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19Nitten – Grinja and Seva

Wide faced, innocent looking Grinja is radical Sevas willing match. Quick and to the point, they waste little time getting to the rose walled bedroom with floral sheets. In my day wed call the room a passion pit, and surely passion rules as the boys fly out of clothes with much kissing and body sport. They play animal like, two young canines; Grinja a sex pup frolicking with Seva the sex hound. Their movement often by leaps and bounds, as when Grinjas fine tool looms suddenly bigger than life inspiring Seva to work his friend to heat with buck fucking and amorous kissing. It gets a bit wild, but not stupidly so because out come the condoms. I always feel better when a boy shows he has some sense. Seva preps his willing friend with two stabbing fingers while Grinja bites and pillow and loves it. There are transitions of position; every which way. Remember that from when you were young? Remember the delicate art of working flared tip in-out at the sphincter? Tricky business, but Sevas good. He is the hound, after all, and proves it with hearty whole body fucking. Grinja does more than sit back when he transitions to variations on riding the pole this way and that until Seva puts his eager companion into a fuck trance. Ive never seen that before. The climax, coming on each other, is always fun to see. Seva pours ropey semen followed shortly by Grinjas eruption, his excited body looking as if hes drained it dry. Grinja and Seva make a truly memorable pair.

Genres: russian, oral, anal sex
File: wmv

File size: 450.0 MB

19nitten – Arkady and Kieran

If you appreciate cute blondes keen for oral and anal sex youll like this pair. Big blonde Arkady matched with petite, shaggy blonde Kieran make a winning combo. Its appealing and touching, too, the way the two seem to enjoy one another. Kieran gently rouses his sleeping friend with caresses until he wakes and they flow into full sincere kissing. Very nice, especially when Kierans towel is off and we enjoy his lithe, supple body with delightful globe rear. Arkadys large nipples must be sensitive because it appears theres a bulge in his briefs. A bulge it is, more like a fleshy tree trunk if you ask me. Kieran likes what he sees as much as we do and prepares it with a condom. (I love it when boys show good sense.) Kieran does more than suck. This boy has mastered the mouth fuck, deep and full, to put Arkady in a sex trance. Its wonderful seeing Arkadys smooth solid body next to Kieran, all lightness and long limbs. Kieran truly mouth worships his friend who glows pink with pleasure. Arkady is happy to repay that pleasure when he sees the big branch sprung from Kierans slim frame. Kieran is a mouthful. They both are as youll see in some quite nice 69 action with Kierans rippling body tight as a drumhead. Arkady can take only so much, in a manner of speech that is. He wants to be fucked, multiple ways too, all within Kierans ready talents. Mouth wide and gasping, Arkady gets off being deep fucked. (We know what thats like.) Kieran needs it too, accomplished riding Arkady, kissing and pumping, whew! Like I said; cute, oral, and anal, these blondes deliver!

Genres: russian, oral, anal sex
File: wmv

File size: 198.8 MB

This video has been removed.

Snow Trip Vol. 15 Reno

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Twinks (Young Meat),
Group Sex, Piercings, Dildos, Rimming, Tattoos
Length: 1:33:24
Directed by: Peter Romero
Studio: Jocks Studios
Cast: Parker Perry, Elijah Michaels,
Kaleb Darko, Tony Douglas, Darius Soli, Colin Williams

Description: Six romper stompers invade Reno and turn the Biggest Little City in the World into party central. Storming into Reno from all across the country – Parker and Darius from Texas; Kaleb from NYC; Colin from Orlando; redheaded Elijah from Delaware; and Tony from Kentucky – this fresh of young jocks is ready to raise hell and make their mark in the Biggest Little City in the World! So roll the dice and let’s see who cums up the winner! We catch Elijah Michaels and Kaleb Darko playing billiards although it’s clear they’d rather fiddle with each other’s sticks and balls.

Kaleb’s already sporting a woody when he pulls Elijah’s shorts down and starts to suck on his cock. The ginger giant sways to the rhythmic movement of Kaleb’s head as it bounces up and down his shaft. Then Elijah shows he can suck dick too as he noshes on his playmate’s lap taffy while tenderly squeezing his balls and stuffing them into his mouth. Kaleb rims Elijah’s ass driving him crazy as his pierced tongue digs deep inside the crack. Unable to harness his ever-growing horniness, Elijah slides his cock into his buddy’s asshole, thrusting himself inside as he slaps Kaleb’s butt cheeks scarlet. The two grunt with pleasure as the assault rages on. Then sitting side by side the two jerk themselves off, Elijah shooting his load across his belly and Kaleb oozing creamy spooge out of his piss slit. Colin Williams and Parker Perry lay in bed, bare-assed and wiped out after partying too hard the night before. A surefire cure for a hangover would be downing a concoction of prairie oysters, but Colin settles for Parker’s big uncut dick and fuzzy eggs. He clamps his lips around the shaft and his head begins to bob up and down as he sucks on the thick stick. After a while they switch places so Parker can guzzle down his buddy’s dick. Then Parker lays back with his legs spread far apart making it easy for Colin to rim his hairy ass and prime it for a fucking fierce enough to knock the stuffing outta him. Colin is like the Energizer Bunny in constant motion as he pumps his cock in fast and deep. Then he grabs a dildo and drives it way down Parker’s hole. Lying back in bed, the guys grab their own dicks and stroke themselves to climax. Both cum in goopy spurts upwards across themselves with Parker even shooting himself in the eye as Colin unloads a second time. Between swigs of beer, Tony Douglas and Darius Soli play a round of poker. Tony’s got the better hand and triumphs. But there are no sore losers here as Darius takes the winner’s cock inside his mouth and sucks it down. With each slippery slurp up and down the meaty shaft, he can feel it grow to its full length and girth. Then he buries his face in Tony’s butt and spreads the ass cheeks apart so his tongue can dart deep inside to tease and tickle the crack. Now it’s Tony’s turn for a taste of victory, that is, a taste of Darius, and he swallows his partner’s dick, almost gagging on it as he tries deep throating. Darius bends over, his smooth round butt looking so vulnerable and inviting – the perfect target for Tony’s rigid tool to burrow deep inside. Darius can’t hold back and quickly cums with Tony still fucking him hard. Then Tony pulls his cock out and busts his nut all over an exhausted Darius. Tony Douglas, Colin Williams, Elijah Michaels, Kaleb Darko, Parker Perry and Darius Soli rock out their last night in Reno with their big-ass orgy. They jump outta the hot tub and into each other’s face. Parker’s dick snakes it way into Darius’ mouth while Colin sucks off Kaleb and Tony zeroes in on Elijah’s rod. With the fireplace all ablaze, the cabin quickly becomes a sweat lodge as all six work each other hard. They then form two groups of three with Colin rimming Kaleb while he, in turn, fellates Elijah; and Darius is happy with a hand on both Parker’s and Tony’s dicks as he alternates sucking them off. Another change on the dance card and Kaleb’s fucking Parker while he sucks off Tony; and Darius is the receptive middle of the Elijah-Colin-manwich. The players change places again and the orgy becomes a dizzying blur with everyone getting their chance to sample everybody’s wares in every possible way until all six erupt shooting geysers of warm jism.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: DivX 5 848×480 25.00fps 1599Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

19nitten – Bruno

Country: Russian
Genre: Russians, Twink, Solo, Masturbation
Length: 00:23:18
Description Another solo from 19nitten. The video featured a wonderful boy under the name Bruno.
Unfortunately the date of the clip could not allegedly 2009 but this is just a guess.

File size: 430.8 MB


Another solo album from 19nitten. The video featured a wonderful boy under the name Bruno.
Unfortunately the date of the clip could not allegedly 2009 but this is just a guess.

File size: 430.8 MB