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Anal Obsession / 2010

Year: 2010
Genre: Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Average Lookers, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Blonds, Bukkake, Country Men, Cum eating, Dildos – Toys, Facial Cumshots, Hairy Crotches, Hairy Men, Horsehung, Kissing, Live Sound, Older Men – Younger Men, Oral Sex, Rimming, Threeways, Twinks – Young Meat
Length: 02:18:10
Starring: Spencer Best, MJ, Paul Stevens, Lee Hayford, Tim Kruger, Wundersex, Louis, Eustus Hunt, Darren Robins, James Buck, Rick Hunter, Others
Studio: Eurocreme , Dirty Ladz
Directed by: Maxwell Barber
Description: Exciting variety of moods in five average-looker butt-play scenes.
Scruffy: In a blue-gray playroom, after being deeply rimmed and fingered, spanked with a hard cock, dildoed and made to suck the dildo, double-dildoed, then forced to take a string of huge black balls, the hairy, yielding asshole of a youth in chaps is really ready to be fucked from the front by a tall man in a jockstrap! Man’s cum catches in Youth’s scruffy beard. Youth’s drenches his own abdomen.
Super-Chic: Against a fashion-ad white background, three youths in designer jockstraps are so busy licking, fingering, and dildoing each other’s anuses they hardly touch cock till time to fuck, and even then the free dude finger-fucks the fucker’s hole. Assholes kiss when they meet in the middle of a double-ended dildo. The bottom fingers his hole while two loads are dumped on his butt.
Corporate: Two sunglassed “lugs” fixing a prissy, mature ceo’s TV get turned-on by his gay porn and start a duo which he joins “whole hardily.” After cocksucking-around, Boss focuses on a super-hairy hole. Then his own, even hairier, gets eaten royally till it gapes gorgeously for a dildoing, then two deep, lube-juicy dickings and the big black balls. He beams as the workmen cum themselves.
Rural: (with chromium cockrings) A small farmer attracts a giant one by dangling dildos from a yoke across his shoulders. Amused Giant makes him eat them and then Giant’s tongue. Small licks Giant’s armpits, then kisses him. Small sucks cock, slobbering like a cow. Giant fucks Small’s glassy-slick crotch over farm equipment. The now oyster-sloppy anus takes fingers and dildos of increasing sizes like nothing. Giant cums from excitement.
Manual: In a repair shop, a twink pays the price for dropping a screw-box; after sucking two goony grown-ups, he must endure both their fingers in his pearly-pink pussy-hole at once. They fuck that lovely loop with awe in their eyes. One goon dildos him and the other goon, then fucks Twink some more. All three cum on sweet Twink.

File size: 2.1 GB