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Tokyo-Hot n0114 – The Kinbaku 5 – Kokona Kawai

When the current content was arranged, an unpublished content was excavated. This content took last summer and stocked in the warehouse. KOKONA KAWAI, young and pretty slut with 171cm tall performed for this content. Moreover, the costume that prepared by our side is smaller than her body and her body line can see lasciviously. The brute supervisor ties her body that has F cup dynamite tits, bullies much, raw cock is tasted and continuous vaginal cum shot is dared. Semen is splashed whole her body at the end and KOKONA has been played with. The image scene starts from taking a picture on the outside. It will be one’s heart beating with excitement for KOKONA who worn the super miniskirt. And, they enter the room to start the interview, KOKONA replies with a smile to the lascivious question. When thinking that there was a thing concerning bind in the question, bind brute appears suddenly and he begins to bind her hand. Though the question is continued further, KOKONA answer the question with smile though bound. When her both hand and leg bound and hanged, interviewer’s attack for tits starts for KOKONA who was not able to resist. Dynamite F-cup tits is exposed and brute enjoy to bully her tits and pussy by the rotor toy. When the panty is stripped off and the pussy is exposed, a big clitoris erects. When the huge clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy, KOKONA begins to pant in a painful voice. Hands and leg are made to struggle when the pussy is emphatically bullied without mercy and KOKONA ascends to heaven. They are not sure to permit KOKONA by having acme once, the toy with wart is inserted in the vagina this time, and begins to mix it. And, it ends in the place in which KOKONA reached second acme. Next, KOKONA is splendidly tied by the professional bind brute. Her dynamite tits became more powerful by the tortoise shell bind. Bind must not stop only in it, bind the leg, and the one leg hanging. KOKONA who lost her way fall a prey of professional bind brute. It starts from the pussy attack by the toy and shifts to the finger fuck attack. In the angle seen from the right under, it is happy to observe the expression KOKONA that mixing pain and pleasure. KOKONA got the third acme with scramming when vibs toy appears there and the piston is made to her pussy violently. The vibs toy attack becomes more violent and KOKONA got fourth acme in an instant. Then, KOKONA who is half killed entreats to want cock. Fucking begins from back posture while saying the argot in the finger attack with the hand bound. KOKONA pant loudly and writhes to his violent attack. At the woman on top posture, piston attack is made violently and the lewd sound that meat against meat is sounding. They make KOKONA who turns into slut pig to became addicted to cock by the various kind of posture. The reaction as how many times got acme is not understood might be the best toy as the slut pig. KOKONA becomes avaricious for the devil brute who make fucking to change various postures while inserting cock. The end is cum shot on the tongue from modified side posture. When the whole semen is beautifully licked, the following cock appears and made vaginal cum shot. The third cock appears when still her vagina is convulsive and made cum shot on her tongue at once. And fourth cock made vaginal cum shot. As the result, four brute enjoyed 4P gangbang play. Then cum shower team appears and they made cum shower to tits and face of KOKONA who put on the net tights whole the body afterwards. Whenever you see the fascinating of the young slut made dirty by the semen is so wonderful. However, how many acme KOKONA got? She was really lascivious slut. Though time passed from then, what is KOKONA doing now? Let us have any information, if some one has.

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