medical examination.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: Xvid
Video: Xvid 640×480 29.97fps [Stream 00] 1133 kbit / s
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps [Stream 01]
File size: 480.1 MB

Announcer Bukkake! Gokkun Special

Year: 2009
Country: Japan
Genre: Bukkake, swallow
Length: 00:44:33
Cast: Maria Ozawa

Description: I am a long time, suspected that the Japanese in terms of perversion went as far as in terms of nanotechnology. But after watching this video, I figured out how how big the gap is … The same should be so cruelly and ruthlessly used this doll, as Maria Ozawa (if you doubt that Mary is beautiful, then please see her pictures under spoiler) but I would only be glad if the floor hundreds of angry men poeksplatirovali any way loshadipodobnyh and quickly tarahtyaschih national leaders, but harsh Japanese probably just love to defile the beauty. The plot is this: Maria Ozawa news presenter CMM (this is how CNN only CMM) which should tell the masses about such news as diverse: a hurricane in China, a sumo tournament in Tokyo, a report on Spanish football league, the Summit in London and about a boy genius violinist. But the problem is that Mary always interfere (they are unlikely to help in this way) more than fifty Japanese people that fit and finish on the face, clothes, mouth, hair and body of Masha, but the whole tsimes that our heroine simply does not pay they nor any attention, she continues to read (KSTATI! she says in English), news (especially funny is obtained, those moments when Mary begins to speak the proposal, but in her mouth breaks into a member, but it does not stop Mary, and she continues to read news, , his mouth”). But the Japanese and this is not enough and one boy, comes to diktorshe and lift up her skirt, tearing pantyhose and begins to fuck, then ruthlessly rips shirt (we see that this moment has been well rehearsed in advance) and at this time is dusk, and hedgehogs all fell and fell, that is, in our case, the Japanese have all the ends and ends and, moreover, all the brash and arrogant, not hesitating to thrust their babies at full blast in the throat poor things, stop right in the speaker’s mouth and wiped the sperm of her hair. Mary was kept simple with a will of iron samurai, all suffer (though you can see how hard the poor thing), sometimes swallows sperm (when it does, then stops for a moment and apologizes to alert viewers) and at the end of smiling and waving his stick, saying goodbye until next week .
Ext. Information: You may ask: – Moo! why did you decide to fill the stage where so ruthlessly mock such a beautiful girl? I will answer: – Mu Well I will not say that this scene as if to say it has not left me indifferent (because of the iron will of Maria Ozawa) and the main thing has been hell lope not a bukkake and the section I really like. Incidentally this is not the first video where the Japanese think out using anchors for the intended purpose, it says that this chip is quite popular, that is, I imagine, and the Japanese who are looking for beautiful and kulturnenkih TV stars and dream about how they do bukkake live. That is, this “x-g-g” on purpose.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: Video: Xvid 640×480 29.97fps [Stream 00] 1147kbs
Audio: Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 104Kbps [Stream 01]

File size: 398.5 MB


Year: 2005
Country: United States
Genre: Gay, hidden camera, voyeur, amateur, Spycam
Length: 00:56:19
Directed by: Amateur photography
Studio: Angry Young Man
Cast: Marines U.S. Navy
Description: Shoot Hidden Camera: Marines in the shower, locker room, toilet …
Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: DivX 5 320×240 25.00fps 650kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 22050Hz stereo 56kbps
File size: 333.5 MB

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Tokyo-Hot n0409 – Fuck Me – Yuki Ogawa

My lover is the chairperson of the big company. Though it was good to plead and to have gotten the president secretary’s work c. However, the second generation is a foolish president. It is really worst. Beautiful secretary of preeminent style YUKI OGAWA is completely at a loss to the president for the second generation like the difficult child. In addition, the fact to which the company was shipping defective goods comes to light. An angry buyer flocks and becomes tumultuous. YUKI determines the thing that becomes a blocking sacrifice in front of the buyer because of the company. Please enjoy the spectacle that beauty secretary is dug even up anal to say nothing of vagina and scatters. The president doesn’t have the motivation at all though YUKI tells the schedule to the second generation foolish president. He insists to do not working. Embarrassed YUKI let the president touch the tits and calms him like fondle the baby. Making a foolish president independent is promised with chairman’s lover. She cannot throw it out on the way. The love affair with last night’s mistress revives mind of YUKI at the same time. YUKI is flirting with lover in the bed. YUKI made deep kiss from herself and positively made caress. Then suck the cock. She sucks obstinately and the ball bag is politely licked, too. And she mounts on his face. YUKI rubs the pussy and plead for careful licking service. Then cock inserted at woman on top posture after six nine play. She blots the joy juice that becomes cloudy and pants when piston continues at backward woman on top, back, side and bending posture. And then it was vaginal cum shot. After the fact, she is asked a confirmation that look after the son. Then scene backs to office. YUKI recalled the promise with the lover and tightened the body though she feels the dislike in the president who behaves like a baby while touching tits of YUKI. Then men intrude into there suddenly. All the water purifiers shipped by a factory seem to have been defective articles. However, a foolish president only crouches frighteningly in the big deal of the company. YUKI enters between and tries persuasion, but the anger of men is not settled. They begin to grope Yuki’s body sooner or later. YUKI who is broken stocking and groped pussy determines the thing that becomes a sacrifice. Clothes are voluntarily taken off. And it is rotor & vibs toy attach by the open leg pose. The vibs toy is inserted by crawl on all fours and the piston is done. And she was made acme. The pussy is stimulated with the electric massage machine and YUKI got acme again. Immediately after, Cuzco is put in the uterine ostium where a large amount of the cloudiness joy juice stays is peeped. It is an obscene spectacle. In addition, after YUKI is made to suck of foolish president’s cock according to the men’s instructions, she made fellatio for menfs cock one after another. And then cock of foolish president inserted at missionary posture. The piston is severely done at bending, back, woman on top and backward woman on top posture and the pussy is greatly open. However, men suddenly insert the cock in anal. Anal also becomes slightly open with an intense piston. In the next, the cock is inserted also in anal at the time of being inserted by back posture. It is closed in the mouth and the disgrace play of simultaneous three holes fucking explodes. In addition, the cock is inserted also in the pussy at the same time while being skewered anal by the backward woman on top posture. Immediately aftermath, cock is pierced also in the mouth and three holes are bullying at the same time and she struggles. And then first vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. Immediately aftermath, second cock injects semen at missionary posture. Then third cock is immediately inserted in anal. The complainers who crowed at the same time force the ejaculation to mouth of YUKI. Total 11 semen is launched to the mouth while being stimulated anal and she is made the cleaning fellatio in addition. Immediately aftermath, the third cock explodes by accident in the anal. And fourth cock inserted in the anal and semen was injected. Immediately aftermath, anal that vomits a brown liquid while doing the slack shrinkage is grubbed with the finger and she faints in agony. Then notice of the company bankruptcy arrives there. Yuki made dirty by semen becomes a grim expression. The collar is put on to YUKI by men and is made to crawl in crown on all fourth after this and takes around the whole country for the apology to buyers. On the other hand, the second generation foolish president is left another company by chairman’s father and assumes the position of the president. In addition, beautiful woman secretary seems to be provided.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:32:06.058
Video: Xvid 852×480 16:9 29.970 fps
Audio: Vorbis 2 channels 48.0 KHz
Language: Japanese
File size: 948.5 MB

Tokyo-Hot n0407 – The Irritated Slut – Miyuki Matsushita

The world’s biggest Korman Sisters Holding Inc is bankruptcies. Investors who were expecting a high return know that even principal doesn’t return and rage. Anger to the fund manager MIYUKI MATSUSHITA is not calmed down. MIYUKI who says good thing and attracts customer and partly collected money under pretense of love falls into the predicament. The mercy pardon is not needed to the joking woman who severely had good time by investor’s money. The body is offered and be absorbed in insulting. It will be made to compensate taking the whole life to never say the good thing of the condition. MIYUKI does the sales talk with great confidence in the pussy fund briefing hall. The amount of the investment rises gradually, too. It succeeds in drawing out the large investment and the briefing ends successfully. And, the customer who invested one billion tokens is called in another room after the briefing and the story of a special investment of five billion tokens that promises a high return is begin to talk. The customer gets excited hearing when there are an incidental article that can freely play with body of MIYUKI. She alluringly takes off clothes and appeals. She becomes a stark-naked and started the masturbation. The pussy is groped by the customer by open leg pose and she feels it more. And the one leg raises high to made Y character balance. The softness of the body is emphasized. Immediately aftermath, she is made finger fuck and the joy juice is gushed. And it is standing fellatio. Even if the head is suppressed and the cock is put in the interior of the throat, sucking is continued hard. Then cock inserted at woman on top posture. Labia meat adsorbs the cock at backward woman on top & back posture and it seems to be very pleasant. As expected, it is worthwhile that drawing out the investment of billion token. The vaginal cum shot was made then after piston was made at side and missionary posture. Immediately aftermath, the customer promises the investment. Business that uses body of MIYUKI succeeds. The image scene is placed and the next scene. Three men who is not calmed down anger gather in reception room of Korman Sisters . All amounts of money invested is come to nothing at the same time as the company’s failing though it is promised that the principal crack would not happen. MIYUKI who was brought is denounced by men and cornered. Men who can not calmed down anger take off clothes of MIYUKI and caress her whole body intensely. MIYUKI can not oppose and panty is made taking off by the open leg pose and finger fuck was made. Immediate aftermath, she is sucked the dildo and drools. And, the waist is lowered in the dildo and it inserts by woman on top posture. The appearance from which the dildo is put in and out in the vagina is stared at. In the next, it is the rotor&vibs toy attack by the open leg pose. MIYUKI is made to stand and the vibs toy is put in and out by Y character balance though MIYUKI goes into convulsions the whole body and supplicates pardon seriously. The joy juice that becomes cloudy is poured away and the lower half of the body goes into convulsions. Afterwards, MIYUKI is made to the open leg pose and got acme after inside of vagina is severely stirred with the vibs toy. Then cock inserted at standing back posture after fellatio. It is hard piston continue at woman on top & M-leg woman on top posture. Also cock is inserted on at lift hip up posture. Blood goes up to the head by the long time piston by shameful pose and she suffers with red color face. And it is vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted at woman on top posture and semen is injected mercilessly though MIYUKI intensely opposes. Anal that moves in the middle of the injection is obscene. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted at back posture and vaginal cum shot was made. However, it has not ended yet. MIYUKI is suppressed by the open leg pose. The company that the investor was managing is immediately before the bankruptcy in this failure. All members of the staff who were angry gather and they inserted cock to the pussy one after another and ejaculate in the vagina. The semen of 11 totals is injected in the vagina and vibs toy inserted in the vagina after that. It is intensely stirred and the lower half of the body is gone into convulsions while pouring away of the compound liquid of cloudiness joy juice and semen and she got the acme. After this, MIYUKI is engaged in the work that is left a new fund in which semen is saved in the pussy in the company that gained reemployment and is made vaginal cum shot by the customer every day. However, MIYUKI fails in the operation of stored semen due to insufficient preparation and she got pregnant. It seems that she is going to work by sex club that are specialized in a pregnant woman until childbirth.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 01:34:41.241
Video: WMV 4000 Kbps 1280×720 16:9 29.970 fps
Audio: WMA 363 Kbps VBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
Language: Japanese
File size: 3.1 GB

Tokyo-Hot n0403 – The Three Hole Fuck – Kaori Misaki

It is fresh game! KAORI MISAKI is a young student with a diminutive and super-pungent body. The innocent expression at which it looks up seeming to apologize made excitement. It drives recklessly too much this time and it has opened out forbidden young anal though it is man’s dream that develops young pussy of girl who doesn’t know anything by original intention. It is a cruel treatment of anal fuck in the young girl who is deeply skewered lovely pussy and suffers. It is only Tokyo Hot that such devil play is seen. KAORI of transfer student was asked that she made immorality with a teacher in a former school closely by the principal at the transferred school. The teacher of immoral other party has been resigned and divorces finally. The principal is angry at the carefree manner that is going to settle a past just to change school. It is a young slut who seems an original intention so but is very formidable. A cruel treatment is necessary for such a cruel woman. KAORI who was made taking off panty and to expose clean shaved pussy is peeled off skin that seems sensitive of clitoris by open leg pose and added intense stimulation. And finger fuck was made. And the joy juice oozed out in the ostium of the vagina. Then it is fellatio time. It is the considerably polite fellatio that seems to have been taught the teacher of the immorality partner severely. The spectacle where a small tongue crawl ball bag and lateral stripes is pungent. And then cock inserted at standing back posture, and vaginal cum shot was made at bending posture after she was poked at woman on top and missionary posture. The semen that spills from the ostium of the vagina is taken by the finger and it is made to lick. Immediate aftermath, she is made cleaning cock by standing fellatio. To tell the truth, KAORI did not move in as a student and invited as a live teaching material to teach sex to other students in practice. The chastity belt is immediately installed in KAORI. The thing to use the pussy excluding the practice of fucking is a prohibition. And, both hands are bound and KAORI is left in the before start lesson. Students who have come to school are greatly astonished to transfer student’s appearance. It is a message of the principal that it may keep favor in body of KAORI. It is a chastity belt between groins though students get excited and have taken off clothes of KAORI. Students give up the caress to the hole and the cock is thrown in to the intraoral one after another and fellatio is compelled. Kaori is made to suck a cock by with being incomprehensible and semen is continuously poured one after another to the face. The semen of 13 totals hits the face directly. Semen also scatters to the hair and face was become muddy. She is driven in the state that eyes are not opened. The to teach facial cum shot succeeds safely. In the next, the principal passes the key to the chastity belt to one student and the following starts. The student to whom the key was passed removes the chastity belt of KAORI who exists in the with the other three and begins to grope her body. After the attack of the rotor toy, finger fuck was made by the open leg pose. KAORI who drips bubble joy juice is stabbed finger also in the anal. It the next, vibs toy is inserted in anal and pussy. The clitoris is stimulated with the electric massage machine at the same time and she is made acme. And the cock inserted at missionary posture. The hard piston continued at the bending, side, back and woman on top posture. Also cock inserted into anal at back posture. The intraoral is closed with the cock and the insult play of simultaneous three hole fucking is forced. In addition, anal is skewered by backing many times and the anus that extended greatly is miserable. And vaginal cum shot was made at side posture. And second cock inserted at once and semen injected at backward woman on top posture. The third vaginal cum shot was made back posture. In addition, the fourth injects semen into anal in the bending posture. The backflow semen that becomes muddy in brown spills from anal. And, it is PISS SHOT at the last, KAORI squatting down on the desk and made urinate. It is dumbfounded to the spectacle to which a large amount of urination mightily gushes out from pussy contrary to a quiet atmosphere. School refusal problem school girl changes school in great numbers every day in this school. The principal has it become kindly and rehabilitate tenaciously one by one. It finishes them up in the fucking slut. KAORI is one of those, too and she is sent to the sex club of the school operating directly after she is trained and is made to work.

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:27:20.784
Video: DivX 1301 Kbps 640×480 4:3 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3 128 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
Language: Japanese
File size: 943.6 MB

Micah Andrews & Cliff Jensen

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Orak / Anal Sex, Muscle, Tatoo, Cumshot
Length: 00:23:32
Description: It’s the hot new action sport that’s sweeping the nation – BITCH DODGEBALL!!! There’s drama, excitement, and pulse-pounding action as Cliff Jensen hurls his balls at the blindfolded Micah Andrews. Cliff is a ruthless competitor with a rocket arm and Micah is a helpless twink at the mercy of Cliff and the neon thonged madman, Angry Pete. You’ve got front row tickets to witness the intensity as young Micah goes from dodging balls to licking them when Cliff decides he wants some action from this bitch. And from the way Micah sucks his cock, Cliff knows his asshole will be nice and tight for his enjoyment. So join us in the NextDoor dodgeball arena … just don’t piss off Angry Pete! Enjoy!
Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: Windows Media Video 8 720×400 29.97fps 1954Kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 96Kbps
Size: 358 MB

File size: 357.9 MB