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Tentacle Mother Ayana 2 -Legend of the Galactic Ultra Gaper-

It’s the full sequel to acclaimed ADV maniac game Tentacle Mother Ayana!
Nonstop tentacle violation! Huge gangbangs! Incredible multiple orgasms! Multiple births!
Nipple fucking! Nipple birth! Uterine fucking! Urethra hole stretch! Deformed egg deposit!
Horror skull fuck pregnant prolapse and even more in an overwhelming collection of attacks for you hardcore fetishists!

Ayana Kirisaki travels the multi-worlds and lends her womb to endangered species, tirelessly r*ped by monster tentacles as her gestation fornication pulls tighter and her
ruined fuck guts fall apart!

– Beautiful hentai ADV CGs, sex scenes
– New features (menu, sound, etc)!
– Standalone H-scene style returns!
File size: 264.8 MB